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    IUI/SO-IUI: Anyone?

    yes, post-wash was about 15m too and morphology <1%. we succeeded that cycle good luck!
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    Trying to Conceive 2019

    **UPDATE: all taken! Hi ladies, I am giving away some items which we are not taking anymore, please let me know if you would like to have them. I can mail them to you. 1. Blackmores Conceive Well Gold - 1 tab (7 tablets + capsules) and 1 unopened box (28 tablets + capsules), all expiring...
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    Dec 2019 Mummies

    I had spotting too! Am at 5w2d today. Seems that spotting is quite common though I agree that it is best to seek gynae’s advice for peace of mind.. I started spotting last Friday, on/off till now. Light brown in colour and quite little, only a bit on the underwear and mostly when I wipe. Was...
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    IVF with PGD (Pre-genetic diagnosis)

    Hi Azukin, sorry to hear about the negative outcome. I haven’t been through IVF/PGD myself but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing :) Could hardly find any information about PGD locally. We considered going through this procedure sometime back, as I have an inheritable heart condition...
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    PGD/PGS in singapore during IVF

    Hi, I think the best way to find out will be to consult with the IVF doctor and find out if there was a precedent for doing PGD on your condition, however to my knowledge this procedure is only allowed for potentially life-threatening conditions. There is really a lack of information on the...