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    Taking hospitalization leave for sciatica

    Hi, anyone ever had to take hospitalization leave for sciatica? Been having it since end of 2nd trimester. Now in my 30th week and I have already utilised most of my MCs. Was wondering if gynaes would be able to give HL for this because my job requires long standing and a lot of walking.
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    Hospitalization leave - KKH

    Hi All, Any good gynae in KKH to recommend who is not stingy on HL? Previous gynae moving to private hosp, thinking of getting a new gynae. Work can be pretty labour intensive and coming to 3rd trimester so planning ahead now. Hope to get recommendations from your guys! Thanks!
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    Hospitalisation Leave

    Hi! This is my first time being pregnant and I need to apply for hospitalisation leave cos i can't perform sufficiently for work, I am not sure how to go about it as I am currently already on a break (unpaid leave) from work. Talked to my manager and she advised me to take a hospitalisation...