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    Stop milk supply

    Hi, FTM here. My milk came in 3 weeks postpartum & They came in Full force. I’m having an overactive let-down & of course oversupply. This cause my baby to gag, choke and fuss everytime during BF. I know BF makes you bond more with baby but due to this experience plus sore nipples , made me...
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    Lactation Treatment

    Hi all mummies:), Could not find the thread on Lactation treatment for 2018 just to share my experience on my Lactation Treatment with Rejoice Pregnancy which was introduced by my colleague. I've engaged one of the massage lady from some other platform before, but i develop rashes after the...
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    Mother and Child Tanglin Mall

    Great lactation consultants (Got to give credits when it's due) but one hell of a receptionist who wears a black face to some. Sad to say the receptionists are kinder and all smiley to expats (Trust me on this because I experienced it first hand). Would really love to come back for the classes...
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    Organic Mothers' Milk Tea, Herbal

    9 boxes of herbal tea (16 packets, exp Jan 2019). Retails at around $7 per box. Selling all 9 boxes at $50. Self pick up at Clementi.