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    (2021/01/28) ♥♥♥ Sweetots Nonya & Bottlecookie Handmade CNY Cookies ♥♥♥

    hi i would like to order: CNY 22 Cashew Nut Cookie CNY 27 Signature Chiku (Arrowhead) Crisps x 4 CNY 09 Signature Nonya Egg Roll (Original) BC 05 Cod Fish Seaweed BC 23 Hazelnut Cookie delivery slot: 6 February 2021 (Saturday) 7am - 2pm - punggol pls let me know how much to...
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    Pre order Orajel and Desitin and California

    Hi, would like to order desitin blue tube 4oz.thx!
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    Desitin Creamy 2 oz & 4oz tube ~ Sassywen

    do u still have any stock?
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    Comics: Leapfrog DVD Sets S$31.50 (Price incl shipping and normal post)

    Hi I would like to buy leapfrog dvd collection and numberland. Will I be able to receive the items by this friday?
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    H&M UK spree! -Dawnb-

    Oh...I din realize that u did not do normal postage..
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    H&M UK spree! -Dawnb-

    Name/Nick: micsih Email: [email protected] Item #1: Sleeveless dress URL: Size: 12-18M Colour: Turquoise Quantity: 1 Price: £5.99 Total: £5.99 *2.2 = SGD13.18 Transaction Reference: 11416852306
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    Jolene-Carters & Osh Kosh 20%off regular exclude clearance and door buster

    Hi, Name/Nick: micsih Email: [email protected] Item #1: Sleeveless Lace Dress Set URL: Size: 12M Colour: White Quantity: 1 Price in USD: $22.80 Total: USD22.80 * 1.33...
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    H&M UK spree! -Dawnb-

    hi, I would like to ask if I wan to buy the below item, roughly how much will the shipping fee be? Thanks!!
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    (cheche) Forever21 Spree

    hi, when will u be ordering the next batch?
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    25% off Carters clearance / 20% off Oshkosh clearance! :) #11 - **Ashmum**

    Hi, when will you be placing my orders? I will need my items by mid sept.
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    25% off Carters clearance / 20% off Oshkosh clearance! :) #11 - **Ashmum**

    Nick : micsih Email: [email protected] Item # 1 Item Name: Sparkle Dot Mary Jane Tights URL: Qty: 1 Size: 9-18M Colour: Ivory Price in USD: $9.00 Item # 2 Item Name: 3-Pack Headwraps URL...
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    www.iherb.com_10% off_Free Shipping_Clementi & Jurong Point

    Name/NICK: micsih Email: [email protected] Collection point/method: Post Item #1 Item Desc: Earth's Best, Organic Whole Grain Oatmeal Cereal, 8 oz (227 g) Url : Quantity : 1 Price in USD$: $4.13 Item #2...
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    (2013/02) Feb 2013

    Hello everyone! i m having my 1st bb My EDD is 24th feb. Can add me to fb? My email is [email protected] thx,dearies!