adopt a child

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    Looking to adopt

    We are a Malay Muslim couple looking for a Singaporean baby to adopt. We have been trying for a baby for 10 years but due to infertility, we are unable to have children. If you are putting your child or you know of anyone putting their child up for adoption, do contact me at my email at...
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    Love for Adoption

    Looking to adopt a baby girl . We are mixed races marriage . Singaporean Chinese & Caucasian . We like to have a Chinese girl or a mixed race girl to add to our family . kindly drop an email to discuss . Looking forward . Thank you . [email protected]
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    Looking to adopt a baby

    Singaporean couple looking to adopt a healthy baby, please contact me if you have are looking for a loving family for the baby.
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    Looking for baby who putting for adoption

    Hi im married mother. I have 2 miscarriage and last pregnancy is preeclampsia. I have incomplete crevic for my last pregnancy. Doctor is strongly against me to have another child as im a very higg risk mother. I and my hubby willing to adopt another children because we loves kids alot.please do...
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    Adoption Help

    Dear All, I love to share our luck with any coup who have gone through alot as us. We have been married for 15 years with no child, our help finally came from Rev Shey, please you can contact him ([email protected]) he will assist you if you wish to adopt. We have joy in the family now, so...