1. K

    Giveaway for mummies

    Just sharing the links for all to win:
  2. A

    Is Oat milk better than dairy milk

    Hi, have anyone (and their family) switched from dairy milk to oat milk? What are some of the benefits? Why did you make the switch? And what are some of the benefits you found in making the switch?
  3. N

    Free Breastmilk

    Hello Mummies, I have about 17 packets of frozen breastmilk 210 ml per pack to give away. - Milk was expressed and frozen in deep freezer in early Oct - Baby is now 5 weeks old. Born on 14 Sept - No caffeine and alcohol intake. - Daily intake of Omega 3 and multi-vitamins for breastfeeding...
  4. MumLike

    Any Suggestions for Step 3 Formula Brand Options?

    Whether you will go with breastfeeding or giving your child formula is just one of the number of decisions you will make as a mum. Choosing between a regular cow's milk formula and a hypoallergenic formula is another thing and seeing a variety of formula brands in the market doesn’t make it any...
  5. J

    Complete a short survey and win NTUC vouchers!

    Hello there! My name is Janice, and I am an undergraduate from the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). I am currently working on my Final Year Project and I would like to seek your help to complete a short survey. The objective of this study is to understand how Mothers make their...
  6. MandyMom

    How To Increase Breast Milk Supply Fast

    if you're having a problem producing enough breast milk, then you might want to check out this helpful website,, It worked for me! Also,, can several of you give comments/advice on this thread in support of Moms with low breast milk supply...
  7. Sweetots

    Friso Gold Stage 2 (Singapore Source)

    - 900g Tin Packaging - Singapore Source, overstock in warehouse - Brand New Stock Clearance, Fire sales - Expiry date: 5 December 2017 Original retail price @ $55/tin in local supermarts Now, $55 for two tins of 900g Get more, $100 for 4 tins comes with delivery to your residential address
  8. A

    Organic Mothers' Milk Tea, Herbal

    9 boxes of herbal tea (16 packets, exp Jan 2019). Retails at around $7 per box. Selling all 9 boxes at $50. Self pick up at Clementi.
  9. O

    BN Similac Intelli Pro New Improved 850gm

    Sold. Thank you for your interest.
  10. D

    Unopened Infants Formula for sale

    All Unopened (New) Sample packs all for a pack of wipes Formula tin $20 each Voucher as a bundle to exchange with 1 pack wipes Collection at my place ang mo kio Avenue 1
  11. S

    Philips Avent Natural Anti-Colic Bottles 125ml

    Set of 5 natural flow anti-colic bottles. Excellent condition, used only for 3 weeks. Suitable for newborn to one-month-old babies. Comes with natural flow teats which are great for newborns. All sterilised and clean. Bought at $30 for 2. Now selling at $40 for 5. Full cash payment when meeting...
  12. Smallstrong

    WTS: UHT Goats Milk

    Hi, We are sellers of Delamere UHT Goats Milk. Although fresh milk is preferred by moms, but the shelf life for fresh milk is very short. Unlike fresh milk, UHT milk can be kept at normal room temperature; only requires refrigeration and to be consumed within 3 days upon opening. Our UHT goats...
  13. G

    Abbott Gain IQ Stage 3 1600ml

    i have 2 cans of unopened Abbott Gain IQ Stage 3 1600ml expiring on 27 Sept 2017. Child changed formula so selling it. Selling for $120. Can deliver to you if you are staying in Boon Lay/ Pioneer or Raffles Place area. Contact Gavin 9630 6061