1. S

    Wts: Various baby items (brand new)

    Looking to clear fast, bundle deal for the entire set available for fast pick-up 1. 8 pieces of 40ml baby cubes (great for storing soup stock/ mashed veggies for baby’s porridge) - $10 for the set 2. 5 pieces of Squeeze ems food pouch, has zip on top for you to put in the mashed fruits with...
  2. T

    Electric Cradle & pigeon, dr brown, avent milk bottles

    Hi mummies I have 10 pigeon, 10 Dr Brown, 1 avent bottles & teats suitable for 0-6 mths. Bought too many hehehe... Some are recently used by my bb, while a few are new/ lightly used (once or twice). Include some new teats also. All packed nicely. I don’t mind to give away free, if you need...
  3. art30180

    Essentials for Every Breastfeeding Mum - Breast Pump, Milk Warmers, Nipple Protectors etc

    Discount if you buy more than 1 item. The more you buy, the greater the discount! 1) Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump ($199 only) - Comes complete with box - Easy portability - lightweight motor weighing 307g only, option for battery-operated mode - Safe & hygienic - BPA-free and milk...
  4. art30180

    BNIB Milk Bottles for Newborns (Tommy Tippee and Avent)

    BNIB Tommy Tippee Closer to Nature milk bottle 150ml BNIB Avent Natural feeding bottle 125 ml Selling at $9.90 each. Or buy both for $19 only! Self-collect at Novena on weekdays during lunch time, or at Tiong Bahru on Sundays. Mail delivery is also possible with postage borne by the buyer...
  5. Y

    Baby Fair Deal

    Hi 2017 mummies.. Guess you all are excited to receive your little ones this year. As i am a first time mummy, was anxious and dunno what to buy or get for my baby.. I create this forum to hope that we can share good baby fair deal that is cheap and essential for first timer. I just went to...
  6. L

    WTS: Avent Breast Pump @ $100

    Avent electric single pump, used less than a month. AC power or battery portable. Haven't register warranty (2 years). Selling pump and accessories (storage bottle will be given instead of avent bottle). Comes with manual pump parts. Will sterilize parts before deal. Retail price at 200...
  7. S

    Philips Avent Electric Single Breast Pump Set

    Super offer. Almost brand new and in excellent condition. Used only twice as we were gifted a double pump set. All sterilisable items have been sterilised. Set includes all items in photo except for 2 feeding bottles. Bought at $229 in September from Mothercare. Willing to sell at $120...
  8. S

    Philips Avent Natural Anti-Colic Bottles 125ml

    Set of 5 natural flow anti-colic bottles. Excellent condition, used only for 3 weeks. Suitable for newborn to one-month-old babies. Comes with natural flow teats which are great for newborns. All sterilised and clean. Bought at $30 for 2. Now selling at $40 for 5. Full cash payment when meeting...
  9. F

    AVENT DUO Electric Breast Pump

    used only for a month. Priced to sell. Bought at $799. $150.
  10. C

    BN Natural Avent bottle 260ml + teats

    Hi.. Looking for the above with a tight Budget. Bottle at $8/pcs and teats ( various size) at $5/2pcs. Include postage please. If item available and within price range please pm me. Thanks a lot.