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    Hair dye and manicure

    Hi All, Trying to conceive is it all right to dye hair or bleach hair? Is it alright to do manicure or bleach hand hair using hair removal cream?
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    2017 Twins Pregnancy

    Prof john Tee in KKH, he is the best doctor caring and patient. U are in a safe hands
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    Looking for TRANSFER MAID

    Hi, your Indonesian helper reason for leaving? How Long she has worked for u? More Info about her like can she handle newborn or hyperactive child, willing to learn cooking? Salary preferred amount and off days??
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    Travelling to BKK for IVF

    Is it safe to do in BKK? Heard u have to get yourself admitted there for at least 2weeks.
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    Prof John Tee or Dr Tan Kai Lit

    Hi Mummies, Both Doctors are good. But notice John Tee sees his patients fast and don't talk much until u have questions he will answer. He is more the serious type. Dr Tan Kai Lit, friendly and caring and explain in details. Both are good, confuse which to see. Any Mummies can share their...
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    Avocado is good and been eating that.
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    Oh no! I been eating the Long time.
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    Is it ok to eat banana? Some one told me raw banana is not good as it is sharp [emoji33]
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    Hi, Trying to conceive, is it ok to eat durian?
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    IVF September 2017 cycle

    Hi, for first time singaporean couple trying IVF to conceive. How much do we need to pay and how much will be deducted through Medisave if it's done at KKH. Anyone has any idea?
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    Cow's Milk

    Raw u can get it from this place
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    Cow's Milk

    Anyone knows?
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    Cow's Milk

    Hi, I am trying to conceive and was ask to drink male calf milk or just cow's milk. Can any of you please advise me is it safe to drink cow's milk to conceive and if yes which brand is good. I am so confuse when I go to NTUC Fairprice Too many Brand’s [emoji26]
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    Can I ask is it normal to have brown stains before period comes? I had one dark brown line stain then next day light brown few stains..