Any gd recommandations on stretch marks cream?

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by chunmummy, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    Hi.. i m around 15weeks + pregnant n my stretch marks r starting to show... need help on the stretch marks cream.. any gd ones to recommand n the price?

  2. baby1

    baby1 New Member


    You can consider using Palmer Coco Butter - Skin Therapy Oil or Dry, Itchy Skin Oil (as skin becomes itchy during later stage.

  3. jh88

    jh88 New Member

    I use Elancyl ( i think it is spelt like this) and you can get it at watsons or Robinsons. The cream will help avoid stretch marks and down the road.. itchy skin especially during 3rd trimester - when the skin stretches very thin and gets really dry and itchy.

  4. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member

    me and my friends use Allano lotion...totally no stretch mark...

  5. absolutb

    absolutb New Member

    Go for Clarin's oil. It's very popular and doesn't cause side effects. I used it for my 1st child.

  6. whim

    whim New Member

    I've heard good things abt Clarins' oil. They also have a lotion if u prefer lotion format.

    I've used Palmer's before I was pregnant and can feedback that it is a v good moisturiser at a good price.

    I've bought elancyl, but haven't used yet. They have 2 products for stretch mark, one cream and one concentrate. I got the concentrate.

  7. tge25

    tge25 Active Member

    how about trying mustela stretch mark cream? so far i been using for a few weeks, the smell is great..though price abit steep..but to pamper and feel good..worth it lar...

    else can consider palmer brand, personally i find it not bad too..but abit hard to wash off from hands

  8. chrysant

    chrysant Member

    can try Avent Indulgent Body Cream. it doesnt smell so strong, creamy but non greasy. price also quite reasonable

  9. hopefully

    hopefully New Member

    I used to use Clarin's oil but end up still have horrible stretch marks even on thighs, maybe my boy too big and stretch too much. i put on 24kg previously.

    right now I use nivea intensive moisterising cream, will change to olive oil/baby oil later stage, cos sure very dry and itchy. my family doc said olive oil will do.

  10. leica

    leica New Member

    Clarins oil worked for me..not a single mark.

  11. kyxyy

    kyxyy Member

    i used organic stretch mark cream from Buds (sold at mothercare)

    no stretch mark on my tummy... a little on my thigh...

    i've got an extra tube... if u interested let me know [IMG=] too KS, bought too many tubes back then...

  12. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    eh.. can i noe roughly how much the clarin's oil n avent cream?

    mustela is around 70 plus rite?

    kyxy how much u selling? ^.^

  13. mum2bee

    mum2bee Member

    Heard alot of gd reviews from clarins [IMG=]

  14. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member

    how much is clarin's oil?

  15. chrysant

    chrysant Member

    avent u.p is about $26

  16. shan223

    shan223 New Member

    avent indulgent cream, though made in UK, but its not too expensive. Non greasy too

  17. snowymum

    snowymum Well-Known Member

    Clarins should be in the $60 to $70 range... I used the Clarins oil during my last pregnancy and no strech marks. [IMG=]

  18. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    i can't find avent indulgent cream anywhere.. anyone got any idea where to get it?

    i bought elancyl stretch mark cream.. but dun seems to be helping... >.<

  19. reverie_island

    reverie_island New Member

  20. pfy

    pfy New Member

    actually my sis told me any brand of moisturizer will do.. cuz gynae say these cream dun work after shew got rashes from using's genetic.. so pray hard dun have..

    my colleague told me to use johnson baby lotion. it's good enough. dun need to spend so much $$..

    even my student said tha same. she said she watch a documentary on stretch mark..(wonder what a 15+ YO is watch such show) the only thing effective proven is ..LASER! to remove the marks..apparently

  21. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    ... guess all the stretch mark cream shld change to stretch mark prevention cream.. hahahaha..

    my baby gal dun like me applying at all... guess it's too cold for her.. there's once she knew it's time that i goin to apply the cream n she keep kicking... until my husband said to her," ok mummy dun apply cream tonite ok?" den she stop kicking -.-" lol...

    anyway.. nw 21 weeks.. my "present" is already showing.. getting obvious too.. my mum n my sisters all get stretch marks.. guess i can't escape frm it too... >.<

  22. neongoby

    neongoby Member

    Alicia - your baby is sooo cute!

    I tested Palmer's but i dont like the smell. Currently using Body Shop's shea butter with sesame, don't really like the smell too, am thinking of switching to elancyl stretch mark cream

  23. penguins4u

    penguins4u New Member

    Do you all use the stretch mark cream/oil in the beginning when you know you are pregnant or later stage?

  24. snowymum

    snowymum Well-Known Member

    penguin, u shld use when ur tummy starts showing... cos when e tummy strech bigger, tats when strech marks come about [IMG=]

  25. dollyqueencess

    dollyqueencess New Member

    I've used both clarins body oil & stretchmark control and it's really work. i don't have any stretchmarks after my 1st delivery.

    currently, i'm using it for my 2nd pregnancy.

  26. neongoby

    neongoby Member

    I hv recently bought Clarin treatment oil and been applying every night after shower, but I already hv some stretch marks at the side of each bum [IMG=] is it too late now? can't remove those already exist but hopefully it can prevent more from forming.

  27. pfy

    pfy New Member

    My colleague told me to use it the moment you know you are pregnant. The aim is to moisturise and prepare for the BIGGGGG stretch. also, reduce the itch on tummy at the very least.

    Alicia, you shld use it. Take it as an opportunity to do bonding with the baby. i recommend a book call "prenatal classroom" on how to bond with the baby and have a more alert newborn. Looking at it, you baby is very alert. =)

  28. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    yes my baby is very alert.. n very notti also... i think the stretch mark cream that i bought is nt working for me... after i finish this one.. i think i hv to go try other brands ones...

    there's times when my belly button area feels very stretched .. guess it's due to the stretching...

  29. hungribunni

    hungribunni Guest

    If Clarins Oil is pricey, check out "Bio Oil".

    My friend got it for me from Australia and I just got my hubby to buy me some more whilst he is working in Brisbane. It has a lovely lavendar like smell, absorbs very fast into the skin and works great. My friend is a pharamacist, has 2 kids and found it really good during both her pregnancies. She popped by to visit last month and brought a small bottle for me to try.

    I heard it can be bought in JB's Watsons as well, but they don't carry the largest size - 200ml. I hope it becomes available here, but for now, just letting the hubby stock up for me. =)

    If anyone wants, I can ask him to buy the smaller bottle version of it for you to try out. PM me. He will be coming back on Wednesday and flying out again on the 2nd of Oct, the next time he will be back will be after another 2 weeks plus from that date. Alternatively, get your hubby or friends to get it for you from JB. =)

  30. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    geri... how much is the bio oil?

  31. sweet_moment

    sweet_moment Member

    Aft I noe I'm pregnant, I apply faithfully everyday aft bath. I still get alot of stretchmarks. N I really mean alot. It's in e genes, can't escape.

  32. evonnechin81

    evonnechin81 Member

    TMC pharmacy selling any stretchmarks cream / lotion on sales? My last visit there to do the scanning, happen to passed by n saw the promotions.. Wonder if it's still on-going now. ;)

  33. kang_kang

    kang_kang New Member

    I've a bottle of Clarins Body Treatment oil (100ml) to let go at $50. Bought in March 2010 and used only a few drops (less than 5ml). If u r interested, please email me directly at

    Collection at Tanjong Pagar (weekdays) or Ang Mo Kio.

    Thank you.

  34. graceloh

    graceloh New Member

    Maybe mummies could try bio-oil and is an australian product.

  35. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    would like to noe how much is the bio oil n the price of it...

  36. xavpris

    xavpris Member

  37. lovely_monkey

    lovely_monkey New Member


    i have bio oil to sell...

    bought it from london...willing to let go 3 bottles...

    125 ml - 2 bottles @ sgd 70 for 2

    60 ml - 1 bottle @ 25

    my husband bought too many, Bio Oil highly recommended! its good for scars, stretch marks, dehydrated skin, ageing skin, uneven skin tone.

    i used it when i was 4 weeks pregnant till delivery... and i dun have stretch marks at all... email me if u keen thank you

  38. winnie_tan

    winnie_tan New Member


    I used Clarins Oil for my 1st pregnancy in Y2003 & am using it again for my current pregnancy too.

    no stretch-mark at all till this moment.

    Current price is $84 (if I am not wrong).

    FYI, coming Fri till Sun-Metro is having Less 20% storewide.

  39. rain4days

    rain4days New Member

    My auntie using Johnson body lotion and no stretch mark at all. So I personally don't think there is a need to go for really expensive ones. I'm currently using Body Shop Sea Butter, so far so good but too early to tell cuz still in my first tri-mester lol

  40. pillow4

    pillow4 Member

    how early can we start using the strech marks cream? will it be ok the baby? I am only 5w preg. is it safe?

    planning to use on my thigh too cos i had it few yrs ago. dunno when it start appearing. is there any cream that can cure the marks that is on my thigh now?

  41. bubbly7

    bubbly7 Active Member

    stretchmarks shld be running in gene.. but no harm done if we could try to minimise its occurence right.. :p

    I have tried Loccitane's Olive Lotion.. it's good.. not sticky, smell good.. hubby will rub before turning in, and I apply myself after bathing in the morning.. so far so good.. :)

  42. tze48

    tze48 Member

    I'm using Clarins lotion and I've also heard that stretchmarks are genetic!!

  43. zdubib

    zdubib Member

    Hi, I have 2 tubes of brand new Palmer's Cocoa butter (organic) for sale. Bought them in August. I have been using another bottle for 3 months and has no stretch marks at all.

    Letting go at $25 per tube. Meet up possible at Pasir Ris or Tampines MRT stations. Email me if keen. Thanks.

  44. little_cheeky

    little_cheeky New Member

    pillow4: u can start stretchmark cr d minute u know u are pregnant. it's meant for prevention. use it on thigh if you need to. for those already shown stretchmark, you may like to use Clarins body scrub together wif the stretchmark cr to "slowly remove" it...i tried it...and it's slowly getting lighter =)

  45. tulipslover

    tulipslover Member

    Do we apply both stretch mark cream & clarins oil or use only 1 type?

  46. chrysant

    chrysant Member

    use either one. their difference is only whether it's cream or oil form

  47. tulipslover

    tulipslover Member

    oh i see.. thanks! [IMG=]

  48. zdubib

    zdubib Member

  49. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    use Palmer's. its very good. i've got lots of horrible stretch marks on my tummy but now have disappeared a lot already after i've used palmers

  50. wens

    wens Member

    Hi Elise,

    do you mind sharing which Palmer's product you use exactly? as they have many types now (oil, cream, lotion etc)

    I had used palmers in the past and now am using Bioglo. So far so good. But dont see any difference in existing stretch marks. Hope it'll help to prevent new ones from appearing...

    Has anyone tried ROSE HIP OIL ?

  51. coco69

    coco69 Member

    Hi ladies, i have Clarins Huile Treatment oil for anti-stretchmark to let go.

    I too kiasu and bought TOO MANY, & realised I use too slow. Retail is S$80. I can let go at S$62. Bgt from DFS, not fr dubious cosmetic shop. I hv 3 unused bottles to let go. Do a simple google, u will see many gd reviews abt this prodt. pm me if you are interested.

    First-cum-First serve!

  52. kays_mum

    kays_mum New Member

    I must say that although Clarins was a bit ex, but it came highly recommended by a friend. So I tried and used both Clarins oil and stretch mark cream simultaneously when I was pregnant. I started using around 4 months.

    My girl is now 7 months old, and I must say my stretch marks are not visible now. In fact, I noticed them fading from 3 months after delivery.

  53. creamdonut

    creamdonut Active Member

    is there any where to buy bio oil in sg?

  54. angelica

    angelica New Member

    use coconut oil. it works for me.

  55. mee__you

    mee__you New Member

    Hi ladies, I purchased my Clarins treatment oil from Sasa in HK. It was considerably cheaper at HK$336 i.e. S$56. Bonjour was selling it even cheaper at HK$294 but they did not carry the anti stretch marks range.

  56. juneabby

    juneabby New Member

    I have one bottle of clarin huile oil to let go at $50. Brand new from metro. Email me at

  57. shiyoko

    shiyoko Member

    I used to apply Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil but soon after my tummy starts to have irritation and rashes appeared. So my friend recommended Elancyl Stretch Mark Prevention Smooth Cream to me which I've been using since then till my 8 months pregnancy now. Very satisfied with the result and it has a soothing smell.

    I have an unused tube of Elancyl cream 150ml for sale @$37. Retail is selling $47.30. Interested party can sms me @91297266. Self collection @ Tampines.

  58. bunnz

    bunnz Active Member

    if on budget, can try pure olive oil. Get the better grade ones.. i.e organic etc. My friend swears by it. but must massage everyday on areas like hips/breasts/thighs/tummy till fully absorbed

  59. aylie

    aylie Member


    I have used 1.5 bottles of Clarins oil starting at 6 weeks of pregnancy through to when my baby was delivered. I didn't get any stretch marks until my baby was into the 3rd trimester and then developed horrible marks on my tummy extending to my pubic bone and sideways near to my hips.

    Spoke to my Gynae to ask her why, she said stretch marks is due to genetics. Her advice is to moisturise the area with any lotion/ oil (even baby oil) so the skin will not dry out and hopefully reduce chances of stretch marks but there is no prevention for it.

    Sorry, not trying to dash anyone's hopes but I spent a lot of money on the 2 bottles of clarins oil and it did not work for me!

  60. troy12345

    troy12345 New Member

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