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    Cheating GF

    Yes, I perfectly understand what u mean. It’s extremely tough.. it’s like roller coaster. Most importantly dun let urself drown into it, take care.
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    Cheating GF

    Hi hi heartbroken_guy, totally empathise you. Only time can heal the pain... so long both of you believe there’s faith in the relationship and communicate openly. As for your gf, she needs to earn your trust ie her actions. In my view, is good to have a HTHT once and for all, after which move...
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    Adultery with foreigner in singapore.

    Hi mistressnogood, You mentioned that your parents had lived separately for the past two years... care to share more? However, these are my two cents worth for your consideration:- 1) if u hv a chance to find out her passport and employment pass no., engage a PI to get solid proof with these...
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    My MIL insisted that staying one roof is tradition and not willing to tc of child

    Perhaps ur hubby and urself might want to consider to rent a small flat or room for them to stay?
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    Support group for wives with unfaithful husbands

    Hi Mschika, sorry to meet u at this platform. It’s norm being in the roller coaster stage. I’m very sure most of the us (victims) been thru it. It takes sometime to overcome all the negative vibes but most importantly you need to take care of urself and the kids (if any). Be strong
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    Hi lostsoul&rain, am sorry to hear that. Dun give up on oneself. It’s not worth over such a scumbag... do feel feee to share with us at this platform, we are here to support you and give you our listening ears to you. Do stay strong and safe, Jia You!
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    Emotional blackmail from husband and in-laws to conceive a child through egg donation

    Hi Angelica, during your courtship with ur hubby, were you aware that you will face such situation, kind of parents-in-law that you are gg to live with and your hubby being a mommy-boy? Even if you managed to produce a boy, do u think you will be facing another set of challenges ie parenting...
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    Hurt and lost

    Even tho... there’s no % guarantee hor..
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    Should I get a divorce or cont wasting my life away?

    Tt’s becoz of all this asshole ard
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    Any private investigator to recommended?

    Is not easy to get room no. the ‘dog man & slut’ will get suspicious too
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    Any private investigator to recommended?

    Just out of curiosity, how would the judge accepts these pics as an evident as is debated that it could be there for meeting & etc but not having affair
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    Lack of regular intimacy ruining my marriage

    Is also very much depending on the age too
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    Any private investigator to recommended?

    There always such thing call... RETRIBUTION it may not be on oneself but the ones that dearest to you. So do think hard before u intend to cheat or harm anyone
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    Any private investigator to recommended?

    The old Indian man who’s the owner claims the he has superb natural power... lol