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    Any review on Dr. Benjamin Tham?

    Does anyone know if his anestheologist is good? Planning to do epidural
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    Gynaes with good stitching

    Any gynae to recommend that is very good at c-sect stitching? Public or private is ok.
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    Doppler / radiation?

    anyone bought any doppler before to be able to check on baby at home between appts? My appts are 3-4 weeks apart and it drives me crazy because i have had a mc before and always wondering is baby ok or not. also is it true cant use doppler too much as it has radiation?
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    Early Pregnancies

    Better to wait for 7 weeks. I am always so excited so try to go early then in the end waste money and cant see anything :(
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    Pregnancy with complications...

    You are right, it depends on the location. I had one large one that was 10cm by the time baby was due. I can't recall the location but the doc did mention that for that particular location it was possible to take out one shot and if it had been somewhere else, a separate procedure would have to...
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    Bring confinement nanny in from Malaysia

    Hi there, any wise mummies recently brought in confinement nanny from Msia recently (e.g. around Oct 2020-Jan 2021 period)? I am most probably getting a nanny not through agency and just want to know any processes you went through due to COVID etc. Thank you for your help and advice!
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    Anyone doing IVF in 2020?

    Have 1-2 Brazil Nuts daily. Helps with stickiness. Was also advised to keep the body "warm.
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    Confinement Nanny to recommend!!

    Hi there, wondering if anyone has Elaine's current number? Please PM Me.
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    Recommendations for English speaking confinement nanny in Oct

    Did you manage to find one?
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    English speaking confinement lady needed

    Did you manage to find one?
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    IVF/ICSI Support Group

    Yes depends on doc! Mine keep asking me if i need mc because he knows i miscarried before. Sometimes I want to laugh coz like.... my boss gonna start to think i don't work at my co anymore
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    Pregnancy with complications...

    I had a fibroid that grew with my bb. My gynae at the time at kkh told me she will one shot take out the fibroid during my c-sect. Managed to do it without complications. Really thankful for her decision