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    Standing fan

    Aerogaz standing fan Still in working condition Button difficult to press Price $10
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    Baby cot

    Price down $10 dollar..Collect this few days. Interested pls pm. Thanks.
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    Merry diaper and pigeon baby wipe with box

    Merry diaper (new) -$10 Pigeon baby wipe with box (new) -$10
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    Preloved diaper bag

    Preloved diaper bag Alot of companent Price : $40
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    Preloved car seat

    Preloved car seat Condition 9/10 Price $80
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    Baby cot

    Preloved baby cot for sales Solid wood in white Adjustable height Removable side guide Price: $50
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    Tv conso and tv

    Preloved tv conso n tv for sales Tv brand- Akira Tv conso- Ikea solid wood View to offer
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    Queen bed and frames

    Preloved queen bed and frame for sales. Hardly used and still very solid. View to offer.
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    Air cooler

    Preloved air cooler for sale View for offer
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    Baby bot and high chair

    Preloved baby cot and high chair to let go. View to offer.
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    Moving out sales!!!

    Queen bed and bed frame TV conso Dining table and chairs Baby cot Two side tables One round glass coffee table Samsung fridge Washing machine Kid toys and chair Kid clothing And etc. If interested please pm me and I will post photo for viewing. Thanks.
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    Feed back on child care at Yishun

    Wish to get some feedback for those kids enrol at E-Bridge school and School 4kidz Preschool at Yishun. [emoji1]
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    IVF Jul 17

    So happy for you.. all best for u :)
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    IVF Jul 17

    Hi's everything?
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    IVF Jul 17

    Oic.. lets jiayou together. :)