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Enopi Maths

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by sgangel, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. sgangel

    sgangel New Member

  2. maggielhg

    maggielhg New Member

    Hi, sg.angel

    My son is currently taking up Enopi maths. Let me know if you require any specific feedback
  3. sgangel

    sgangel New Member

    Hi Mlhg,

    I would like to know how the lesson is conducted? Does the teacher explain the concept to you or just give the assignment for them to do?

    My girl has attended the MPM but I found it's not really good. The kids just attend the lesson and was given the assignmnent to do. Only when they encounter problem, then the teacher will explain to them. If not, the kid just complete the assignment and the teacher will mark the paper. Also, the assignment is not given back to the student. Thus, I don't know what they have learn and unable to follow up to guide her further.

    How about Enopi Math? Apprepiate if you could briefly explain the lesson structure to me. Also, which branch is your son attending?

    Really apprepiate your help. Thanks.
  4. maggielhg

    maggielhg New Member

    Hi, sg.angel

    I think the concept of Enopi is pretty similar to MPM but if I understood correctly, the curriculum is slightly different. Enopi method is adopted from Korea.

    The child is given coloured assignment booklets in class and they are supposed to do it themselves. They will have to approach the teacher if they are not sure how to solve the problem.

    Right at the beginning, the child will be given a diagnostics test to see what level they are in and they will be given assignment booklets based on their standard. In other words, even a K1 or K2 child can be doing a P1/P2 equivalent standard worksheet if the teacher feels that they are already at that level. This is similar to Kumon Math, if you are familiar with it.

    For Enopi Math, they do both basic math and critical thinking math. During the lesson, they will also be given other materials such as counting blocks to help them in their assignments. When the child finishes the booklets, the teacher will mark them and correct them if they didn't do it correctly. We get to have all the booklets back once a term is finished (about 3 months).

    My son is attending the one at The Frontier CC. Each session lasts about 45 mins and there are 2 teachers in each session. I will usually ask the teacher for feedback to see how my son is doing at the end of each term and the teacher will let me know whether he is behind standard or in advance based on his age and which subject he needs to improve, either basic math or critical thinking.

    Hope this helps. Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.
  5. sgangel

    sgangel New Member

    Thanks Mlhg for the detailed information.

    Sound like it's the same as MPM except you get to have all booklets back. MPM do not let us have any of the booklets back.

    I'm now choosing either Enopi or Sakamoto Maths. Do you have any idea on Sakamoto?
  6. jesschan

    jesschan New Member

    Hi mlhg

    How old is your kid? My boy is K1 next year and I am also comtemplating to put him in Enopi. What are the course fees per term? Are their teaching methods in line with local primary schools?
  7. maggielhg

    maggielhg New Member

    Hi, sg.angel

    No problem at all. I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with Sakamoto method.
  8. maggielhg

    maggielhg New Member

    Hi, Jess

    My son is in K2. He started Enopi math in Jan 07.

    The course fees are $130 per term of 10 sessions. There is also a separate material fee of S$85 per term. The material fees are the coloured assignment booklets that the children worked on.

    As far as I understand, they do not follow exactly the MOE curriculum. This is not tuition-based and the teacher does not teach the whole class during a session. A class may consists of K1, K2 and even lower primary students. These students will do their own worksheets and will approach the teacher if they have questions. The workbooks will be marked and corrected by the teacher and return to the students.

    Before you enrol the child, the child will be given a diagnostics test to determine his/her 'level'. The teacher will then give the appropriate workbook according to the child's ability. During the enrolment, you may also ask the teacher regarding the curriculum and also the difference between their method and the rest such as Kumon, MPM or Sakamoto. From there, you can then make comparisons and decide which method best suits your child.

    Hope this helps. Please feel free to let me know if you have other questions. Cheers.
  9. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member


    any homework to be done over the week?
    daily homework?
  10. maggielhg

    maggielhg New Member

    Hi, hippo2002

    My son only need to bring back the booklets to complete at home and bring them back the following week for the teacher to mark if he is not able to finish them during the same session. Otherwise, he was not given any other homework.
  11. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member


    thanks for the info. Glad to hear no homework

    I just withdrawn my girl from kumon. daily homework. didn't want to jump into another pot of boiling water [​IMG]
  12. maggielhg

    maggielhg New Member

    Hi, hippo2002

    No problem, at least my son don't have much homework aside from the ones he didn't finish in class.

    I have friends who have also withdrawn their children from Kumon math as they find that Kumon math is 'boring' for the kids. I understand that besides daily homework, the kids have to repeat the worksheets until they 'perfected' it. I was also told that Kumon only has basic math, not critical thinking. Is that correct?

    As for Enopi math, they have both basic math and critical thinking, so that makes it a little more interesting. Also the assignment booklets are quite lively with colour and cartoon pics so my son quite like it. The downside is that these workbooks are quite costly, and you need to pay it separately from the course fees.

    Just one feedback I heard from other parents with lower primary kids - I was told that the Enopi method used is quite different from the school, and some parents actually pull their kids out because of this. I'm not sure because my son is only in K2 now, plus the fact that he's enjoying his lessons. If you have primary school going kids and have intention to enrol, I suggest you check this up and clarify with the teacher. You do not want to end up 'confusing' the child with different teaching methods [​IMG]
  13. jesschan

    jesschan New Member

    Hi Mlhg

    Thanks for your info. My key concern is that they may use different teaching method from the local primary schools and confuse my kid instead. I have heard similar comments about Kumon Maths and Sakamoto Maths. Even abacus counting can be confusing if the kid is not clear about the concepts thought in school.
  14. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member


    Do you know which maths enrichment centers used the same teaching method as local primary school? safe to rely on assessment as a guide?
  15. sgangel

    sgangel New Member

    Hi hippo2002 & others,

    Actually, my girl is with Just Education now. Initially, I thought that Enopi or Sakamoto is better in terms of teaching concepts. But after hearing from Mlhg & others mummies (from Sakamoto thread), I will stick her to Just Education for the time being. They claim that their syllabus are following the MOE standard.
  16. zhen49

    zhen49 Active Member


    off topic a bit, but how is Just Education's standard? why do you want to change?

    thanks. I am looking at Just Education as one of the alternative for math enrichment.
  17. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member


    any website for Just Education's?
  18. zhen49

    zhen49 Active Member



    caroline3sg did mention in the 2002 thread that it is good for starters although the materials are not very advanced.

    would appreciate sg.angel's experiences too.
  19. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Just Education follows MOE syllabus. I would say they are tuition centre but teach topics in advance of sch. One weakness is their class size is relatively big at 18. There is difference between tuition & enrichment which the latter encompasses higher level thinking questions.

    When choosing a centre, you have to compare their materials with sch's standard and your child's ability. That's why up till now I still cannot find one centre that matches except on special request to Mr Tan of Simplysmart.
  20. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Since P1, I have been using assessement books to teach. There are several levels of difficulty, I believe you know. Choose the one that matches your child's sch standard & ability. Then move on to next level of difficulty. So at least 2 books.
  21. sgangel

    sgangel New Member

    As mentioned by caroline3sg, Just Education is a tuition centre not enrichment centre. That is why that I don't really like. They teach topics in advance of sch and their assignments are similar to those found in assessment books. As for class size, my girl's K2 class has only 5 students. But I saw other upper level classes, it's indeed more than 10.

    So how har, any other Maths Enrichment centre to recommend?
  22. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    I would like to know which centre / where is good for upper primary creative writing (ie compo). Haven't found any coz all cater to all aspects of Eng and compo the most is twice a month which I want strictly every wk compo.
  23. sgangel

    sgangel New Member

  24. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    LogicMills & Numberlinks are too far. I don't think LogicMills is similar to MindChamps coz the latter does not teach Maths. It is teaching study techniques.

    As for Formation Centre, also far. In addition, it is expensive. I have seen the materials, I find not enough practise on Section C.

    Since your child is only K2, why don't you pick up some assessment books and teach yourself? How about MPM? It caters to K1/K2 children but the style of teaching, I don't like. The teacher just give out booklets and the children do. The teacher go round and see which children don't know how to do. If don't know, the teacher explain to that child only. Different child may do different booklet coz different understanding level & speed.
  25. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    You can try kip mcgrath. (http://www.kipmcgrath.com.sg). They have many locations.

    I don't know their prices, quality and how advanced they are.
  26. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

  27. jovin

    jovin New Member

    Re: creative writing
    My write place at Jurong East central 4th floor above Kinderland CC(3rd floor) - weekly compo only. Have registered my son (KI only) for next year preparation into writing skills. Not sure whether suitble for upper primary.
  28. sgangel

    sgangel New Member

    Hi Caroline3sg,

    I agreed with you regarding MPM. That's why, I withdrawl my girl after attending few terms. Seems like Enopi is the same too.
  29. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    I know about The Write Place. They have long waiting list for upper primary.

    My son (K1) does not know how to read. So didn't register for writing yet.
  30. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    There is F&C (Fun & Challenging) at Yew Tee, just above McDonald's. The teacher Mr Foo teaching Maths (according to profile, seems not bad). I have not tried. However, the centre is very small and next to food court. Not very appealing.
  31. jovin

    jovin New Member


    Do u know about this FAN-Math assessement books? is it too difficult for primary student? Thank you.
  32. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Usually I go for Challenging Maths (no choice coz sch very high standard) & Dignostic Maths. The latter is basic, for introduction & drilling. There are many challenging maths assessment books. I would flip inside and compare with sch standard.

    Other Maths titles I seldom take a look, seems in between.

    Since your son is pre-schooler, FAN Maths may be okay.
  33. hopeac

    hopeac New Member

  34. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member


    do we have to go through the programme? can just buy their assessment books?
  35. hopeac

    hopeac New Member

    I am not sure what you mean by the programme. Basically, for I-Maths, it is meant for pre-schooler. There are 6 levels. One box is 1 level, each level got 3 workbooks. In the box, it comes with manupilatives to do together with the workbooks. It is not really an assessment book. You can just buy the books, but not much point without the manupilatives. Becos in the workbooks, if they teach spatial concepts/awareness, they will have a plastic board with rubber bands. Or when they teach 3D modeling, they will have cubes etc. They teach by concrete examples. They cover maths beyond just numbers.

    One point to note, this is something you teach at home to your kid. It is like teaching MPM to your kid at home.

    For rightstart Maths, it uses some abacus to teach maths. It is similar in to I-Maths in the sense, they use manupilatives to teach maths.

    I only intend to use both up to end of K2. Both are not your usual assessment books that you buy from popular etc.
  36. dll

    dll Member

    hi hopeac,
    The I-Maths programme seems interesting. Where did you buy the kits from? Will the saleperson explain how to incorporate teaching with the manipulatives? How much is each level? Thanks.
  37. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member


    I noticed some bookshops selling Just Education assessment books. Are those the same ones used in class too?
  38. sgangel

    sgangel New Member

    hi Hippo2002,

    The syllabus is similar but the worksheets used in the class is different, not from the assessment books.
  39. tan_ange

    tan_ange New Member

    Hi Mommies,

    I am keen to send my child who will be in K1 next year to Math enrichment class. Any recommendation? As I would want to find those which is creative and enjoying in teaching method. Don't want to stress him in so young age also. Hope that you mummies can share more about this.

  40. fash

    fash New Member

    hi yes me too looking for a maths course for my son , K1 this year .. I have read the above posting from mummies and realised that MPM doesnt get good feedback... so am really looking for those as what angeline said " those which is creative and enjoying in teaching method. " [​IMG] hope to hear your valuable comments .
  41. lovekids

    lovekids New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I've just happened to read this thread and know that you mummies are looking for Math enrichment for your children. I'm an ex-early childhood educator with 2 boys, aged 2+ and 4+. I agree with you, esp Angeline and Fash, that learning for young children should be 'creative and enjoying'. I believe that children learn best when they ENJOY WHAT THEY ARE LEARNING.

    I will be starting a home-based math programme for preschoolers from next year. Concepts will be introduced using hands-on activities, stories, rhymes and games. Children will also be expressing their ideas through writings or drawings (of journals).

    If you are interested to find out more, you can PM me and I'll send you the details.
  42. mummy_tang

    mummy_tang Member

  43. lovekids

    lovekids New Member

    Hi Mummy tang,

    I'm sorry that PM doesn't go through earlier. Anyway, I've sent the details to you, please let me know if you have further queries about the programme. Thank you.
  44. handydog

    handydog New Member


    Any mummies know where to get Right Start Maths in Spore? Thanks!
  45. handydog

    handydog New Member

    any advice?
  46. jajnj

    jajnj Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Has anyone been to Numberlinks or CMA (abacus)
    or Mavis Tutorial Centre? Pls share some feedback.

    Thnks in advance.
  47. anyone has lobang to buy mpm workbooks
  48. sweetbaby

    sweetbaby New Member


    where can I buy RightStart math and I Math? Thx
  49. agnes_lau

    agnes_lau New Member

    Hi LoveKids,

    Your account doesnt accept PM. Can I have details of your home based program for preschool?
    I'm staying @ Hougang.
  50. sg_cat

    sg_cat New Member

    Hi ...was just going through the discussion on enrichment centre for Math lessons. Has any one tried Spark Learning centre - which is offering computer based curriculum. My colleague's son goes there once a week... believe he really enjoys...since it is all based on multimedia lessons...no homework ...he is having fun but at the same time learning ...they have two centres one at Clarke Quay and the other at City Square Mall...what i hear from my colleague is - it is stress free learning ...They also offer free trial session now ...try it out !! Not sure upto what level they cater to ...check it out ...
  51. ethel

    ethel Active Member

  52. bebemom

    bebemom New Member

  53. latio

    latio New Member


    Anybody tried Maths Solution for pre-schooler at Heartland Mall? Any comment? Thanks.
  54. loochermaine

    loochermaine New Member

    quite good.
  55. ethel

    ethel Active Member

    u do not accept pm
    pls pm me.
    i am keen to try
  56. babak

    babak Member

    hi mommies, i need your advise, am totally lost as to when is the right age and where to send my child who is 3yrs old now for maths class/ i stay in punggol, so likely looking for maths class in this estate. please give me few suggestions, feedback and its course fees, syllabus like.
  57. fisherprice

    fisherprice Member

    Hi lovekid
    Pse pm me the details.my kiddo in K1.thanks
  58. lovemygirl

    lovemygirl New Member

    Hi love kid, pls email me with more info. slwe@hotmail.com. My girl in k1now. This.
  59. yoji

    yoji Active Member

    hI LOVEkid, can you please PM me more information. My girl is in k1 too. Thanks
  60. glt1

    glt1 Member

    Hi LOvekid,

    Can u pm me the details like your location, fees, etc? Thanks. My son is 4 yrs old now...

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