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    Home Haircut

    Where can we find cheap home hair cut below $10 in Punggol?
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    WTB: Red Baju kurung for 2 years old girl

    I have size 6 red baju kurong selling at $45.=brand new
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    Edgefield Primary One books

    Am looking for complete range of books used by Primary One this year for Edgefield Primary School...would like to buy at a token sum if condition still good or if can, free..thanks
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    any shop sells toddler sleeping clothes cheap

    Hi mummies, I am looking to change a whole range of my child's sleeping clothings..she has been sleeping on her 1-3yr old clothing despite already 5yr old due to small built..recently, i see that she has grown much taller thus ready to change her sleeping outfit accordance to her age.. Please...
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    Need help. Does anyone know what's this my my baby face?Is it Molluscum?

    The reason i ask you as the picture you took looks familiar that i have seen on a young child who had it removed by nat skin center.simple procedure
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    Need help. Does anyone know what's this my my baby face?Is it Molluscum?

    .does it change colour over time? Does it grow from very small to round dome shape? Nat skin center is expert diagnosing it..which part do u notice it? If the answer to this is yes,then definitely not molluscum..may be old is your bb?
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    Caught between own mother and hb. Can anyone advise me how to handle?

    You are lucky that your mother does not stay under same roof with you..else,relationship worsens more is real hard to be sandwiched in between and maddening..
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    Organ lessons

    Hi Parents, Which music school offers organ lessons for 5yr old student? Any recommendation?
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    Wtb brainy brain VCd/DVD

    Available for sale, collect at Punggol with testing allowed
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    Wtb brainy brain VCd/DVD

    I hv 6 DVD Brainy Baby, selling at $10 per dvd..testing allowed at my home Punggol..good as new condition.
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    I still left 2 tubes of Cetaphil Intensive Moisturiser with shea butter ingredients. Expire in jan 2014, selling at $15/tube. I dun need anymore...
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    I recommend these 3, any one of them is suitable for eczema, based on my experience. You can call Al-Barakah online to enquire where you can buy. Or, House of Jamu also carries. If not, you can watsapps me, cos I am likely to repeat order from a spa shop I have been buying from. Elomet is...
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    Nu Skin's TRA vs HerbalLife Products

    4 btlsets left R2 expire in jan 2014. Pls pm for fast deal
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    Luxor gamat i safe for kids cos it made of seacucumber extract. You ask amongst malay frens. They can explain to you of its benefits.
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    From my experience of chronic eczema up till recovery and clearance now, I am almost sure eczema besides could be caused by genetics...also due to triggers of allergens as well as poor blood circulation and low immunity and stress plus hormonal imbalance...for a child, it could likely due to one...