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    Lost about having a baby

    I agreed with the rest. It's better to go for it now, then to regret later, as fertility rate reduces as we grew older Unless you both plan not to have a baby at all Maybe can try have a talk with your hubby, about your concern. Like financial or anything else. See what he have to say or advice
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    Husband with Porn Addiction

    He is really into deep porn addiction already. It's just like drug addict. He's into those later stage whereby its very difficult for him to kick away the habit, especially it was since young time. He need to go for counselling, or psycho which may help. If he's not willing to, there's nothing...
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    Pls help me

    Are you working? Well, if you wanna file divorce for unreasonable behaviour, do prepare that he may counter-sue you since you are having a bf. Worst case he may say that cause you are having a affair, hence he didn't want to make love to you or anything. For renovation that you paid 80%, any...
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    Help on fertility treatment advise

    For penis abnormal, I think is mainly due to male infertility or due to male sperm. But I aren't very sure of it. Think heard/read from somewhere before. You should clarify with the doctor on what he/she meant
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    Help on fertility treatment advise

    Agreed with milogal88 and Evelyn5248 as well IVF have better success rate than IUI. But sometimes both can still failed (just like me where I failed 3x IVF and 1x IUI) I got success through fertility massage instead. So well, don't give up any chance if you want a baby :) Definitely goes with...
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    Trying to be pregnant

    Keep trying! Jiayou!
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    Did your FJ indicate like when he need to pay? You can file against him via family court if he...

    Did your FJ indicate like when he need to pay? You can file against him via family court if he default/delay payment. 1st & 2nd time he will be issue a warning and... 3rd time he can go jail...
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    Negative Co-worker

    Well, there are some whom are like that. I have a colleague whom I worked with for past 5 years. She's been complaining that this co sucks, complaining about the job, boss, colleagues, everything.. and keep saying want to find a new job.. But guess what, she's with this company for 8 years...
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    Trying to conceive 2020

    Haha..thx..same one..
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    Trying to conceive 2020

    Care to pm me the contact?
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    Trying to conceive 2020

    Can try search in this forum. There's a few recommendation One of the popular choice is Baby Bliss Angelia
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    Trying to conceive 2020

    Maybe can try fertility massage? It may help for some also :)
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    Trying to be pregnant

    Congratulations! Well, maybe lost of appetite? Vomiting etc?
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    Trying to be pregnant

    Well, what kind of help you needed?
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    Help me please. Matters of the heart.

    Well, for you and A is already 'past'. So you should not get involve with him anymore. Learnt your lesson I hope. If I'm in your shoes, I will definitely tell B frankly about it. Not only to lessen the guilt, but also to be honest to him. If he can accept, and still don't mind about it, and...