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    Baby necessities at TMC

    Dear Mummies, Baby necessities like wet wipes, diaper, tissue &etc is it chargable or include in the baby package? I hearsay that if baby refuse or not enough breastmilk for the baby, the milk from TMC is chargeable?
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    What is elective c section?

    Elective c section need to pay extra? As now i had paid this charge to my doc. Is this the doctor professional fee?
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    What is elective c section?

    Anyone have any idea what is elective c section?
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    Elective C-sect TMC Bill

    What is elective C Section?
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    TMC Delivery Charges

    How much if c section? I hv paid 3.2k to the doc before birth. What charges is that? On the receipt its stated as c-section election. Is that the doc professional fee?
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    Latest hospital bill from TMC for C-Section

    Dear mummies, Anyone hv the latest hospital bill from TMC for C-Section? Heard many ppl say the bill is very huge. Kind of worry
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    Whooping cough jab

    Thank u
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    Whooping cough jab

    Hi, any mummies here taken the whooping cough jab recommend by Gynea? Any idea how much the jab cost?
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    Dr Tan Toh Lick

    Hi, I would like to know is there any mummies here under Dr Tan Toh Lick from TMC? How much is this doc fee? I will be under going c-section. Opting for 2-bedded, anyone hv a rough bill that i will be facing?
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    Any review on Dr Tan Toh Lick from TMC

    Hi ladies, anyone here hv any review with Dr Tan Toh Lick? He has a clinic at Jem. Anyone hv the cost of his consultation fee?
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    TMC senior doctor consultation fee.

    Hi, anyone is with TMC for check up? Any idea how much is their consultation fee?
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    Any recommendation for gynecologist in Thomson Medical?

    Hi, i am staying at the west. Is there any Gynae from TMC with clinic at the west side?
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    Thomas Medical VS KKH

    Hi, any idea on their delivery charges? I cant decide which to choose. My 1st child was from KKH, but my gynea was no long with them. Any advise. TIA
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    Mummies over 40

    Hi, i am age 40. Just found out i am pregnant. 12 years apart from my 1st child. I am currently very worried about high risk pregnancy due to my age.