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    September 2016 Mummies!

    i have an external one that became super big recently (like grape) cos my constipation got worse in 3rd trimester.. got a cream from my gynae to apply but it doesnt seem to shrink it.. only helped to make it less painful.. ive tried to push it back in but it will drop out after a while.. haha
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    Any review on Dr. Benjamin Tham?

    I'm with Dr Tham and yes, his waiting time is very long cos he is really very popular. The longest i have waited is close to 2 hrs and its with appointment.. He is nice and gentle but will not say much to you unless u have questions for consultations are on average about 5 to 10 mins...
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    MTB - first child : any gentle MALE gynae?

    unlike some of the mummies here, i wouldnt recommend Dr Benjamin Tham because he is really popular and the queues at his clinics are usually very long. Even with an appointment, i always will need to wait for about 2 hours on average...which i dun feel is acceptable for a private gynae.. there...
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    Support for Gestational Diabetes Mummies~

    anybody knows if we can take ricola sweets? i'm having an itchy throat now so thinking of taking some ricola to ease it.. but not sure whether its fine (the packaging didnt mention that it is suitable for diabetics)
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    Any Mummies- to -be travelling to Bangkok ??

    i cannot rem exactly.. think it is around 6 to 7 sgd per box.. can buy from any boots pharmacy (just dont buy from the airport cos i rem it being more expensive there)
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    Any Mummies- to -be travelling to Bangkok ??

    ermmm i just went to BKK end of last month at 22 weeks pregnant.. i didnt get bitten by any mosquitoes at all.. but i did spray insect repellent on myself everyday.. foodwise, i avoided eating at roadside stalls, only went to restaurants at shopping malls.. their tap water is not portable so i...
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    Can newborn sleep on a pillow?

    i was told that there is no need for newborns to sleep on pillow? just a piece of cloth on the cot will do? issit better to get those newborn pillows that prevents flathead?
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    Unwed Mom

    Government has announced two days ago that unwed mothers will now get 16 weeks of maternity leave as well. Check out this news article:
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    Anyone took Duphaston before?

    its best to see a gynae if you are spotting.. then the gynae will prescribe the medicine to you if he/she thinks you need it.. anw not true that the gynae will not see you till week 7/ can go anytime u like.. its just that if there is no problem at all, its better to wait till week 7/8...
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    September 2016 Mummies!

    i'm in week 13 now.. but the fatigue has kicked in ever since i got pregnant.. sighh.. i feel so sleepy everyday.. i cannot concentrate at work.. My work performance has definitely suffered and my memory is also not as good as before.. :(
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    September 2016 Mummies!

    i'm on the opposite end of the spectrum.. i now suffer from extreme fatigue.. everyday after lunch i cannot focus at work.. the eyelids just get super duper heavy and once i close them, i will immediately nod off....i will feel sleepy until its time to go home.. it never happened to me before...
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    3+ weeks pregnant / extremely tired

    hi! if you have very bad cramps, can go see your gynae for some duphaston.. i previously had very bad cramps in the middle of the night too.. the kind that makes me cold sweat and see stars.. but after taking duphaston, i dont get those cramps anymore..
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    September 2016 Mummies!

    thanks for ur reply! yup first pregnancy.. hence very inexperienced.. heehee
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    September 2016 Mummies!

    hi mummies, do you all still get cramps now? i'm supposed to be week 11 now but still getting cramps on and off (today is especially worse) it is not unbearable but still an uncomfortable feeling.. ive been taking duphaston every night before bed..
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    Miscarriage & PCOS, recommendation on Good Gynae

    Hi! I have a friend who is also 29 years old.. tried for almost 6 months but no news so she went to see Dr Irene Chua in mid-Dec for a fertility checkup She said Dr Irene Chua saw her and immediately said she has PCOS (cos my friend has a lot of pimples on her chin)..furthermore, my friend's...