ChildFirst Pre-School

ChildFirst Pre-School

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Learning a language is effortless when young children are immersed in that language environment.  ChildFirst is the first trilingual pre-school to provide immersion in the three most important languages around the world in the future, English (half-day daily), Chinese (half-day daily) and Coding (the language for AI and robots). Even though AI can provide language translation, being a native speaker with an awareness of the culture will give your child an advantage.

Besides immersion in a trilingual environment, ChildFirst’s iUnique Curriculum emphasis on AI (Artificial Intelligence), HI (Human Intelligence) and MI (Multiple Intelligences).  

Having your child master the language of AI (coding) will prepare them to master AI instead of being replace by AI. The benefit of Coding goes beyond programming robots. It develops Computational Thinking skills such as how to break a problem into smaller parts and extract the essence of a problem. Thus, enhancing logical thinking and systematic problem-solving ability for life.

In addition, your child gets to develop uniquely Human Intelligence (HI) such as creativity, EQ, moral, judgement, leadership etc. which are not easily replaceable by robots.

And lastly, ChildFirst believes in exercising your child’s unique talent through our Multiple Intelligence (MI) curriculum so that they can find their own niche, develop it, gain confidence and excel in life.

Our Centres
ChildFirst @ King Albert Park
896 Dunearn Road #04-02
[email protected] Singapore 589472
(Next to King Albert Park MRT, Former Sime Darby Centre)
Tel: +65 6469 4466
Email: [email protected]

ChildFirst @ Mountbatten
229 Mountbatten Road #01-32
Mountbatten Square Singapore 398007
Tel: +65 6440 4466
Email: [email protected]

ChildFirst @ Tampines
3 Tampines Central 1 #05-01
Tampines Plaza 1 Singapore 529540
(formerly known as Abacus Plaza)
Tel: +65 6260 4466
Email: [email protected]

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