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How to remove stretchmark? Which product is better?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by snowbelle, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. mummykoo

    mummykoo Member

  2. mumzz

    mumzz New Member

    Hi all,

    I have a brand new tube of Galenic Elancyl Stretch Mark Preventive and Reducing Cream (150ml, still in box) to let go cheaply at $35 only.

    If I do not remember wrongly, Watsons/Guardian is selling at SGD47.

    PM me or email to red_ultraman@yahoo.com.sg if interested!
  3. jasjo

    jasjo Member


    If anyone is selling Elancyl Stretch Mark Prevention Cream, and Elancyl Stretch Mark Reducing Concentrate.

    email me at jass15@msn.com
    as im looking for the best deal [​IMG]
  4. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    i used elastin which is not bad and physiogel which suited me well, zero stretch mark in my 1st pregnancy.
  5. coco69

    coco69 Member

    Hi. Sorry to interrupt.
    I have 2 spare bottles of Clarins Oil to let go. They are brand new, and unused. I bought too many, cannot finish.

    My price: $58/bottle (30% discount!)
    Retail price:$82/ bottle

    Do pm me if you are interested. Or email to jphua69@gmail.com.
    Can meet up at Bishan or Raffles Place. Other options can be discussed. While stocks last!
  6. sherlc

    sherlc New Member

    the elancyl brand does not seem to work that well for me. it is a prevention cream so you have to start applying the cream to stretchmark prone areas very early in your pregnancy e.g. latest at the beginning of 2nd trimester onwards..
  7. kosh

    kosh Member

    I think stretch marks are hereditary. The cream/oil will only fade but not completely remove them. Anyone tried surgical methods and worked? Care to share?
  8. meiyabelle

    meiyabelle Member

    Got mustela double action stretch mark cream - 1 unopened n 1 opened used once for sale. Can't stand the smell now strangely after they change fragrance due to 2nd pregnancy.

    Bought at trade shows, more discount off retail price! Pls PM or email me at meiyabelle@yahoo.com.sg
  9. september

    september Active Member

  10. kathleenlim

    kathleenlim New Member

    Jojoba oil is also something that you should be able to find in a good firming lotion as it is found out to deeply moisturize the skin, effectively erasing stretch marks and wrinkles.

    Click here for more information.
  11. katherine

    katherine New Member


    I have a bottle of Elancyl anti-stretch mark cream for sale. Only used it for less than 5 times but I'm allergic to it so have to switch brand. It's the 400ml packaging, pump bottle. Selling for $40. Please PM me if interested.

  12. hmum89

    hmum89 New Member

    Quoted frm Haelwee :
    "try floxia restructuring cream, available at certain clinics only.. not bad, and somemore it's recommended from word of mouth.. but quite ex around SGD50"[/quote]

    Hi mummies,

    Just want to share that Floxia Paris has quite good anti-stretchmark cream. I have tried using other brands but still ended with a lot of stretchmark esp thighs :( . Recently my hubby bought me Floxia Paris restructuring cream, the stretchmarks lighten quite a lot. It is quite ex, usual retail price is $56 nowadays. But if buy in bulk, can get discount and buy @49.90. So if anyone interested to share, let me know cos i am intending to get a few more :)
  13. zimummy

    zimummy New Member

    I use pure Vit E oil, a lot of diff brands in the market for pure Vit E oil. Vit E oil is supposed to lighten marks. I guess not putting too much weight in a short period of time also helps. After my 1st preg, I also religiously use body scrubs to lighten the marks on my body.
  14. Zoeyzzz

    Zoeyzzz Member

    Try lasering
  15. Khrisna Murthi

    Khrisna Murthi New Member

    I used dermelastic serum every day when I was pregnant. I have 2 kids and used it both times. dermelastic serum works wonders because even after 2 pregnancies, I have absolutely NO stretch marks! I am a firm believer in dermelastic and highly recommend this to ANY mom-to-be!
  16. Jean Harbrige

    Jean Harbrige New Member

    Dermalmd Stretch Mark Cream is the only cosmetic/beauty product that I continuously buy. I've been using Dermalmd Stretch Mark Cream for at least 10 years now and I continue to do so. It leaves my skin feeling great, it helped so much with my stretch marks and scars, you don't see results over-night but certainly as time goes on, it makes a huge difference. You can barely notice my stretch marks now, some of them I feel have vanished completely.
  17. I am very doubtful because I have no stretch marks after 2 pregnancy and I didn't use any products. There is no miracle cream
  18. eliomummy

    eliomummy Member

    Hi mummies
    Can, recommend jeunesse products.. Reserve and Serum

    PM ME or WA me at 98411122
  19. chloechan

    chloechan Member

    hi all, there is hope!! I am using Home Galvanic Treatment for stretch marks and loose skin on tummy. body spa stretch mark.jpg

    This is the result after use. It is effective and simple to use. 5 mins each time. Fast and easy for mummies. Pm if u need more info on how it works. =)

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