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    any 35 and above trying for their first?

    Thanks for your advice and stay strong!
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    Recent MC, growing subserosal fibroid, TTC. Tough decision > to remove fibroid or not?

    I feel you. I was TTC but have been unsuccessful then found out I had a 9cm fibroid within. I think because of the size, open surgery was recommended to ensure everything can be removed (before being able to test whether it was benign or not). Yes, recovery period minimally 6 months before...
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    Anyone heard of green coffee can help slimming down

    I haven't heard of Green coffee before! Thought coffee should be something you enjoy but watch the sugar and dairy intake. I found an app called Noom which has been really helpful to me in understanding the kinds of food I take and it's really up to your own choices. I highly recommend this app...
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    How to handle a helper?

    I think in general, always better to be 'tighter' (but reasonable) with rules e.g handphone usage and then give-and-take as time progresses and trust is built up. Main thing you pointed out is that she's honest and that's usually quite an important criteria for domestic helpers. In terms of...
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    Advice please

    Can I find out more about the AMK clinic? I thought usually "better" to get a doc that practises with a hospital because of the facilities too. If you went with Dr Jen, where would he deliver at? Thanks for info in advance!