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    Part time cleaner

    provide part time cleaning best app development company service Standard package for cleaning inclusive : Dusting , Vaccum , Mop and Wash 2 Toilet and Basic Kitchen Cleaning. Our rate are $45 for 3 hours. Any additional service would be $15 per hour. helper are singaporean ladies. Please msg or...
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    Any good confinement lady or agency to recommend?

    Hi Joaniki Would like to know what is the rate your CL charge you of mobile app development? Does she help to do laundry for husband and simple household cleaning ?
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    Skincare & cosmetics

    I'm pregnant and use SK-II . Wasn't aware it contained ingredients that cannot be used . Thanks for the info for mobile app development.
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    Any good confinement lady or agency to recommend?

    Me too. A lot of horror stories. My request is simple, just take care of the bb so that I can rest. But I don't expect her to work until she drop, be glued to bb all day and night or do stuff for my family. I already told mine we don't accept replacement for usability testing. If it's...
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    Private at KKH or Private Gynae?

    For me I jus look thru the doctors listed on KKH website and choose my desired doctor online. Thereafter a nurse will call within 2-3 working days to advise appt date of android app development, time and clinic. once u choose doctor u r cconsidered as private patient, meaning no subsidies.
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    Looking for pre/post natal massage

    Hi may I ask for opinions? I delivered with c section, may I ask how long must I wait before I do post natal massage ?
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    Support for Gestational Diabetes Mummies~

    Yes PCOS also may be the cause. Its does not depend on the diet alone but many other factors like Placenta hormones. My fasting was normal too last week but now it seems to be a bit higher of android app development. I would advise you for diet councelling to avoid higher readings later.
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    2016/11 (Nov) babies

    Supposed to meet him again this coming Thursday, but i received a call from the cck clinic last night informing me that Dr. A will not be around so the next appointment will be on Monday instead of android app development. I always feel hungry and sleepy, actually same feeling as when my...
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    Dr Goh Shen Li Mt Alvernia

    Thanks Kitty, I will be seeing her next Monday. I saw her photos, very young and pretty. One of my colleague saw her previously at KKH as well. She said not bad. But went into private practice a year or so back. Just odd that there isn't much review on her. How many months are you now?
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    November 2017 Mummies

    Lol me too. I'm going for my first scan this friday. I can't wait!!!