**** should i buy baby cot or play pen or cradle?

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by twbaby, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. twbaby

    twbaby Member

    Hi mummies, me trying to find out what are the pros and cons of having baby cots or play pen?

    I seriously not sure which item to buy when my baby arrive in nov.

    I am also not sure if i should be letting the newborn sleep in cradle? (Yao lan)

    Could anyone kindly advise me? and how much does each cost? and where i get them most affordable without sacrificing quality.

  2. pinkliciouz

    pinkliciouz Member

    I got a baby cot from Baby Kingdom but if you buy during baby fair, they are much cheaper. Basically, most cots are almost the same, the more stylist they look, the more expensive they are. Then they have different mattresses also. I bought the combination mattress, 1 side is latex and the other side is coconut husk.

    Baby cot's matteress height can be adjusted, so if you get those with 4 or 5 height adjustments, can use until they get quite big.

    The thing about cradle is that they can only sleep until a certain age, then it is not safe for them to sleep w/o supervision. When the baby starts knowing how to flip, suddenly you can see them wriggling out of the cradle. It happened to my son in the afternoon and luckily I was just sitting beside him. My mom used the paperclip to clip the sides but when he was wriggling, his neck got caught in it so I removed that clip.

    Cots can cost from $100+ (during baby fairs) to few thousand... Those at Mothercare are very very costly becasue the design is very very nice.

    This company is so far, my own knowledge, the cheapest during baby fair, cos can bargain.


    Not sure how much you can lower if you buy online. I went to their outlet to look at their cots before, but my husband's too lazy to return to their shop to order the cot after we arrived at Baby Kingdom, that's why I bought from Baby Kingdom.

  3. fynnie

    fynnie Member

    where is the outlets of this company? palmax?

    can't find it online... you r how many months pregnant when u bought the cot?

    dunno when to buy lei...

  4. pinkliciouz

    pinkliciouz Member

    This palmax don't have a physical shop as they are acually the supplier. If you want to see the cot, have to go to their office which is located in an industrial area. Meaning, if you see the same thing outside at a higher price, it probably is the same thing.

    I bought the cot when I was about 9 months. Didn't want to buy too early cos I didn't want it to collect dust. From 9mths, the baby is due anytime already so I want to make sure I have a bed for him to sleep in when he arrives.

    Actually, you can start sourcing around now and see which 1 you prefer before you buy cos there are really a lot of choices out there.

    How many months into the pregnancy are you now?

  5. fynnie

    fynnie Member

    hehe! i'm only 16 weeks pregnant...

    but now GSS mah....

    a lot of sales lei... if buy during 9 months those bed, sterilizer, bottles, etc, no sales liao....

  6. pinkliciouz

    pinkliciouz Member

    Fynn: you can slowly slowly stock up on bb stuffs lor. Go to Baby's Hyperstore, Baby Kingdom, Mothercare, United Square, Kiddy Palace and look look see see and find the best offers if you have the time lor... I remember I started slowly buying from 5mths onwards. Buy a little by little so that last minute, not so seong... There are strollers, cots, bath tub, bottles, sterilizer etc etc... SO MANY things to buy leh...

    Creamdonut: Maybe you girls can try and bargain for a better price if you are buying together. Not too sure though but it's worth a try...

  7. fynnie

    fynnie Member

    hmmm... creamdonut, when do u wantto get ur babycot???

    for me, might not b so soon cuz still 4 mths only... i dun mind bargaining together! hehe!

    which area u stay?

  8. twbaby

    twbaby Member

    Hi pinkliciouz,

    Thanks for the advice! whats the difference btw the different type of mattress again?

    I never heard of coconut husks.. is it good?

    I am also thinking of waiting for the sep baby fair sales since mine is due in nov.

    Is the wheels useful for the baby cots? i saw some with wheels. but duno steady ornot..

  9. pinkliciouz

    pinkliciouz Member

    There are different types of mattresses for babies. Usually, they say the harder it is, the better is it because babies are very "soft", so better to let them sleep on a harder mattress so that their spine will not curve, but don't sleep on the floor lah, too hard... Keke...

    Usually bundled together with the cots, are the FOAM mattresses. If you don't plan to let your child sleep for a long time, then the foam should be ok bah. The foam mattress will flatten out after some time(i heard from the sales person).

    The IN mattress now is the latex mattress because it can hold the baby and is not too soft. It is also breathable so it is cooling for baby to sleep in. Then now they make those latex mattress with holes so that should the baby acidentally flip face down, they would still be able to breathe. Not sure how true it is but as mummies, better to ensure that ur babies will not turn face down at all times. Better to be safe than sorry mah...

    Coconut husk mattress is the mattress that is hard and is very cooling, but not the most expensive. The mattress is a combination, 1 side is latex, and the other side is coconut husk. SO that when he is younger, we use the coconut husk which is harder, as he gets older, we change to the latex so that it is more comfortable.

    The most expensive is the pocketed spring mattresses. Expensive because well, pocketed spring mah... See Simmons, expensive also right. It is hard but comfortable.

  10. fynnie

    fynnie Member

    creamdonut, i still dunno which model to get...

    intend to get something that can be use till baby grow older... now still clueless...

    twink, sept hv baby fair? where? wah... baby fair like pc show.. one year have four times ah... haha!

  11. pinkliciouz

    pinkliciouz Member

    Creamdonut: Usually it is 100% latex, or 100% coconut husk, but I managed to get mine as a combination. I think the mattress costs me about $299 or $399 already... Can't remember exact price... But we did the calculation. If we are gonna use it long term, then it is worth the buy. Some people will only let their babies sleep in cots for less than a year, then they don't think it's worth the investment lah...

  12. twbaby

    twbaby Member

    pinkliciouz: the combination mattress is it only available in baby kingdom? i am thinking of gg to baby kingdom to window shop to see product and price. see if want to wait for sales then get those big budget items.

    fynnie: i also duno where is the sept baby fair hee.. i hear frm my frens and colleauges. maybe it is at takashimaya.

    creamdonut: where is this july baby fair?? i wanna go check it out..

  13. twbaby

    twbaby Member

    Hi creamdonut thanks! hope this fair will be a big one so can see more things. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  14. fynnie

    fynnie Member

    i dont like to go expo lei... so far... i stAy in west... haha! but if my hubby go with me,vthen might consider... hmmm.. if sept also hv bb fair, then i wld buy in sept lo....

  15. happylife4e

    happylife4e New Member


    I have good condition baby cot, playpen, rocker to let go.

    Email me at Livianwan@yahoo.com for pictures.

  16. twbaby

    twbaby Member

    went expo yday but nothing much at babyfair. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] gotta wait for another fair in sep liao.

  17. mommaj

    mommaj New Member

    Re: Cots - you could also consider Ikea's cots as it is listed as one of the best cots (Leksvik and Gulliver models). It doesn't have a drop side which makes it safer.

    Plus, it's also convertible to a toddlers bed.

  18. zanissa

    zanissa Member

  19. suling23

    suling23 Member

    I personally think baby cot is a better choice over playpen. Playpen is abit low and whenever you want to carry your baby, u need to bend over. This will strain your back esp during your confinement mth. I had backache for a couple of years.

    JW 24hrs NTUC got promotion on baby cot. A few months ago, I bought a babycot at $399 which comes with mattress, full bumper and a free stroller. I went a few weeks ago and the promotion is still going on.

  20. antzc

    antzc New Member

    Hi Pinkliciouz,

    Can you give me the address of Palmax?

    Btw, the cot you bgt at baby kingdom oso a Palmax brand?

  21. winphua

    winphua Member

    I'm also in a dilemma on choosing playpen or cot.

    Pinklicious I also want the address of palmax. I tried contacting them but no response yet. The address also not stated in their website.

    Do you know if the cot is using hardwood?

  22. winphua

    winphua Member

    Hi all

    Palmax replied me already. this is their response:-

    Please let me know which cot you are interested so we can get them ready for your viewing.

    As we are out of office most of the time, it is better for you to schedule a date and time to come to our office. Preferred viewing time is as follow:

    Mon to Fri - 9am to 10.30am or 4pm to 5pm

    Sat - 9am to 11am.

    We are close on Sundays and Public Holidays.

    Shears Pte Ltd

    49 Jln Pemimpin

    #06-11 APS Building

    Singapore 577203

    Tel: +65 6354 4998

    Think its in Bishan

  23. pinkliciouz

    pinkliciouz Member

    Palmax is in between Bishan and Thomson... You have to take MRT to Bishan, and take a bus but gotta walk quite far cos it is in industrial estate. I don't know what bus can go there, you can check in SBS website ah...

    My cot is not Palmax brand...

  24. memories03

    memories03 New Member

    Hi all,

    I just bought a Rocio 4 in baby cot fr taka baby fair at $499. It can be changed fr baby cot to playpen, sofa bed n oso junior bed. It come with free 12pcs bedding set, fibreluz mattress (coconut husk) ,musical mobile and diaper change organiser. . The bed is using pine wood.. I not sure if it worth it?? any comment ? thanks

  25. jj_ttc

    jj_ttc Active Member

    Baby cot -

    Pro: safe place for bb to sleep in

    Con: takes up lots of space & can only use till certain age (esp if you bought those that can't switch to toddler bed)

    Playpen -

    Pro: easy to keep when not in use. Space saving!

    Con: can only be used till like 4mths cos bb getting heavier, (i feel) that can only take the bb weight till a certain KG regardless of what the manual says.

    Cons for both, bending down to change diaper or tend to the baby will make the back ACHE !!

    ultimately most people I know put the mattress (single or queen) directly on the floor. Kids grow too fast ... HDB flat so small ... no choice

  26. mulberryap

    mulberryap Member

    I agree with JJ. Ended up, I kept my cot and playpen and let baby sleep on those foldable seahorse mattress on the floor. LOL

  27. blurbong

    blurbong New Member

    jj, but put baby on floor change diaper have to bend too?

  28. horizonswift

    horizonswift New Member

    Would like to sell this blue playard with bassinet at $100 (neg) Retail price - $119. Brand new unopened packaging. Collection at Punggol, sengkang, pasir ris, hougang mrt.

    Reason for selling, baby's 1 yr old gift. Have another playard.

    Huili.sun@gmail.com/96956090 for picture

  29. fashionbabes

    fashionbabes New Member

    Heard from my mummy friends that playpen is more worth it as can use till ur baby is 2yrs old? That's becos when u dun need the net can remove it and let ur bb play in the pen. I personally prefer playpen cos i find it easy to keep. :D

  30. joycelinsg

    joycelinsg New Member

    Yes, playpen can use longer. I actually don't like my kid sleep in sarong but MIL puts him inside every afternoon nap, said he sleeps well cos cool & snuggly.

  31. cherry_tree

    cherry_tree New Member

    Cot is more comfortable to sleep, but more expensive than play pen, and need more space than play pen.

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