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    If your kids birthday is coming and you like to buy a gift, I recommend you do a search and check out this website. I screenshot some items for sale
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    Brand New - "Sleep Together" Bunny Soft Toy 45cm @ $16

    Bunny Soft Toy 45 cm Soft Fabric Lovely & Calming
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    Brand New - Pillow Cushion Stroller @ $18 per item

    Small kids can use it as pillow in cot Light-weight so can carry anywhere or use as stroller pillow Above price for per design
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    Brand New - Doraemon Backpack @ $30

    Doraemon Bag Dimension 40 x 28x 11cm
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    Brand New - Compact Embroidery Kids Wallet @ $15

    Compact Embroidery Wallet (Jeans-friendly, Ready Stock) Size12 x 9cm Color : Black / Pink / Dark Pink / Grey Suit Kids & Adult
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    Brand New - Pencil Case Faux Leather @ $16

    Faux Leather Pencil Case with Free Logo Color : Beige, Maroon Good Zip
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    Brand New - Minion Hand-Made Rug @ $30

    Welcome your guests with Minion Hand-Made Floor Mat Dimension 68x49cm Soft feel to the Feet, Ideal for Bedroom or Bathroom Can wash in washing machine
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    Brand New - Peppa Pig Bag @ $28

    Lovely Peppa Pig Backpack Dimension 34x24x15cm Color : Red / Blue / Purple
  9. A

    Difficult to choose the toy for a 5-year-old son

    DO ur kids have so many toys? Is it a hard time for u when thinking about which gift to buy? The Magic Jungle-five animals and a magic wand It can give out lights and sounds when u show the magic~ It can also be used as a beautiful night light. More detailed can be viewed in...
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    Hoverboard for toddlers

    I wonder if some parents will be confused about the gift idea especially everytime when there will be a holiday or birthday. If you want to get them a meaningful gift for toddler over 6 year-old, I may say the cool hoverboard can be one of the best choice that will make them happy and thankful...
  11. Grace Love Shop

    100% Hand-Woven Bags With A Good Cause

    These beautiful bags are 100% hand-woven by the women of the indigenous tribes of Borneo. They are known to be excellent weavers. Traditionally, these tribes depended on hunting and the rainforest to supply their needs. With increasing modernization, they have been placed in resettlement...
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    Receive S$60 Robinsons Voucher for participating 1h research

    We are looking for participants to attend research of buying insurance products online. If you are a 30-45 years old homeowner in Singapore AND you employ a full-time foreign maid at home, you might be the person we're looking for. The conversation should take around 1 hour and will be...