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    Real cost of IVF at Thomson Medical

    Hello Everyone, came across this forum, its awesome. This is my first post. we have been TTC since three years without any luck, did three cycles of IUI but all negative. Now trying for IVF but scared of the expenses. Can anyone share their experience of how much does it cost for entire IVF...
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    Prep for first baby

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. Just heads up, I'm actually a 30s guy, me and my wife are planning to have our first kid soon, starting to try for one around next year Feb. So we have alot of questions just like any other newly parents do. My wife is foreigner and English is not her native language...
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    IVF at 42 or over

    Anyone here around 42 or maybe older going for IVF? Since no more govt grant or subsidy, which IVF centre are you using, what's your costs like? Any success stories? Any docs to recommend? Am really desperate for a 2nd child. 1st was an IVF child born in 2013, done at KKH.