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    Feb 2019 Mummies

    Hi all ladies you'll need to PM me your contact details before I'm able to add you to the WA group chat. Thx
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    Feb 2019 Mummies

    Pm me your contact number. Thx
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    Feb 2019 Mummies

    Pls pm me your number
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    Feb 2019 Mummies

    Hi wouldn't mind joining the WhatsApp group as my EDD is Feb 2019. If there are no replies I could set one up but PM me with your number. Regards
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    Advise on confinement nanny during CNY period

    Hi BunnyKK My EDD is 14 Feb and I have the same dilemma. I spoke to my doctor and other ladies so the best we can do is book closest to EDD date. I was also worried my baby would arrive early or later therefore if I booked through and agency I would have to fork out the full amount just be to...
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    Where can buy White/Red Rice Wine?

    I make my own if you're interested. Will be using it for my own confinement.