Pre & Post Natal Massage by Noura Sam Mum's Legacy

Pre & Post Natal Massage by Noura Sam Mum's Legacy

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Here’s an easy way to get back in shape, thanks to the traditional post natal massage. Not just a way to lose the pregnancy flab, the traditional post natal massage also helps restore a new mother’s strength and health. After undergoing an arduous nine months culminating to strenuous labour, any new mother’s physical resources would be drained and in need of serious nurturing and replenishing.

The therapy aims to put the ‘loosened’ bones into place, clean out ‘dirty’ blood left inside the body and help hasten the healing of wounds.


The Post Natal massage involves pressing on the nerves to ‘get rid of the wind’ which, it’s believed, weakens the body especially after child birth. Massage also improves blood circulation and helps the body recover from the trauma of birth. A special massage concoction for women in confinement is made from Lemongrass & Ginger which are blended in Olive oil.

For women who’ve had natural / normal delivery, massage can start as soon as they are back  home. Those who’ve had Caesarean should wait for Two weeks for the stitches to heal before massage can be done. Massage technique for Caesarean is slightly different from Natural / Normal delivery. 

More than 25 years of experience for Traditional Jamu Pre & Post Natal Massages. 

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