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    Any advise? Yamaha Music school or Cristofori Music School

    I agree too as the trainer there is always on MC.
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    Any 2006 mummies staying in Pasir Ris?

    Anyone in pasir ris can reply me ?
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    (2008/10) Oct 2008

    Is this thread still active?
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    Recommendation for Gynae.

    Anyone knows is there any good gynaecologist in Pasir Ris side?
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    Recommendations for improving Chinese Language?

    Here I am facing the same problem too. Needs help to source for good Chinese enrichment classes
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    Kid with Diabetes Type 1

    Sorry to hear that. You might want to discuss with the PIC/Form teacher how to prevent all these from happening. Trust that the teachers will arrange or do something to it. Hope it helps and God bless!
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    (2008/10) Oct 2008

    Oct 08 mummy here. Can still join in the chat?
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    (2008/02) Feb 2008 MTBs

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    Any 2006 mummies staying in Pasir Ris?

    Hi, I havd 2 kids. One is 7yrs and the other one is 5yrs. Would like to know which school in PR is good to send kids for their Chinese enrichment.
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    Any children clinic in East area?

    There is this Pasir Ris Kids and Baby Clinic in Pasir Ris too. PD is a nice one too but long queue.