Any good child care in tampines

Discussion in 'Year 2007 Mums' started by rach_lim8, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. rach_lim8

    rach_lim8 Member

    My son is coming 2 years old in July. I am looking for a nice, quality child care in tampines area. Any recommendation?
  2. babypinko

    babypinko New Member

    Hi Rachel
    I am looking for a childcare center for my little gal too. she is turning 2 this sept. So far, i've visited a few. There is a new one called Agape in tampines st 81, their programs sounds impressive with phonics, baby gym and multi-media classes, it's rather expensive (800+) for hdb area i feel. There's also cheriehearts @ tp. It's inside temasek green so i think their environment is better. Nissi near tampines mart but the environment doesnt look as pleasant as agape and cheriehearts. I have visited quite a few around tampines, pasir ris and simei. It's more difficult for me as i am looking for one with both infant and childcare as my second child is due in jul.. i am considering cheriehearts at starhub green (ubi). Have fun visiting around and if you find any impressive childcare around tampines please share with me =D
  3. jilline

    jilline New Member

    Hi Mummy,

    Am looking for CC at tampines area also, visited quite a few, but still cant decide.
    Below are few that am interested..

    1) Learing Vision - Changi Business park
    Every things is good, but after subsidy still need to pay $770.Too expensive..

    2) Agepa - Tampines st 81
    Agreed w Diana, price abit too high for Hdb Void Desk, after subsidy $500.But price include phonics, Gym and multimedia.

    3) YMCA - Tampines Blk 85+
    Enviroment OK, price reasonable. But not a lot of teaching lesson, more on playtime.After subsiby $309

    Am considering between Agape and Ymca..

    Any good CC to recommend?
  4. xian0047

    xian0047 New Member

    Hi Mummy,

    I am living in Tampines as well. And I have one 23 months boy. I asked Agepa just now. The full day price is 700 and half day price is 600 (both before subsidy).

    Anybody has recommendation for Agape? Thanks!

    P.S.: we do not have subsidy because we are expats,
  5. soontai

    soontai New Member

    how about ABC's Kid and Happy Kids?
  6. atractivoperra

    atractivoperra New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Im staying in Tamp also, my son is 2yrs old and i placed him at Murni Childcare Centre at blk 411. Full day care after subsidy, i only pay $33..
  7. atractivoperra

    atractivoperra New Member

    Catherine, the Govt subsidy is $300 for all working mothers. Is a Confirm subsidy from MCYS for all working mothers. Maybe u can try and ask the centre. [​IMG]
  8. ginnie

    ginnie New Member

    I am gonna place my 3 yr old at zoophonics at $1000-ish. Very ex[​IMG] Wonder what kind of subsidy do we get apart from the cda thingy???
  9. muzicgal

    muzicgal New Member

    zoophonics is at dover right?

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