Advise for 1st time mom who had an e c-section

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by atrina353, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. atrina353

    atrina353 Member


    I had an e c-section and trying to be on total BF. However, i didnt manage to catch much sleep at night and getting out of the bed is a bit tough for me (due to the wound). Apart from that my tummy is still very big. Sob..sob..Can i go for massage? Any advise or tips. Tks!

  2. enyag

    enyag Member

    Hi I had been through the same experience as yours. I hired a confinement lady, she fed my baby with formula at night as I needed to rest badly and it's painful to sit for more than 20 min to BF for me.

    I just BF my girl for 2 months.[IMG=]

  3. ann_marisa

    ann_marisa Member

    The tummy won't go down so quickly. I used a binder, which supports the belly so that it doesn't press down on the wound. So I didn't feel any pain. But must also let it air, otherwise when u sweat, the wound gets wet, can become infected.

    When getting out of bed, have to turn sideways and use your arms to push yourself out of bed. Otherwise, wound may open.

    As for massage, I only did mine after 6 weeks but according to the massage lady, after 14 days can do already cos they won't exert force on that area, just lightly massage to make sure your womb shrinks back up.

    Jiayou! The beginning is the toughest.

  4. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    atrina, u better don't massage so soon. as c-section wounds needs time to heal. i'm also a 1st time mother, bb born last june. i only started to have jamu massage only after 1 month later. yes, its rather uncomfortable, my tummy till now also big, but have managed to go down a bit already. as what marisa have said, i also used a binder. be patient, ok?

  5. joy09

    joy09 Guest

    hi atrina, have u tried to breastfeed lying on the bed with baby? the tummy will become smaller over time. dun worry about it. massage can be done aft 3 weeks. an alternative is to pump your milk and get the CL to do the night feeds. Dun give up on total BF. [IMG=]

  6. anomaly

    anomaly Member

    Hi atrina, my Gynae has warned me that I might need e c-section if I opt for natural n baby continues to grow. Can i know how do hospitals charge for such c-section? N how long were u warded?

  7. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    Ally, it all depends on who's your gynae, which hosp and which ward u choose. with epi, or GA you opt for? mine is emer C-Section

  8. atrina353

    atrina353 Member

    Hi Ally,

    I had paid close to $7.5K for 4 days 3 night stay at Thomson (opt for 4 bedded). Paid 4.5K using medisave and the rest by cash.

  9. atrina353

    atrina353 Member

    Thank you for all your advises.

  10. funnybunny

    funnybunny Guest

    Hi atrina,

    I only have my massage after 1 month. Do check with Gynae if your wound is healed before massage. Also, they cannot press too hard on the tummy.

    I have problems beginning,boys cannot latch as they premature. I pump till they are 1 y.o.

    Be determine,rest well and be happy. Most important to baby is a happy mummy, breastmilk is a bonus. [IMG=]

  11. poohgirl

    poohgirl Guest


    I paid $5k+ for 2-bedder @ MAH. Elective c-sec with epidural only. I think almost everything was covered by Medisave.

    Massage I did it 10 days after, with confirmation from gynae that wound was healing well.

  12. kamy

    kamy Member

    Hi Ally,

    Getting up and down the bed is the first challenge. so you must use your arm to support u to get up and slowly get down the bed. Try to walk around more often. the wound will heal faster that way. My wound is not painful within 2 weeks. Although u will still be conscious of it, but it is actually ok. if the gynae says the wound is fine, then don have to worry. Continue to use the binder cos it gives you the support. somehow mentally I feel safer with the binder on when I get down the bed or walk about.

    Is someone helping with confinement? Ask the person to carry the baby to you to breastfeed so you don't have to get up and down the bed so often. place a pillow on your lap so that the baby can rest on the pillow and latch on. the position shd be quite comfortable. If u cannot sit for long, then pump the milk out to breastfeed. C-section can still bf. I bf for 13 months. [IMG=] jia you jia you.

    As for slimming the tummy, it takes time. but bf definitely helps. My tummy flattened a lot after 1 month and I can feel my uterus contracting when I bf. the tummy just slowly flatten over time, although it is still quite flabby (can't be help). so don worry about it. my frens who had c-sec have flat tummy after a year or so, cos running after the toddler sure helps to slim down.

    Hope this helps! Jia you!

  13. mickeyboy

    mickeyboy Member

    Hi mummies...

    I had c-section for my #1, by the time i deliver my #2, first one will be about 2.5 yrs old. So the gap is about 2.5 yrs. Is there any risk if i wanna try natural birth for my #2? Anything will happen to my old wound? What about the healing process? I heard, if its second time c-section, it will take longer to heal, is that so?

    Kindly advise, thanks.

  14. gevicra

    gevicra New Member

    If your wound healed, should have no problem. My auntie had 2 c-section because the first 2 were breech position. So, for the 3rd child, my cousin who is now already 16 years old, my auntie finally went for natural as bb in correct position.

    Medical technology now should be better than 16 years ago right? But if your bb in wrong position, may still have to go for c-section in the end.

    Btw, the gap between my 3rd cousin and second cousin is 4 years. So your gap is shorter than my aunt's. Consult your gynae, if he/she say okay, you should be okay.

  15. jt_junior

    jt_junior Active Member

    Hi i did an emergency c-sec at MAH.. i stayed 2 nights only as my gynae see that i can wake up and walk on my own on the 3rd day morning.. and everything went on fine for me.. im not sure becoz im strong enuff or becoz my gynae's stitching is good... im currently 3rd week after giving birth and everything is fine for me after 3rd day onwards.. i feel normal but still haf to take precaution coz of the internal wound not sure is it totally healed or not.. but currently i feel that it's all okie.. =)

    i paid $1.4k cash in total for my hospital & gynae labour fee.. total bill was $5k+ for 4bedded at MAH.. i think it's reasonable bah.. after all mine was an emergency c-sec.. =)

  16. joodz

    joodz New Member

    i underwent e csect in MAH in Jan. i also had trouble with bfing and getting out of bed. my wound stopped hurting in a week but i could still feel the pressure. because i was really determined to bf, and had a very supportive hubby and we did not keep fm in the house, so out of sight, out of mind. though i faced a lot of pressure to supplement with FM i remembered during my prenatal class i was told babies had reserves for a few days. as long as peeing and pooping okay. so i fed baby nothing(i think i had a little colustrum but i couldnt see) for first 3 days. latched every 1 hr, day or night. and my milk came in. managed to successfully bf for 6 months. stopped at 3.5mths actually but because of high supply i had freezer supply for another 2.5mths. was pumping abt 700ml per pump(both sides together) at last count.

  17. lebphas

    lebphas Member

    I had c-section for my 1st boy in 2004. Emergency due to slow progress. My 2nd boy was natural birth about 2 years later, 2006. My gynae assured me that it is ok. I breastfeed both of them. Elder son for 15 months and second son for 2.5 years.

  18. bumblebee22

    bumblebee22 New Member

    I just had C-sect 3days ago. I managed to bf abit coz i dont know to aggravate my wound and tried getting out of bed,so far so gd.

  19. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    i had c-sect when i delivered my ger.. the doc cut me up in a vertical line.. not the usual horizontal ones. i was in immense pain that time.. i heard that c-sect after 2 weeks can go for massage.. but i didnt do it.. i did bf for ard 2 weeks.. afterwhich my girl preferred formula.. so i stopped..

  20. sindypie

    sindypie Member

    I had my E C-sec at Mt E just in July. Cos BB too big cant come out though i have fully dilated!

    Recovering well. Now in total BF. I did my massage abt 12 days later cos i am dying for massage and cos with confinement lady help I am bored. She din press my tummy but I did get binder for 7 days. The tummy reduced to almost before birth but still flabby now.

    Now in my 9-10 weeks and I am dying to go for jogging. I read must wait for 12 weeks. I shall wait patiently for my jog though i dun feel any pain in my wound. By the way, i dun feel pain in my wound even after the cut. But better to play safe.

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