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    PP bleeding

    I'm almost 8 weeks pp but i'm still bleeding below. It stopped for a few days after 4 weeks pp. Then it returned but only spotting. Just yesterday it turned bright red and volume seems to increase. I'm not sure if it could be menses because i'm feeding my little one breastmilk through pumping...
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    Looking for daytime nanny (Woodlands)

    Hi Shinny! May i have the contact? Thank u!
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    Bird Nest ok during pregnancy

    I think once every week or two weeks should be fine but definitely not every 1-2days.
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    Gynae recommendation at Mt A

    My gynae (Dr Wong Mun Tat) can deliver in both TMC and Mt A. A lot of good reviews about him. But for Mt A, there will be 10% surcharge as he's under TMC.
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    TMC Delivery Charges

    Hi yyypins! Have u check online for TMC delivery charges? But that excludes gynae delivery and PD fees.
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    Dec2018 mummies (Woodlands)

    Hi Nadia! Sure! We can keep in contact :)
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    Bird Nest ok during pregnancy

    I'm also taking bird nest once or twice a week. My advise is to not take it so frequently as i heard it's not very good for the baby's lungs. Also, my aunt advises to take after 5th month of pregnancy so that baby is able to absorb more nutrients from bird nest.
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    Dec2018 mummies (Woodlands)

    Hello! Any mummies due in dec and are staying in Woodlands area? Would love to make more mummies friends so that we can help one another out :)
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    EDD Dec 2018

    My EDD is also in December and i'm still deciding whether to deliver at TMC or Mt A. I have already bought some diapers for my baby. Recently, i just bought breast pumps set, milk bottles, stroller, baby cot, pacifiers, changing mat, baby clothes, wet wipes, baby cream set etc.
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    Is it safe to put baby at Infantcare @ 6 months?

    I'm on the same boat as you right now! I'm thinking of putting my baby girl in infant care when she's 3months so that i could go back to work. But yes, i'm also scared that baby's immunity is still low. Can't decide what is the best option.
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    Pregnancy Insurance.

    Hi Sharlene, are you referring to NTUC income maternity 360 plan? May I know how much is it?
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    Dec 2018 Mummies

    Hi Summer! I just pm'ed you. Is the WA chat for dec 2018 mummies still on-going? Would love to join! :)
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    Pregnancy Insurance.

    Hi Jarrett. I myself is also looking at maternity insurance now. Will be giving birth to my first child in Dec. For now, i'm looking at GE and PRU. So far i have heard that Great Eastern is a good choice especially for mummies as they cover a wider range of complications. But after speaking to a...
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    Infant care or Maid/nanny?

    Hi HWC2018. Thanks for sharing! :)
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    Infant care or Maid/nanny?

    Hi DoubleQ. Thanks for sharing! :)