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    September 2017 Mummies

    Think when officiallly 3 months
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    Recommending my Confinement lady

    does she keep insisting baby is hungry and then want to feed?
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    September 2017 Mummies

    hi everyone! i just tested positive last Sunday and went to see gynae this morning. this is my #2, haven't had a period since my #1 born 13 months ago, so based on u/s scan and size of the sac, doc estimated around 7 week,s so ETA 13 Sept +/1. I think should still fall in this group :)...
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    Lactation Cookies for Sale (made to order)

    hi mommies, I stay in the east, just recently stopped BFíng myself. Bought too much ingredients for lactation cookies hence i am thinking of baking for sale. Will be $10 / 200 gram bag. Self pick up at Tampines St. 11 or we can arrange to meet around Buona Vista or Commonwealth area. PM me if...
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    WTS : Baby Boy Bundle from 0-12 months clothings

    clothes ranging from 0 to 12 months, onsies, shirts, pants, tee shirts, overalls, socks, shoes, etc. $1 per piece - onesies, socks $2 per piece - t-shirt $5 per piece - shirt, shorts, pants $10 for overalls feeding spoons, bowls, etc, take all for $15
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    ISO New Friso or Nestle Baby breastmilk cooler bags (usually they are free gifts)

    can exchange for 1 packet of wipes.
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    ISO Good working condition (used) Stroller/Pram (Bless or exchange w/ 3 packs of wipes)

    prefer Hougang/Serangoon/Kovan area. thank you mummies.
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    WTB Cold Weather clothing for 12-15 months baby boy

    still looking - please note age required......i can't get too big size :)
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    WTB Cold Weather clothing for 12-15 months baby boy

    hi Maggie mommy, sorry will pass on hats - LO doesn't like wearing anything on the head!
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    Wtb mamil $15 voucher

    I have one to let go - $2 including postage
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    WTB Cold Weather clothing for 12-15 months baby boy

    ETA: jackets/sweaters - I'm looking for a full-zip up front, which is easier to wear. Plus, I don't think I need thermal for the temperature. TIA! :)
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    WTB Cold Weather clothing for 12-15 months baby boy

    Looking for fleece jackets or sweaters, fleece pants good for 12-18 degree weather Good condition - no tears, stains, or fuzziness Please PM me with pictures, condition and price. THANKS! :) Prefer to deal in East, Central or North East.
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    WTS Nan Ha 2 @$12 -800 gram tin expiring Jul 2016

    bump! $22/2 tins!! or exchange 4 packs of NUK wipes = 1 tin
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    Wtb mamil $15 voucher

    I also have one to let go. Pls pm me your price