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Mount Alvernia

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We are delighted to share that our new 10-storey women and children’s building, St Anne Mother & Child Centre is now open for service!

Located within the Mount Alvernia Hospital campus, St Anne Mother & Child Centre houses maternity and paediatric wards, a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), allied health and ancillary hospital services. 

Mount Alvernia Hospital is supported by more than 200 specialist doctors on-campus and over 1,200 accredited doctors. These include on-campus obstetrics and gynaecology (OBGYN) and paediatrics specialists below:


  • Dr Adrian Tan
  • Dr Candice Wang
  • Dr Caroline Khi
  • Dr Joycelyn Wong
  • Dr Chua Yang
  • Dr Esther Ng
  • Dr Geraldine Tan
  • Dr Goh Shen Li
  • Dr Ho Hon Kwok
  • Dr Hong Sze Ching
  • Dr Kenneth Edward Lee
  • Dr Lee Lih Charn
  • Dr Lim Yuin Wen
  • Dr Michele Lee
  • Dr Timothy Lim
  • Dr Tony Tan


  • Dr Aung LeLe
  • Dr Chan Kit Yee
  • Dr Darryl Lim
  • Dr Dawn Teo
  • Dr Koh Po Poh Kian
  • Dr Lam Kai Yet
  • Dr Lim Kwang Hsien
  • Dr Ong Eng Keow
  • Dr Ooi Pei Ling
  • Dr Rhonda Watt
  • Dr Sim Chiang Khi
  • Dr Simon Ng Pau Ling
  • Dr Steven Ng
  • Dr Terence Tan

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