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Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by yoti, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. yoti

    yoti New Member

    I am diagnosed with Hyperthyroid when I went for my first visit to gynae (Ard 6 weeks).

    I am on PTU medication now.

    I am at a loss...Why is this happening to me???!!!

    I am worried about the health of my baby!! What shld I do?????

  2. twinklestarsjta

    twinklestarsjta New Member

    Hi Yoti

    Is the thyroid hard or soft? Can the doc draw out the liquid if it is soft.

  3. yoti

    yoti New Member

    Hi Twinklestarsjta,

    What do you mean hard or soft?

  4. friends78

    friends78 Active Member

    Yoti, PTU is a preg safe medication. Just remember to take your med on time, rest & relax more and everything shd be fine. I have hyperthyroid too and my son is 7 weeks old liao. Don't be stress as it will only worsen your condition. For me, I do avoid seafood and seaweed albeit my doc said that food will not affect thyroid.

  5. yoti

    yoti New Member

    Hi Friends,

    Thank you for your reply.

    You have hyperthyroid when pregnant?

    I surfed information through the web and found that baby will be affected.

    I am really at a loss......

  6. friends78

    friends78 Active Member

    I have hyperthyroid for many years, eat med then okie then after a while come back. U have to take things easy cos our cond will result our heart to beat very fast. I'm lucky that my son's blood test for his thyroid is normal. Rest well and enjoy your preg[IMG=]

  7. yoti

    yoti New Member

    Hi friends,

    Is is true that hyperthyroid cause high-risk pregnancy? I have read a lot of articles from internet and is so worried.....

  8. twinklestarsjta

    twinklestarsjta New Member

    Hi Yoti (yoti),

    I actually have a soft lump on my throat. Went to GP alot time always saying nothing wrong. Then a few years later, i feel like my throat got something there. Went back to the doc again. Then finally send me for scanning. The soft lump became a hard lump. So end i have to go for op for my thyroid.

  9. bb_dust_to_all

    bb_dust_to_all New Member

    Hi yoti and twinkelstar,

    I have hyperthyroidism for many years but i delivered my son this april. Its not considered a high risk pregnancy but u have to eat PTU to control the hormones if not it can turn into a high risk pregnancy. Thyroid does not pass down to the baby in the womb.

  10. yoti

    yoti New Member

    Hi BBdust,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have been so worried since i am diagnosed as I am worried for my baby.

    Is is true that we will have premature,low weight gain baby?

  11. bb_dust_to_all

    bb_dust_to_all New Member


    i think if its not under control yes but well hah my boy was born 2.9kg and near full term at 38 weeks [IMG=] so pls do dilligently eat ur medicine [IMG=]

    dont stress so much, the more u stress the more the condition will worsen [IMG=]

    not to worry for ur baby cause it cannot be passed down in the womb [IMG=]

  12. yoti

    yoti New Member

    Hi BBdust,

    Thank you for your info.

    You mean PTU will not pass down in the womb or are you referring to something else?

    Sorry for all the question....Thank you....

  13. bb_dust_to_all

    bb_dust_to_all New Member


    the thyroid condition won't pass down to the baby [IMG=] no worries abt the question...

  14. pfy

    pfy New Member

    My sis had thyroid since uni days.. and this thyroid problem jus keep yo-yoing.. keep comebing back on-off.

    some medication may affect pregnancy. but since it's given by the gynae.. dun worry too much.

    my niece and nephew are super cute and healthy. dun worry too much. jus try to relax as much as you can.

  15. yoti

    yoti New Member

    Hi Chabby,

    U mean your sister has thyroid when pregnant or after delivery?

    Thank you for your reply....

  16. chillicrab

    chillicrab New Member

    Hi Yoti, I had thyroid (hyer) many years back, felt lost and sad when i knew i had to be put on medication till I totally recover (I thought then that it was set for lifetime medication as the doc said). It was mainly my work stress that causes this condition. But i totally recovered a year later, after i keep to my routine daily medication consciously. I have been going for blood test every year on my own account just to ensure it doesn't come back again. 2 years back when i was preggy, i'm diagnosed with thyroid again and i'm the same as you, so worry that it might affect my baby. I was referred to a thyroid specialist at Mount E. The doc is very experienced and professional, makes me feel that he is in total control. He said it is not uncommon for one to detect thyroid during pregnancy, there are 2 types of thyroid condition, one is "real" thyroid condition and that needs medication. As long as u keep to the medication, baby and pregnancy will be safe. The other is a "fake" thyroid condition which seems like thyroid when u take the normal thyroid test, but it's not. u have to take a further blood test on the "free T4" in your body to see if it exceeds the norm, if not, it is a fake one and such condition does not need medication as it will go away after some time. Mine turns out to be a fake case and after a few review sessions with the specialist, i don't have to go back anymore and did not have to be on medication. Perhaps you shd consult a specialist to listen to his views? On either cases, i think as long as you stick to the medication, the condition will be controlled. Don't fret yourself out..k

  17. feinv81

    feinv81 New Member

    hi all , i am an aug 2011 mtb . i hv been a hyperthyroid patient for ard 3-4 yrs , till last dec detected i was pregnant . to keep it short , i will just talk abt my visit to the thyroid specialist today. she said something which i found very disturbing . she told me that my thyroid level is baack to normal , can stop my med. but i'm afraid , if i stop my med , my thyroid level will shoot bk . but according to specialist , if i continue taking med , thyroid level will be too low , and bb will be affected. wat am i to do ?? pls help

  18. leo26

    leo26 Member

    hi feinv81, i tink the best way is for you to seek a 2nd opinion if you are worried cos we are not drs so we cant advise u much

  19. sherlyn06

    sherlyn06 Member

    Hi mummies,

    Does anyone know if the result come to be negatives for thyroid T3 & T4

    But Anti-Thyroglobulin was 1:400 H & Anti Thyroid Microsmal was 1:6400 H

    The reference range should be <1:100

    does that meants chances of getting its high??

    Or hidden diasgnosis?

    Thanks alots!

  20. sherlyn06

    sherlyn06 Member

    I do read through website saying its thyroid cells are damage therefore its produce above 2 range of so - called *protient* having too much its not good & will cause thyroid?

    Thanks [IMG=]

  21. winniethepooh

    winniethepooh Member

    Hi everyone

    After giving birth my thyroid come back again. I take Melaleuca supplement the whole package. I have no more thyroid.You can email me at for more enquiry regarding the melaleuca supplement. I don't have to take doctor medicine for thyroid. But I have go back to doctor every 4 to 6 months for thyroid check up.

  22. gstrading

    gstrading Member

    Hi all , hv gave birth to a baby boi on 26 th aug , I also hv thyroid for a few years . My baby boi is very healthy . He is 3.712 kg when born . Am glad I did nt abort him [IMG=]

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