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    Confinement Lady Recommendation

    Hi you may try to reach aunty zhen +60126905201. She is superb.
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    Any confinement nanny to recommend?

    Hi you can try to ctc my previous CL. +60126905201 preferable via whatsapp bcoz she mostly at oversea. Quite hard to get a normal rate during cny but can hve a negotiation i thinko_O
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    My confinement lady (twin babies)[emoji8]

    Hi , for the transport yes i paid for her for the 1st and day. Then for the angpao as well 1st day and last day i gave . For the cny period im not very sure but i think should be must bcoz is cny period. Regarding the household sometimes she will do , but i adv do not let cl do housework, more...
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    My confinement lady (twin babies)[emoji8]

    Hi tat one not plastic. Is baking paper . Every cl is have different style cooking. So far me and my family members all is satisfied with her food.
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    Confinement lady in May 2018

    You may try to contact this number +60126905201 aunty zhen . My ex cl that take care my twin . She from malaysia so during that period she stay at my place. Is quite hard to get day care cl btw.
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    My confinement lady (twin babies)[emoji8]

    call her aunty zhen. Pm you about this.
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    Confinement nanny needed during Cny period 2018

    Hi mummy you can look at my previous post that i recommend my previous cl. If not mistaken she charge for cny period is 3.5k. I think is quite reasonable bcoz cny meh[emoji3]
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    Confinement lady (exp with twins) needed

    Hi dear sorry for late reply. Her name is aunty zen for the charge you can ask her bcoz as i know the charges is different every year. But she so nice can nego a bit you can try to call her and ask.
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    Looking for Confinement lady EDD 23rd Feb 2018

    hi eugene, you can try to call my previous cl +60126905201. She is from malaysia and very nice aunty. Your edd seem like fall on cny the charges you can try to negotiate with her she very okay one last time she charge me a very reasonable price for twin
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    Confinement Nanny needed

    You may try to reach my previous cl. +60126905201 aunty zhen . She is from malaysia provide awesome confinement service.
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    Urgently Looking for experienced CL-Full Time (EDD at Jan 10 2018)

    Hi teresa you can try to contact my previous cl can just what's app her ...hope this is helpful
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    Good and experienced confinement lady

    sorry for the late reply.. her contact number is a very helpful confinement lady..
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    My confinement lady (twin babies)[emoji8]

    Dear all, since i received quite lot pm regarding my ex confinement lady information so i just open a new post to share something about my previous cl. *p/s: i do not received any referral fee or what i JUST WANT TO SHARE WITH FUTURE MUMMIES IN THIS FORUM I had engaged with aunty zhen from...
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    Confinement lady (exp with twins) needed

    Hi, i would like to recommend my ex cl she good experience with twins. I'm also mother of twin. You can try to contact her at +60126905201. She is from malaysia.