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    Part time baby sitter - Any recommendation?

    Yes. I got my part time nanny from
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    Babysitter network

    Yes. i got mine from You can try them
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    Recommending Good Nanny/Babysitter in Jurong West

    Yes. i got mine from You can try them
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    Nanny in Yishun

    Hey! Just bumped into my neighbour yesterday. Didn't know he provides nanny services until now.. lol We have decided to go with his agency to save all the trouble. If you need, you can find out more from him. =)
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    Nanny in Yishun

    hi i would like to know too. thank you :)
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    Recommending my confinement lady

    hi does she cook for the whole family? and inclusive of household chores? helping my sis to search for really good one :)
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    Any reviews on PEM Confinement Agency?

    Hi! Is she local? can i have her contact info as well? :)