Help! Enrichment for 9 month old

Discussion in 'Year 2007 Mums' started by nurain, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. nurain

    nurain New Member

    Hi there! I am new here. Wanna ask for advice for any enrichment programmes for my 9 month girl. GUG? Gymboree? Kindermusik? I'm confused...
  2. limc29

    limc29 Member

    Go for trial classes and see your gal's interest.
    Each baby have their own preference!
  3. enyasmum

    enyasmum Member

    my baby is 8mths old~~i went for a trial class at kindermusik last sun..think she dun like the class...too young to concentrate la~~think have to wait til they r older..
  4. micaqua

    micaqua New Member

    i sent my gal to baby jumper gym at 7mth. she enjoys
  5. zanybear

    zanybear New Member


    Can try either Little Neuro Tree or Shichida also. The 2 programme are both brain development programme but Little Neuro Tree is done in 3 languages, shorter class duration (45mins) & cheaper term fees ($600 vs $800+ a term).

    My girl was previously with shichida before I switch over to Little Neuro Tree. Do check it out!
  6. piggydamien

    piggydamien New Member

    hi cindy,

    May I know where is kindermusik located? My son is coming to 10months and he likes music, so thought of trying out for him?

    Thanks inadvance
  7. zanybear

    zanybear New Member

  8. piggydamien

    piggydamien New Member

    thanks zanybear
  9. ashril

    ashril New Member

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  10. ngohleekee

    ngohleekee New Member

    where do you stay Ashril?

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