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    Looking for good Pre-Conception Gynaecologist in Singapore to plan pregnancy. Any recommendations? Thank you!

    Hi, I'm looking for a good Gynaecologist in Singapore to plan the pregnancy. Checked with a couple of doctors in NUH and they only consult after confirming pregnancy. I need to do a good pre-pregnancy check-up for me and my husband and get pre-pregnancy supplements. Appreciate good...
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    Looking for Recommendation for Gynecologist in KKH

    Hi Everyone, I am expecting my third child and I want to switch gynecologist. I want to try to KKH under private clinic rate. Need your recommendation base on your experience. Thanks in Advance!
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    My review of the doctors and confinement lady

    hello, everyone! When I was pregnant, I was so hungry to find any information about doctors or hospitals or confinement lady but it seems like doing review isn't a common thing in Singapore! So now I have been there and done it, I think I would like to give a little help to our mother-to-be...