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    Babysitter at Toa Payoh

    Feel free to PM if you are looking for babysitter near Toa Payoh Lor 3. Post on behalf of a friend who loves kids. Her kids grown up so she is available to take up babysitting task.
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    Any1 knows where to buy Rice wine?

    Hi, My mum is making Hakka Yellow Wine (黄酒) and I took it during my confinement. It is concentrated and sweet, very nutritious. In order to get concentrated wine, a minimum lead time of 6 weeks is required. We have some ready stocks. Anyone keen can PM for details. Price: 700ml -...
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    Panorama prenatal test

    Just to share, I did Panorama test in KKH and paid $795 for it.
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    Any1 knows where to buy Rice wine?

    Hi, yes, I still have stock. Kindly PM me. Thanks.
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    (2012/10) Oct 2012

    Hi serenelm, I wish to join the group and have PMed you. Thanks!
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    (2014/03) March 2014

    Hi Mummies, I tested positive, expecting #2 =). I'm staying in bukit batok, would like to ask if any mummies can recommend good female gynae. My previous gynae was Dr Theresa Cheng at AMK, find her clinic a bit too far for me now, wish to visit a female gynea whose clinic located at the west area.
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    WTB: Anything for baking

    I have Rectangular alphabet/numbering cake mould for sale. PM if keen. Thanks.
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    Any1 knows where to buy Rice wine?

    Hi amkheong, I have ready stock. I couldn't PM you. Plz PM me if you are keen. Thanks!
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    WTA - anybody have account with this website

    Hi, I can help to order from TaoBao. PM me if you keen to order.
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    Any1 knows where to buy Rice wine?

    Please PM me if interested to get home made yellow rice wine. Thanks.