Good things about being Pregnant

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by thesavvymummy, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. thesavvymummy

    thesavvymummy New Member

    Hi, in a very sentimental mood today, so I jotted down all the good things about being pregnant (instead of always complaining about this and that). Feel free to add on to my list!

    1. Baby kicking inside my tummy (a most wonderful sensation!)

    2. Ultrasound scans (watching my little mite grow month by month)

    3. People giving up seats to you on the subway (most of the time)

    4. Great excuse to eat sweet stuff (“I have the cravings”)

    5. No need to do housework! (The Hubby is in charge)

    6. Great excuse to get Hubby to do things for me (Darling, give me a massage, please?)

    7. Learning about my Pregnancy for the first time and announcing it to the whole world =)

    8. Getting loving attention from family, friends and colleagues (“Do you want me to carry your laptop for you?”)

    9. Keeping a pregnancy journal

    10. Dreaming about my baby

    11. Suddenly having lots to talk about with friends who have babies

    12. Buying cute little baby stuff


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  2. verluv

    verluv Guest

    13. Great excuse to go on shopping spree!

  3. pfy

    pfy New Member

    14. you are always right..(hubby will give in to you)

  4. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    can anyhow throw tempers and all will forgive u.

  5. xenophilia

    xenophilia New Member

    Blame it on the hormones [IMG=]

  6. bunnz

    bunnz Active Member

    Can watch tummy grow bigger and feeling happy [IMG=]

    Can eat without feeling guilty

  7. stephy_mum2be

    stephy_mum2be New Member

    Enhance relationship with hubby..and hubby appreciates u even more..even ur mother in law!!

  8. sherlc

    sherlc New Member

    what a nice thread!! :D

  9. zanissa

    zanissa Member

    and a fuller figure [IMG=][IMG=][IMG=]

  10. september

    september Active Member

    the special bonding / feeling between you and your baby, which no other can feel or understand. The men don't get it!

  11. poppyqueen

    poppyqueen Member

    Swollen face, swollen feet and swollen boobs? (Ops! the first 2 don't count as good. haha!)

    The best part i like about preggy is the feel of my baby moving inside me. It's such a wonderful feeling to feel the response to your touch on the tummy, or you talking to them or the feel of stretching arms and legs on both the right and left side of the tummy simulateneously. [IMG=]

  12. evayang82

    evayang82 Member

    this is a nice thread... revive it

    like diana post

    add on:

    - have someone 24-7 whom you can talk to , it feels so good to have a listening ear

  13. joycelinsg

    joycelinsg New Member

    Ya, full of hope & anticipation, MIL so nice & accommodating!

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