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Any SAHM staying in clementi or nearby areas???""

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by pinkeden, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. pinkeden

    pinkeden Member

    hi i am mummy to be this year and i am looking for SAHM like me to mit up for activities or just online sharing experiences. Interested, pls leave ur email in this thread!!
  2. cutiemax

    cutiemax New Member

    Hi Pinkeden,

    I stay pretty close to Clementi, Teban Gardens to be exact.

    Sure we can share our experiences and bet you will love being SAHM....

    Can you PM me for email as I am worried of spam if I post my email address here.
  3. sukiwong

    sukiwong Member

    Hi pinkeden,

    I'm also SAHM & stayed at Clementi Ave 4,where are u stay ar?if u want to chat with me,pls email to sukiyywong@yahoo.com.sg or add me to your msn la!thks!
  4. MEinME

    MEinME Active Member

    hey Suki...i stay at Ave.4 too, which blk? BUT BUT i FTWM.
  5. yaniz2001

    yaniz2001 New Member

    Hi all,welcome to the Clementi gang hehhehe....Great to know u mommies...I was wondering if anyone of u knows where to get cheap baby products at the clementi interchange?
  6. sukiwong

    sukiwong Member

    Hi Annissa Koh,

    i stayed at Blk 305,how about u?how old is your bb?mine is 19 mths!
  7. pinkeden

    pinkeden Member

    y not we add each other to msn since we are all staying in clementi or nearby places?? [​IMG]
  8. pinkeden

    pinkeden Member

    Eryannie, u stay in clementi area? u oso a SAHM?? there are a few shops at clementi central selling those cheap baby clothes from carters etc....but u did to go and see often cos stock always changing...its abt 3 pcs for $10 or $5.90 for 2 pcs. try joining online baby spree...u can get cheap clothes with gd quality sometimes. [​IMG]
  9. yaniz2001

    yaniz2001 New Member

  10. tiny_feet

    tiny_feet New Member

    hi eryannie, i have added u!chk ur msn! [​IMG]
  11. kashapiks

    kashapiks New Member

    Hi Iam also SAHM at West coast crescent....near to clementi.
    I have been looking for mums in clementi for quite long now...good to know that there is a thread doing that.

    I have a 14 month old daughter...
    West coast market...opposite Ginza plaza also has some good and cheap stuff for baby...toys clothes etc......
  12. belle_mommy

    belle_mommy Member

    hi kashvi

    i am FTWM ..i am staying at west coast crescent , blue horizon .how abt u ? also quite near to clementi.

    i have 9 weeks old baby daughter..
  13. kashapiks

    kashapiks New Member

    i am right next to you....west cove condo....
    9 weeks old cho chweet..
  14. serenalim

    serenalim New Member

    I'm at west coast grove and i hv a 2yr old boy.

    Kashvi, how come i never come across any good and cheap stuff for BB at west coast market? hmmm... maybe *blur**
  15. hey Serena...
    I think its called the Clementi market opposite the GINZA P...Walk past the SONY shop.. woodlands domestic appliances... keep walking after the Indian selavan store....
    Mum to kashvi
  16. belle_mommy

    belle_mommy Member

    Hi serena Lim
    and kashvi

    so nice to have 2 mothers stay nearby each other... next time can meet up or add me in msn :summer_qoo@hotmail.com..

    but hor i am FTWM .. [​IMG]
  17. Yes why not...name the time and place
    ....Are we all SAHM?...I am.SAHM. weekdays or weekends..
    Weekdays work better for me.

    MUM To KAshvi
  18. pinkeden

    pinkeden Member

    PA saw ur other thread. y not u consolidate this 2 threads and start a brand new thread for all clementi and nearby mummies to come together for activities? this way, we dun have to manage 2 threads lor... [​IMG]
  19. Right u are ... Lets just post In mums in Clementi thing what ya say...
    Check out the options for the meetings...
    Lets meet.
  20. yaniz2001

    yaniz2001 New Member

    Tiny Feet, I dont get to see u online often....hey where r u? hehehe [​IMG]

    Hi PA & Pinkeden,

    I am also SAHM to-be, staying at Clementi St 14.Waiting for the arrival of my little baby soon....
  21. HiEryannie,
    Welcome to the world of SAHM.All the best.
  22. yaniz2001

    yaniz2001 New Member

    Thanks PA,

    So hows life being a FULL TIME SAHM? Can be quiet boring rite sometimes? How old is ur baby btw?
  23. I wont say boring... but yes that challenge of work... the planning for the next day.. the deadlines.. are not there...
    It all depends and revolves around the kiddo...
    sometimes u enjoy... sometimes you get bored of the fact that kid is growing and all the lovely things but sometimes...
    my gl is 15 months...

    thats how it is
  24. happyxin

    happyxin New Member

    Hi all clementi mummies!
    I am a SAHM to a coming 2 year old girl. Currently staying in West Coast Drive.
    Would love to meet you guys for activities and chats and stuff. and also, our little kiddos can have more frens too! ('v') Do add me to your msn: yvonxin@hotmail.com
  25. c2202

    c2202 Member

    Hi. Just drop by to say hello to everyone here. I'm a Clementi mum too. Staying at Clementi Avenue 2. My gal is 7 months plus now. FTWM.
  26. happyxin

    happyxin New Member

    Hi cecelia,
    how's work and live as a FTWM to your 7 mth old baby? :>
  27. c2202

    c2202 Member

    Hi HappyXin,

    I'm working and my mum help to look after my gal during the day. I will bring her back every evenings to spend more time with her.

    She sleeps through the night without getting up for milk. I dun feel tired looking after her. As I do not work during weekends, she can sleep with me for a very long time. Our record is 12 hours straight.
  28. happyxin

    happyxin New Member

    Hi Cecilia,
    wow, 12 hours! ever since my little one is born, i hardly have any sleep that is longer than 4 hours... (-_-")

    Where is ave 2? I stay in west coast drive. can meet up for coffee and stuff. most of my frens are still single or have no children, so now i look for mummy-kaki in this area. haha...

    how do you normally spend your weekend with your gal?
  29. c2202

    c2202 Member

    Hi HappyXin,

    I'm staying opposite the Esso statio. Not the one at West coast.

    I feel the same way too. My friends have their kids earlier than me. Their childrens are mostly 4/5 years old so not much to discuss with me.

    Let's become kaki and bring more mummies to join us. Any mummies interested to join???

    How old is your baby? G/B?

    Weekends usually go out for shopping trips with hubby and my bb. If not, will be sleeping time lor.. haha...

    Annissa, i think we met b4. I bought the chicken of essence from you. Are you interested to join us?
  30. pinkeden

    pinkeden Member

    hi hi guys! long time never come to this thread since i started it some time ago....lol...me now preparing for delivery in 1 more mth's time. do u guys tink i should start a brand new thread for clementi n nearby mums to chat in?? [​IMG]
  31. well i think u should as in this one no ne replies.... I started one in Year 2005 section that too didnot work... i guess mums in Clementi are just plain... not posting types...
  32. c2202

    c2202 Member

    PA. Not all mums are keen for gatherings I supposed.
  33. yeah we can still talk thru this thread....MY 18 MONTH OLD NOW....
    I take her to Canadian Intnl school on Fridays for 2 hours of play...
    she loves the circle time there

    also the NMSG talks and socials are fun for us

    What all you guys do with ur babies\

    which play group should my baby join .. genesis, cherie hearts, white lodge at Buona vista....

    Or are there more.. i just want to put my DD for two to three hours ....three times a week not now.. a little later probably when she is two... but i heard one has to book now is singapore as there might be a Wait list
  34. Hi 2 all clementi mummies!

    I stayed at clementi Blk 310, housewife. Mine baby gal is going 6 mth soon! Have alot of question 2 ask! Why my gal izit seating on her own but very naughty one 2 carry. Very tired!

  35. hazel1758

    hazel1758 New Member

    hi,i'm staying e commonwealth.i'm a SAHM wif a 2yr+ gal & 3mth+ boy
  36. Hi
    i am at West coast crescent near clementi...

    My girl is 22 months old...
    Yeah Alycia mother hood can be tiring.. wait till she walks and talks like mine...whoa!!!!thats the word for it
  37. Hi,
    I use 2 stay at west coast 2 with my FIL. Start 2 buy a house at clementi area cos my MIL staying next 2 my block. And cos i pregnant so have 2 look for a house nearby. But very boring at home only me and my bb gal and my hubby everyday come back late so need 2 fine some mummy for chat chit. Nice meeting u PA!
    My gal is going 2 6 mth soon! Yes, very tired! Yesterday, nite didnt slp well cos my gal wake up and cry a few time. Donno wat happen 2 her?
  38. jellybeanie07

    jellybeanie07 Member

    hi i'm a sahm mom staying in west coast. any sahms ard the area?
  39. 080808

    080808 New Member

    I at Clementi Ave 2. My boy is 15 mths. Currently trying to look for a good playgroup nearby, so that son can attend when he is 18mths. Seems like there's no play group nearby except apple tree.
    Anyone has any recommendation? Thx Thx
  40. ger_mum

    ger_mum New Member

    I'm a FTWM staying at Sunset Way, moving down the road to Toh Yi Drive(still within the vicinity) in 2 months. I wish I found this thread earler, but never too late to join I guess.

    I send my 18 month old to the play group at SIM University on Clementi Road called The Experiential Learning Centre. I like the Chinese Form teacher, she really knows how to engage the kids because my son does not really converse in mandarin and is so enthusiastic about her job.
  41. 080808

    080808 New Member

    Hi ger_mum,

    Waited for so longggg...finally someone reply to this thread..haha...
    Actually i not very familiar with the Clementi area, i just moved here last year.
    Is this Experiential Learning Centre expensive? Can tell me how are their charges?
    The playgroup is for how many hours per day? How many times per week?
    Paisay...asked so many qns.. :p
  42. ger_mum

    ger_mum New Member

    NHi 08082008
    No worries about the questions. TELC is not ex, I think. We're there only 3 times a week for 4 hours each session (including breakfast and lunch) and I pay $420 per month before subsidy - is that expensive?
  43. ger_mum

    ger_mum New Member

    Has anyone heard of Terrific Tikes!
    My friend signed up her 3 year old daughter for a trial dance class and I signed up my son for a free Kindermusik trial. Not sure if there are places left for the free Kindermusik but can try to call them to enquire. I think they got website also.
  44. 080808

    080808 New Member

    Hi ger_mum,
    Thanks for your reply. Now I have to reconsider whether to send my boy to playgroup when he reached 18months. Cos last sunday, we went for a trial at Baby Jumper gym. He cannot concentrated to look at the flash cards, even went up to the teacher and snatch her cards when she was flashing. For the whole lesson, he was running about and I having a hard time making him sit down. I think will have to wait til he is older and learn to sit down quietly when he is told, then can send him to classes.
  45. ger_mum

    ger_mum New Member

    Hi 08082008
    That's exactly what happened to my kid at 15 months at BJG trial class. But he's okay at TELC because they just let him learn at his own pace and curiosity.

    Anyways, I'm going for a Kindermusik trial on 26th Jan (Sat) morning at Terrific Tikes at Turf City. The best part of it is that it's FREE!!

    I saw a documentary that says both sides of the brian for a child who learns music is very much more developed than a child who does not. So I hope to start some music lesson for my son soon and since he's still at the play and learn stage, I thought Kindermusik might be suitable. If you want to sign up, I found the website. Can check out

  46. 080808

    080808 New Member

    Hi ger_mum,

    Thanks for the website, i will go take a look...[​IMG]
  47. 080808

    080808 New Member

    Hi ger_mum,

    How is the Kindermusik trial? Good? [​IMG]
  48. happyxin

    happyxin New Member

    Hi any clementi area mummies?
  49. mommyinlove

    mommyinlove New Member

    Hi! I'm a mom staying in Clementi....
    I used to be an instructor for a popular right-brained school. I'm thinking of setting up small groups of 6 for babies 4months to children 3 years old. Lesson plans are a little similar to the lessons in those in right-brained schools.
  50. mommyinlove

    mommyinlove New Member

    can sms me: 9436 0319 for those interested
  51. yaniz2001

    yaniz2001 New Member

    Hi Mommyinlove,

    Can describe abit how does the class goes about?What do you mean when you mention right-brained lessons?
  52. vwhl

    vwhl New Member

    Hi Clementi mummies,
    I am new in this thread.
    Anyone knows good english enrichment for pri kids? My girl attends lorna whiston at pandan valley for 2 yrs but seems no improvement in her spelling and writing.
    Anyone tried yamaha clementi? Any recommendation of good teacher there.
  53. estherdc

    estherdc New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I'm staying in the west too and I would like to make friends with mummies.
    pls add my msn estherqiqi@hotmail.com [​IMG]
  54. chinon13

    chinon13 New Member

    hi all mummies,

    i'm staying in west coast and my daughter is now going to 14mths. i'm a SAHM and sometimes feel lonely for my daughter...

    let's meet up if u all are available!
  55. happyxin

    happyxin New Member

    hello fufu,
    welcome welcome.
    my no. 2 is 16 mths old gal.
    which part of west coast you residing in?
  56. vulnerable

    vulnerable Active Member

    hi mummies..

    finally able to see a thread of west coast & clementi mummies!
    but its nt quite active since last April.... [​IMG]
  57. happyxin

    happyxin New Member

    Hi ciarie,
    personally it was quite diffcult to locate threads last time as they are not orderly.. and i tend to miss out the thread among others. also there are so many threads to read in this forum!! haha... but it seems more orderly now.

    where do you reside ciarie?
  58. chinon13

    chinon13 New Member

    hi coolmama,

    i'm one busstop away from West Coast plaza, opp the Esso Petrol station...actually just moved in with my in-laws so dunno this area very well also...

    wow u have no. 2 already! how are your schedules like?

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