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    Any Nanny/Babysitter to recommend in Sembawang?

    Hi..i want to recomend my mother in-law..She is Chinese and she look after baby how many years already so I guarantee that she can take care of ur kids..If u r interested plz contact me at 86491568. Thanks
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    Looking for Nanny at yishun area

    Hello..My mother in-law is looking for baby to takecare..She is local Chinese and she is a nanny for how many years..If u interested u can contact me at 86491568..
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    Nanny/baby sitter At SEMBAWANG area

    Hello ...My mother in-law is a nanny for how many years now she still looking for baby to takecare..If u r interested plz reply me here and give me ur contact number so I can ask her to call u..She is living in sembawang near MRT...Hope to hear from u soon.. Thanks