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    Young Scientists Level 1 & 2 @$2.30 each Closed

    Does it comes with the exercise paper?
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    Used phonics teaching material ($50)

    Used phonics teaching material from USA It focus on sounding words using phonetic rules 2 story books accompany each booklet for oral reading practise Ready readers focus on comprehension and sentence structure
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    小乐乐丛书 reader

    28 books for $30 Pick up Tampines
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    乐中学 reader $8

    Pick up Tampines
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    Scroll Chinese reader

    Pick up Tampines ($8 for all)
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    19 Chinese reader $15 for all

    16 books from Pearson longman Word card intact Very good condition Pick up Tampines
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    Chinese reader

    Full set for $12 Almost brand new Pick up Tampines
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    WTS: 四五快读 ($30)

    Book 1-7 brand new set Word card all intact Self collect Tampines