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    Brand new GNC women’s prenatal program $45

    Brand new Expire on 10/20 Original price $69.95 VIP price $55.96 I have 2 box available
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    IVF 2019 support group

    yes, but heard from the counter is a team a doctor will see me , so I am going to see random Doctors
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    IVF 2019 support group

    Thank you for the reply :)
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    IVF 2019 support group

    Hi all , I am new here . Will be having my HyFosy scan next week . Went KKH few month back , and see Dr Sheila , a random dr assign to me , cause I register as public patient. Can any one advise is it better to go ahead with as public patient , or transfer to private patient and see Dr Tan HH ...