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Dr L C Foong from Gleneagles

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by fond1711, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. fond1711

    fond1711 New Member


    Any comments to share on Dr L C Foong from Gleneagles? Understand that he is a specialist on infertility just wanna check for any success cases done by him and also how's his charges like.
  2. picnic03

    picnic03 New Member

    Hi I am a success case. [​IMG] Had PCOS and managed to conceive under Dr Foong. I am 34 weeks into my pregnancy now. His charges are a little high but it is worthwhile as he is very professional and caring. He detected my problem at the 1st consultation and I successfully conceived 2 mths into seeing him. I am still seeing him as he will be delivering my baby.. [​IMG]
  3. sugarbun14

    sugarbun14 New Member

    Hi Picnic,

    Do we have to choose a particular cycle day to visit Dr. foong? What test did he performed on u for ur first visit?
  4. picnic03

    picnic03 New Member

    Hi Sugarbun,

    I dun think so. Unless u want to pick sometime before or after your ovulation. Cos he usually will ask u a lot of questions for the 1st consultation abt your period and stuff like dat. For me.... he asked me to do the insulin intolerance test (to confirm my PCOS condition) and also I also did a HSG (to test if my tubes are blocked). Cos before I saw him, I had done a blood test and my Hubby SA tests. So it helped with his diagnosis.
  5. sugarbun14

    sugarbun14 New Member

    Hi Picnic
    How did the HSG test tell whether the tube are blocked or not? Does blood test tell anything?
  6. picnic03

    picnic03 New Member

    The radiologist will insert a dye into the uterus and take an X-ray of the dye. From the X-ray.. can see whether the tubes r blocked or not. The blood test measures different things... such as your hormones, etc. Depends what you want to test.
  7. sugarbun14

    sugarbun14 New Member

    Hi Picnic,
    Thanks for ur reply. What is the procedure that you have done? IUI or other?
    How much you hav paid for it?
  8. fond1711

    fond1711 New Member

    Hi Picnic

    Thks for your comment hope to hear more success stories before i make my decision to see him. Anyway this HSG test that you go through is it pain? Do Dr Foong spend time to explain your condition to you? Heard some doctor do not bother to explain.
  9. picnic03

    picnic03 New Member


    Sugarbun: I did SO IUI (Super Ovulation) as I had difficulty ovulating. Hmmm.... my charges were around $2K (including the IUI procedure, scans and hormones injections).

    fond: Not really.. the HSG test was not painful.... just uncomfortable oni. Of course... he spent lots of time explaining my condition to me. That's why I spent like an hr with him for the 1st consultation. He is very detailed and professional. In fact, my cousins who were also his patients all successfully conceived with him.
  10. ixwong

    ixwong New Member


    I'm also a successful case with Dr LC Foong. He did my IUI (cost abt $450). I'm now 23 weeks pregnant. As his charges are high, have since switched to another doctor for the pregnancy, but must say Dr Foong is pretty good. Nice doctor!
  11. sugarbun14

    sugarbun14 New Member

    Hi picnic & ixwong,

    How long hav ur been ttc before ur decide to go for IUI? So In the first consultation, Dr. Foong will let us know whether we need to go thru the procedure? How many time we need to visit him before the procedure start?
  12. picnic03

    picnic03 New Member

    Sugarbun: I was ttc for around 9 mths.. cos I am not getting younger... thot we tried for 6 mths and if no results.. better see a good gynae and I suspect there is something wrong me as my period is irregular and comes every 32-35 days. I guess it depends on your condition before he decides to let you go through the procedure. For me.. I saw him.. around 3 times before the day of the procedure.
  13. sugarbun14

    sugarbun14 New Member

    Hi Picnic,

    Don't mind may I know how old r u when u r doing SO-IUI. Do u success for the first time? R u still wth him currently?

    I hav make an appointment wth Dr. Foong this coming wed. Hope everything go well for me.
  14. ixwong

    ixwong New Member


    I have a similar problem as Picnic. My menses was also irrregular. Was put on Clomid first but took 3 months to find the right dosage. After that, another 2 months before we decided to go for IUI. Our target with Dr Foong then was for me to get pregnant before end of 2004 - which was right on target. Got pregnant in Nov 04.
  15. picnic03

    picnic03 New Member

    Hi sugarbun,

    Didn't see your message till today. Hope the apptm for you went well. I was 31. I started to see him in late July 04, was put on clomid and metfomin.. for the 1st try, didn't manage to ovulate and thus could not go for the regular IUI. Thus, went on to do SO-IUI whereby I injected myself with the puregon pen for a week or so.. my follicles managed to grow to the ideal size and I went on to do the IUI and the treatment worked ! I succeeded on the 1st try. Yes I am still seeing him. He will be delivering my baby boy.. [​IMG] I just saw him on the day before yesterday (Monday). Good luck and many baby dusts to you.. [​IMG]

    How old are you now?
  16. sugarbun14

    sugarbun14 New Member

    Hi Picnic & ixwong,

    Thanks for telling me your experience wth Dr. Foong. I met him today n his is a cheerful person. He give me the confidence that I need.

    I am going to be 29 soon. Actually I hav done the blood test, and my hubby hav done the SA test wth my previous gynae.According to her everything look perfect for both me & my hubby. However we hav tried for a few months but still no news, that's y I decide to consult Dr. Foong to c whether we will advise me to do IUI or not.

    He told me this morning, we want me to try again for this month while we will monitor closely for me. Today I do the ultrascan and there is 2 folicles (1 small & 1 big) and 1 small one on the right. I will go back to the scan again on Sat to check for the folicles size.

    The first Consultation fee for him is $120-150, may I know how much is the subsequent one?
    Picnic, you hav been seeing him till now, how many months are u in now? Btw, thanks for the baby dust. I hope to hav good news soon [​IMG]
  17. fond1711

    fond1711 New Member

    Hi sugarbun

    For the consultation fee $120-$150 is it inclusive of the scan? Like that quite expensive leh. Pls update me once you know more on his charges, thks a lot.
  18. picnic03

    picnic03 New Member

    Hi sugarbun,

    I paid more than that for my first consultation as I had to do more tests such as the glucose intolerance test, HSG and medication. First consultation is usually much higher as he has to spend more time to understand your condition. Subsequent ones... $60 for consultation and $60 for scan.. unless there is medication... Around $120 plus GST should be the expected fees. I know his charges are on the higher side but then if he can help you to conceive, it is quite worthwhile... that's why I decided to stick with him. He is really a caring and professional doctor.

    I am coming to 36 weeks. Yup... almost there.. [​IMG]
  19. sugarbun14

    sugarbun14 New Member

    Hi fond,
    No, it does not include scan. My scan cost $60.

    Like what picnic has mentioned, the subsequent consultation fee is $60, think abt the same as other gynae, I pay ard $120 to other gynae also.

    Again like what picnic has mentioned, if I can conceive wth his help, I dun mind to pay for the price, anyway it's just the first consultation that is expensive.

    Hi Picnic,
    Wah, u r now 36 weeks, Congrats ya! You got to see ur baby soon... Is boy or gal?
  20. picnic03

    picnic03 New Member

    Hi sugarbun,

    Thanks.. [​IMG] Yeah... looking fwd to see my baby at last. Sometimes I think back... all the trials and tribulations I went through was worthwhile... [​IMG] It's a boy.. [​IMG]
  21. sugarbun14

    sugarbun14 New Member

    Hi Picnic,

    I hope u r still visiting this thread. I saw fr other thread, Dr. Foong tell u that u hav PCOS on ur visit. May I know how he find abt this? What this insulin intolerance test (u hav mentioned above) for? Sorry to ask r u overweight before u get pregnant? How u know u hav PCOS before u visit Dr. Foong?

    How much is his charges for delivery? Can we choose other hospital besides Glen?
  22. picnic03

    picnic03 New Member

    Hi sugarbun,

    Hi Hi. Oh.. cos he did a vaginal scan and saw pearl-like follicles inside my uterus... think based on that he deduced I had PCOS. I dun think I am overweight but since I got married... I gained a lot of weight.. not sure if this sudden weight gain interfered with the hormones in my body. This insulin intolerance test is to test if your body is resistant to insulin or not. Cos insulin can play a part in the ovulation process.

    Maybe you can refer to this link for more information on PCOS:


    I didn't know I had PCOS until I saw Dr Foong. His charges for delivery..not sure yet.. but his maternity package is $650 or $750 from week 22 onwards. I took the $750 cos I can have 3 growth scans done during week 28, 32 and 36. I think you have a choice to choose the hospital. Think he delivers at Mt Alvernia as well.

    So, how was your last visit??
  23. sugarbun14

    sugarbun14 New Member

    Hi Picnic,

    Thanks for your link. Look like his charges for the maternity package is quite reasonable.
    Which hospital will u choose? I think I will choose MA. hope i can choose very soon [​IMG]
    When is ur EDD?

    My last visit was not vry good. He told me I could be not ovulating well for this month as he couldn't see a big folicle on day 19, he also comment that I am ovulating very late so prescribed a mild dosage of clomid to try for next month. I m really upset when I hear that. And because I m travelling, he couldn't monitor further for me this month. So wat i can do know is to wait for my AF to come next month and C him again on day 12. I am worry wat if the scan on next day 12 is not optimistic? I m not sure y i m not ovulating this month caused I hav vry const cycle all the while, only that last month I m sick, so the cycle is delay to 33 days. but he say this shouldn't be the reason.
  24. picnic03

    picnic03 New Member

    Hi sugarbun,

    Sorrie for the late reply. My baby chose to make his appearence early. He arrived on 7 May 05 at 1403 hrs.. just in time for Mother's Day. Dr Foong was great ! Delivered him swiftly and professionally... [​IMG] I chose Gleneagles... [​IMG]

    For my case... what I know.. doesn't mean you have period... means you are ovulating. For me.. I am not able to ovulate. Dun be despaired. Dr Foong is very reassuring.. [​IMG] Just monitor for this mth.. and see how it goes. No worries... I will pop in to check once in a while. Anything.. just drop a message here for me.. [​IMG] Think positive, k?
  25. sugarbun14

    sugarbun14 New Member

    Hi Picnic,
    really happy for you! Ur baby choose to come out before mother's day to hav himself as a best present for you. [​IMG]

    I guess you are due caused you r not here for a few days, so I strike. Congrats! really happy for you.

    Really feeling vry down when he told me abt that, especially that day I need to travel. I am like at the end of the world like that [​IMG]
    I m those type of KanCheong pple, how to reduce stress? Think I shldn't hav think so much maybe for this 2 months while under Dr. Foong monitor.

    So how much hav u spent for delivery?
    Take care during the month of 'Zhuo Ye'. Your reply and support really mean a lot to me. I appreciate it. Thanks.
  26. picnic03

    picnic03 New Member

    Hi sugarbun,

    I understand how you are feeling. I did not strike at the 1st time after seeing Dr Foong. He needs to diagnose and administer solutions. When I was first on clomid and metfomin, my follicles did not grow. So.. at his advice.. I went on to SO IUI... cos we trusted his diagnosis and I got preggie at the 2nd month. Dun worry.. I am very kancheong person too.... [​IMG] No worries... let Dr Foong do the monitoring and I am sure baby dust will come your way... [​IMG]

    I spent around $2K plus for delivery..... after offset from Medisave. Must say Dr Foong is very professional and caring. He was at my ward at 9 am in the morning on a sunday to check on me... really am grateful for his help.. [​IMG]

    Hang in there... keep me informed on your progress. Any progress... let me know, k?
  27. sugarbun14

    sugarbun14 New Member

    Hi Picnic,
    I will hang in there till my AF come again, so that I can reborn again wth help of clomid. God bless me! [​IMG]

    After that, is another 12 day wait to CD12. So it's quite long way to go. I will definitely Jia you!

    Dr. Foong is so caring ah... Think I didn't make a wrong choice. I will definitely inform u my progress [​IMG] Hope I hav good news to inform u soon.

    Do come in to share wth me ur dear son story, ya! [​IMG]
  28. crazy4baby

    crazy4baby New Member

    Hi all, beside Picnic, any one else have IUI with Dr LC Foong?

    Would like to seek your advise, I had IUI last week. Dr just advise me to lying down for abt 3mins after the process and I was allowed to walk and sitting for further discussion. Is yours the same?

    Subsequent did u advise to bedrest? Mine just to have rest thats all and I can go back to work on the next day. But advise not to exer n shopping, carry heavy things.

    May I know how you take care of urself after IUI? thx for sharing!
  29. junior

    junior Member

    Hi all,

    Need your advice. I just wonder if it is safe to travel after start of the IUI program? I'm planning to go holiday to relax abit. I'm confused.
  30. chensing

    chensing Member

    hi all,

    i'm planning to see dr foong the end of month, anyone currently seeing him for fertility check?
  31. spore_bb

    spore_bb New Member

    chen sing,
    I am seeing Dr Foong. Anything you would like to share or find out from me?

  32. tweetie

    tweetie Member

    Hi Spore_BB,

    I m new to this thread.

    Was lookg out for a gd gynae to solve my problem and happen to come into this thread to find gd reviews for Dr L C Foong.

    Was on the pill for sometime until I went off in July as hv plans to TTC nxt yr. But till now, my period is not here at all. Is this normal?? Any one got such experience.

    For me, its norm to hv v. irregular cycle. Sometimes in stressful mths due to work and study, it doesn;t come for mths. Sometimes, its norm. But hvn been tracking it since was on the pill for yrs.

    Is it advisable to do a fertility check? One of the gynae I go to refuse to do so unless I hv intention to hv bb.

    Any advise? U think Dr Foong have specialty in my case?
  33. chensing

    chensing Member

    hi spore bb,

    are you seeing dr foong for fertility treatment?

    can share your experiences/tests that you've went thru?

    what kind of doc is it? the kan choing type (like to start testing early) or the more laid back kind?

    the more laid back type of gyne usually tells us to try for another 6 months before coming back to do a full check up.

    i've been trying for bb since dec last year but active trying only started in june this year. still no good news...but i don't want to continue "trying" another 6 months before starting to do the check ups in case if there is something wrong with either of us. then end up just waste time...

    i'll be bringing my cd3 blood test result for him to take a look, and hoping to get my husband to do the SA test as well.....
  34. spore_bb

    spore_bb New Member

    Hi Chen Sing,
    I hv emailed u with my detail experience wif Dr Foong. Hope it helps and pls update me after see him.

    I think ur irregular mensus was caused by ur hormone which u may need some treatment like taking medicine or do minor operation to correct it. But its too early to say all these. Mayb u would like to make an appt and let Dr Foong do some checking on you.

    Please feel free to PM me or send me an email if u need Dr Foong's contact number, the nurse there should be able to answer some of ur questions and advise u wat to do next! Good Luck!! [​IMG]
  35. meijia

    meijia New Member

    Hi Spore_BB,

    Can you share your experience with me. My email is carrie-bk.ang@hp.com

    I am unsure who to go to at this moment. I think i want to stop seeing my current gynae. This new gynae will be my third opinion liao.

    I have PCOS, RU and adenomyosis. HB SA not very good also. I am not able to ovulate on my own...kind of sad.

    Hope you can share with me.
  36. chensing

    chensing Member

    hi carrie,

    i'm also waiting to see Dr foong at the end of the month. if you decide to see him, we can exchange notes. [​IMG]
  37. meijia

    meijia New Member

    Hi chen sing,

    I have not decided who to see yet. But i have a few gynae in mind.

    Dr LC Foong
    Dr CT Yeong
    Dr Peter chew

    I can't decide yet. As it is my third opinion liao, i hope to find a good gynae. I dun want to waste any more time.

    Do you have anything to share with me, is Dr Foong your first gynae?
  38. chensing

    chensing Member


    dr foong will also be my 3rd opinion [​IMG]

    1st gyne was too hasty in prescribing clomid without doing any tests. so i never went back nor took the clomid.

    2nd gyne, i haven't decided whether to stop seeing him. he wants to do a full cycle check up, which is good but for the 1st visit he diagnosed me as having PID, i went thru all the medications and therapy as required. I haven't gone back to him to recheck cos he went on holiday. and i'm going to be away for 1 month too. so i might continue with the 2nd gyne when i'm back from holiday.

    since i will be in sg for the week, i'm hoping dr foong can shed more light to what's wrong with me.
  39. meijia

    meijia New Member

    chen sing,

    thanks for sharing.

    Same for me.

    1st gynae: also prescribe me with clomid without doing any test nor scan. And I took twice of clomid without suceed.

    2nd gynae:try another 2 cycle of clomid with only 1 cycle of monitor. Cause the first cycle i din go back. Diagnose me with PCOS, RU and adenomyosis. My egg din grow even with 150mg of clomid. gynae propose SO-IUI or 200mg clomid.

    But he did not do any further test for me like HSG, bloodtest to check hormones.

    So now got to seek 3rd opinion.

    Anyway, yty I have discuss with hb and may we will go to see Dr CT Yeong as his charges are more afforable.
  40. spore_bb

    spore_bb New Member

    Hi Carrie,
    sorry for late reply. I had email u.....

    Hi chen sing,
    hv u seen Dr Foong? May b u can share wif us ur experience wif Dr Foong?
  41. ryue

    ryue New Member

    dear all

    hi. im also Dr LC Foong's patient. i've seen several gynaes before settling on him: Dr Yeoh Swee Choo at Mt E, Dr Chris Chen at Glen E, Dr Fong Yang at Paragon, Dr Yap Lip Kee at Mt E.
    So far, me and my hubby like Dr Foong best, for his professionalism, tactfulness and patience with us. Highly recommended!!!
  42. spore_bb

    spore_bb New Member

    Hi ryue

    May I know if u seeing Dr Foong for wat reason? or just normal gynae? thx
  43. ryue

    ryue New Member

    dear spore_bb

    hi. sorry for the late reply. Dr Foong did IUI for me and we succeeded on our 2nd try. The 1st try we didnt succeed bcos we used frozen sperm as my husband was travelling. anyway, the chance of getting pregnant with frozen sperm is very slim.
    how pregnant are you now? im about 10.5, almost 11 weeks pregnant
  44. ttc_5yrs

    ttc_5yrs Member

    Hi, I'm diagnoise with PCOS by a chinese sin-sen (Ying Chuan) and she referred me to see Dr. Chris Chen. But hubby n me found him too serious and too expensive. We like to seek a second opinion to confirm if I really did have PCOS as Dr. Chris Chen didn't do any test on me but agreed with the sin-sen?!?!. Hubby n me ttc for 5 yrs and hope to be pregnant soon. Had seen 2 other doctors for the past 5 yrs seperately - Dr. CC Kong (KKH) and Dr Catheryn Chan (Mt. A) - but no news and they never said I had PCOS leh...instead they said I'm ok, womb not block, can get pregnant, it's a matter of time....anyway, after hearing so much about this Dr Foong I would like to see him and hope he could help me. Could anyone of you give me his clinic address/contact please? does he see patients on weekend?
  45. spore_bb

    spore_bb New Member

    hi ryue,
    Congrats! so happy that u strike at 2nd attempt! currently i resting and try naturally, at the same time seeing chinese sensay to 'tiao' body lor! I also hope to be like u (pregnant) soon... [​IMG]

    ttc 5yrs,
    Dr Foong at Glen Hosp.
    Pls call tel:64797267 and tell the nurse you want to fix appt to c Dr LC Foong will do and u may ask the nurse to guide u how to get there. Hope to rec good news fr u soon. [​IMG] He sees patients on Sat but close on Sun and public Holidays.
  46. ryue

    ryue New Member

    dear spore_bb
    hihi. how long have you been seeing Dr Foong? did he encourage you to try naturally? i thought he would normally want us to get pregnant ASAP. you seeing chinese sinseh ah? which one you seeing? i was seeing Ying Chuan for 6 months and she was the one who recommended me to Dr LC Foong. At first she recommended me to Dr Fong Yang. I went to see Dr Fong Yang a couple of times, but got put off by his nursing assistants. they have no clue whats going on at all. so i changed to Dr LC Foong afterwhich and we stuck with him since then.

    dear ttc_5yrs,
    hi. you must see Dr LC Foong ASAP. He is a very encouraging and patient doctor, very re-assuring as well. I am sure you can get pregnant very soon. When i went to his clinic 2 weeks back, i saw a pair of IVF twins that he had delivered, just 1 week old - a boy and a girl.. so dont give up hope ya.. i think he is really good.
  47. spore_bb

    spore_bb New Member

    hi ryue,
    I started to c dr Foong since end Apr'05 after misc. U r right, he encouraged me to try naturally. Surprising he is not pushing patients to go thru ivf huh!

    Currently I am seeing a sensay in Mrine Parade. I was seeing JE sensay for abt 10mths...get conceive early Apr but misc after that. I switched sensay cos i worry my body get immuse to her medicine.
  48. chensing

    chensing Member

    hi ryue & spore bb,

    i went to see dr foong already. both husband and i find him very good, detailed and gives very logical clear explanation. very happy! [​IMG]

    ryue: how long did you try naturally before going for IUI? how did the IUI procedure cost you?

    for my case, there might be a possibility that we will need to go through ivf....still waiting for results confirmation. i'm still hoping to try IUI first.
  49. strawberry

    strawberry New Member

    Hi everyone

    I am new to this website. I am seeing LC Foong tmw so thanks for all your comments. At least makes me feel better seeing him cos i want to settle down to one gynae.Been ttc for 4 yrs so getting quite discouraged. didnt help too as i just turn 38 - not good for ttc.
  50. ryue

    ryue New Member

    dear spore_bb
    hi.. im also pretty suprised he asked you to try naturally. he usually wouldnt get his patients to go ivf. i think he would suggest iui first. when we went to see him the first time, that was in July this year, we told him we want to get pregnant by year end. He said he is confident to meet the target and quickly arranged for us to iui on my next cycle.
    i also saw the JE sinseh. She was the one who recommended me to Dr LC Foong cause i couldnt stand Dr Fong Yang's nurses.
    Anyway, good luck to you. I am sure you can conceive very soon. [​IMG] God Bless

    dear chen sing
    im glad you like Dr Foong. Almost everyone who sees him will like him. his personality is amazing. he gives you the feeling that he cares about you, right [​IMG]
    IUI costs S$450, excluding scans. but 450 includes the "washing" of sperm. they would take out your hubby's best sperm and inject it into your uterus. the total experience is painless. you wouldnt feel anything. he wouldnt encourage ivf unless the iui fails.

    dear strawberry
    welcome to this forum. like you, i also changed many gynaes. dont be discouraged. im pretty sure dr LC foong can do miracles. Age is not a problem. just give him a target of when you would to get pregnant by and he will advise you of the odds. Good luck, Strawberry. God Bless.
  51. spore_bb

    spore_bb New Member

    Hi Chen Sing,
    glad dat u n ur hb feel comfortable with Dr Foong, this is very important!!! u r waiting for result? wat are the test Dr Foong did on u? hope to rec good news fr u soon! [​IMG]

    i believe u hv seen Dr Foong? wat did Dr Foong advise u?

    Hi ryue,
    i heard many ppl complained abt FY's nurses... I guess must be very bad experience. Luckily now u r in good hands! [​IMG]

    ya Dr Foong mentioned abt iui and ivf etc. Since I still taking chinese medicine, I will try natural at this time and see how. Thx ryue, I also hope that I can conceive very very soon.... thx for ur concern.

    ryue u must come in more often to share with us ur progress, we need ur encouragement very much!!! thx [​IMG]
  52. ryue

    ryue New Member

    dear spore_bb

    hi.. dont mention [​IMG]
    ya, i tell you Dr Fong Yang's nurses really NO CLUE one..i went for a fallopian tube dye test when I was seeing Dr Fong Yang. It was about 4 months back. Until now, no sight or picture of the test results though my hubby have called the nurses to remind them to send to our house. and we spent 200 bucks on the test.
    and there was once i made appointment at 12pm. i was late for 15 mins cause of bad jam. the nurses put me right at the end of the queue, and i only got to see Dr Fong at 1.30pm. this was how i was punished for being late.
    and when me and hubby did the regular blood test, they mixed up our results and didnt even know what the urine tests are for. when i called to check, they said my blood tests are ready.. but when i went there, mine wasnt ready. only my hubby one is ready.
    this is how his nurses are. [​IMG]

    Dr LC Foong's nurses are much more professional. But Betty's voice is quite loud though. heehee.. she makes it very obvious when men comes in with their bottled sperms..but this is her nature lah. she is a nice lady on the whole.

    i also took chinese medicine together with IUI. i think its ok one. but if its your choice to conceive naturally, im sure Dr Foong will gladly agree. he is very accomodating. but i find natural more "xiong" than IUI. when the day is right, the mood is never right. not sure if you have the same experience. we prefer IUI.. ahahah!!
  53. spore_bb

    spore_bb New Member

    so bad huh FY's nurse! How can they mixed up patients' result n test? thats can be very serious huh!?

    hahaha... Betty speak loud? she is a lovely lady! [​IMG]

    I understand wat u said, we sometimes having this problem too but mayb my body not strong enuff and not ready for it, so iui not successful. Anyway I will work hard this few mths till I see Dr Foong again then decide what to do next step.
  54. ryue

    ryue New Member

    dear spore_bb
    hi, i see you what you mean. i agree with you that body must be strong, esp the womb lah. hmm..can give you some tips. i avoided cold water completely for 6 months, and also all beans products. i recall my chinese sinseh telling me to avoid all beans because they can cause our eggs to be too rich. then the shell will be too thick and the sperm cant penetrate. you can try a beanless diet!! it was a torture though. oh yes, i also avoided caffeine and got my hubby to stop drinking coffee also.
  55. ryue

    ryue New Member

    dear spore_bb
    oh yes, i forgot.. i really hope you can get pregnant soon. im sure you will. cant wait for your good news.. please remember to kep me posted!!i will give you all the mental support!
  56. strawberry

    strawberry New Member

    hi ryue
    thanks for your encouragement and your sharing. it meant a lot esp when you are trying. God bless you too!

    hi spore_bb
    the visit was great. i find him very caring and understanding. he explains things very clearly and didnt seem to rush at all. he also sounded confident - that was impt. he suggest i go for iui this cycle so i'm on to try iui this month.like ryue, i also prefer iui cos the last 4 months i try natural, i didnt get pregnant but got uti instead - i didnt get up and wash immediately so as to let the spearms swim upward. anyway, dr foong also suggests one more iui after that, if still not successful, then go IVF. but keeping my fingers crossed for this month.

    i also had problems with the nurses at fong yang. i called up initially to make appt and asked them should i come on day 2 (most gynae told me to come on day 2). they said no, doc wont see you on day 2, but after i saw fong yang, he told me to come again on day 2. it was frustrating cos i could combine all to see doc.
  57. spore_bb

    spore_bb New Member

    Good morning. thx for ur best wishes. I will definately come in and share wif u and the rest of sisters wen I hv gd news! [​IMG]

    thx so much for sharing on the beanless diet! I am in trouble!!!! I think I am 'nut', I keep eating a lot of almond, walnuts etc tot that we need plenty of protein!!! so sad!! [​IMG]

    ya i stopped cold water & coffee(my favourite drinks) for the past few mths!

    tell u huh!! I will do everything dat I can just to get a baby!

    u anot case who dun feel gd with FY nurses?! Luckily now u feel comfortable wif Dr Foong, hope dat u can share wif us ur gd news soon!!! [​IMG]
  58. ryue

    ryue New Member

    dear strawberry
    hi. im not suprised to hear that you also have problems with Fong Yang's nurses. my friend whom got delivered by Fong Yang also couldnt stand his nurses. im got her to change to Dr Foong instead. usually, they see us on day 2 cause they want to dispense Clomid, right?
    hey, good luck for you IUI. just make sure you dont use frozen sperms like me. heehee!! anyway, Dr Foong himself said frozen sperms low chance. but i wanted to try cause i didnt want to waste the cycle. hope you preggie soooon. keep us posted!!

    dear spore_bb,
    no problems at all.. i really hope you pregnant soon.. i also did a lot of things just to get preggie! that time i was trying natural, my hubby was travelling. and we very "sway". he always travel when i ovulate. so i flew to meet him several times, but still failed [​IMG] fly to india somemore.
    then we decided IUI once and for all, and thank god for the IUI invention!!
    hey, you shld start eating those nuts! good luck & try hard. [​IMG] am waiting for your good news
  59. ryue

    ryue New Member

    sorry spore_bb

    typo earlier - you should STOP eating those nuts to prevent too much protein coating the egg.

    strawberry - did Dr Foong ask you to inject yourself with Puregon before the IUI? Or did he only give you clomid to make you ovulate? Apparently the Puregon jab will stimulate growth of the folicles in the ovaries like clomid but at a much faster and controllable pace. I remember that Dr Foong wanted to stop the jab after a while to let the only a few eggs grow naturally, but my hubby and I were very eager to make the IUI a success, and so we had to beg him to continue allowing us to inject... but at a lower dose.

    I guess the trick with Dr Foong is to set him a deadline and he will try his best to achieve it. I remember my hubby told him at the first consultation that we wanted to get pregnant by the end of this year... and true enough we are now!
  60. strawberry

    strawberry New Member

    Hi spore_bb and ryue
    Thanks for all your well-wishes, i will "jia-you"! will keep you all posted. Nurses' knowledge very impt as sometimes i have questions and needed to ask and i found them helpful. and i have a lot of questions ;-)

    yes, day 2 is to start clomid but more imptly, day 2 is the best day to see condition of womb. dr foong said that, ann tan, seetho and hk ho said that too. you can prob guess i see a lot of gynaes liao.

    dr foong asked me to start clomid first for 5 days - 2 tab a day, then see him on day 6 for scan and then probably puregon injections. he said we will not waste every cycle - which i thot that was impt. he said we will take a proactive approach so if sway sway not strike, then would take one more iui and then ivf. if so, this'll be my second ivf.but keeping my hopes to strike this one. hee-hee!

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