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    ***** BabySitter / Nanny Needed at Sembawang! Urgent!!

    Yvonne Kua I have PM you!
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    greenbowl, actually many childcare centres hire foreign teachers. They are usually hired to teach the Mandarin curriculum and I would say most of them will be degree holders in their native country. I will be enrolling my boy in YCK and I did a centre visit the other day.. erm.. what I can...
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    (2019/05/29) Factory Price - Windows/ Grilles/ Gates/ Repairs

    Hi, How much would you charge for 3rm flat, kitchen and bedroom grilles. Does the price include the installation? I think mine is 4 panels for the kitchen and 2 for the bedroom. Sliding windows. Looking at simple horizontal grilles. Can PM me?
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    (2009/06) June 2009 MTBs

    ahnet: junice say the jun09 member group fb is very quiet?
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    Good toddlers school in yishun

    Eager Beavers not bad.
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    Dr Lawrence Ang of Sembawang's Thomson Women's Clinic

    Hm.. Dr Ang delivered for me twice.. was able to discharged the next day after I delivered (natural) and walk a few hours after delivery.. I agree he can be quite busy at times.. however, feel he is competent..
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    (2012/02) Feb 2012

    En_Xuan: Preggy must avoid alcohol..
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    (2009/06) June 2009 MTBs

    dolly: thanks for alerting! How are you?
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    (2009/06) June 2009 MTBs

    hello mummies.. seems like this thread is dead?
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    (2009/06) June 2009 MTBs

    any mummies send your tots to playgroup in pasir ris or tampines? any recommendation?
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    (2009/06) June 2009 MTBs

    my name in fb is same as my nick
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    (2009/06) June 2009 MTBs

    toffeecat: i agree.. try not to carry. my gal cry i also leave her alone.. so now night time it is easier for me.. just leave her on the bed.. give her tutu then she sleep..
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    (2009/06) June 2009 MTBs

    hi toffeecat: have started work already.. so i spend less than 2 hours with mei mei.. cos nite time she's sleeping. when she's awake, i also no energy to play with her. usually i just leave her in the bassinet to entertain herself, cos i dont want to carry her. afraid she'll need me to carry...
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    !Jealous Sibling: Need Advise

    hannah: am going back to work tomorrow.. wonder how you are coping without your maid. ms have dropped drastically hope I can pump enuf for my gal daily needs
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    (2009/06) June 2009 MTBs

    Hi toffeecat, yes take it easy.. resume your routine when things more settled. my gal does not refuse EBM whether warm or not lei.. I not sure. I leave the EBM in warmer and feed her when she wakes, so it wont be too cold. My son's reaction is like RX only after 3 weeks. Now he even tries...