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! Advice for confinement lady, need contact urgently!

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by createjoy, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. createjoy

    createjoy Active Member

    halo mummies, sorry to interrupt, my friend has given birth to her 2nd bb boy but her confinement nanny no good need one urgently, any recommendation? Pls PM me. thanks alot!
  2. feellikehome26

    feellikehome26 New Member

    Hi there, you may want to try my confinement who is friendly and easy going. her hygenie is good for baby as well. Her food is tasty. however, she is from malaysia, jb. not sure she has any assignment now.

    Tel : 02-077725614

    she charge about 1900 per month
  3. feellikehome26

    feellikehome26 New Member

    sorry, her name is aunty Geok Lan (Yu Lan)
  4. xiaoxiaoying

    xiaoxiaoying New Member

  5. jiejie

    jiejie New Member

    Dear all

    My MIL is one of the famous 3 sister confinement nanny from Malaysia-Pahang.

    With more than 30 years of experience, a good cook, good knowledge of tonic soup and herbal drink, handle baby very well and even give baby massage, she even help mother to massage their breast before breast feeding, and can recommend very good and cheap massage lady to do whole body massage for mother to get back their shape.

    My MIL also do oversea confinement.

    Interested pls contact me for my MIL, her name is Aunty Chan Yee at, pls dial direct from singapore to malaysia at 02-019-980318(HP) or 02-092-407613(R).

    Or can also email me at the3sisclfmy@yahoo.com.sg
  6. jiejie

    jiejie New Member

    Dear all

    Correction, the HP no. is 02-019-9803181.

  7. bellfyn

    bellfyn New Member


    I got to know a confinement nanny from KL. Email me if you are interested.
  8. meizl

    meizl Member

    my sister knows an agent. Market rate and ok to work less than 28 days - just pro-rate. Let me know if you need the contact.
  9. dicksg2004

    dicksg2004 New Member


    I am looking for a confinement nanny for about 2 weeks period to take care of my twin until my 2nd maid arrive.

    My twin are about 9 months old.

    Would appreciate if anybody can advice me of any reliable stay in nanny for a 2 weeks period starting immediately.


  10. hnbestdeals

    hnbestdeals New Member

    Hi Dick,

    Where do you stay?
  11. hnbestdeals

    hnbestdeals New Member

    Hi createjoy,

    Have you found a confinement lady?
  12. tlaiyin

    tlaiyin Member

    HI all,

    Can i have some of the confinement lady contacts?

    Thank You

    Email: tlaiyin@gmail.com
  13. enxuan87

    enxuan87 New Member

    Hi, I will love to look for a confinement lady too. I'm currently 7mths preggy and will need one ard Jan / Feb when Baby is due..

    Can anyone give me the contacts / pricing ??? Tks~
    HP: 92211559
  14. meizl

    meizl Member

    Confinement lady usually avoid CNY period or charge double....
  15. enxuan87

    enxuan87 New Member

    OMG... dat means, im stuck wif the dates... =(
  16. meizl

    meizl Member

    maybe try calling a few to see they are willing to work for 2 week if your bb due 3rd week of Jan. The other 2 weeks can cater confinement food and seek help from parents or husband take leave. I personally find the crucial period is the 1st 2 weeks.
  17. peggy_tan

    peggy_tan New Member

    Hi, Miss Toh, do you know when is your EDD? You need a full day of day time confinement nanny?
  18. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    i got this confinement lady, Ah Luan from Johor to take care of my bb for 2 weeks, after the 1st confinement lady left having completed 1st month.

    Ah Luan is friendly and easy going compared to my 1st one. we oso got her to help take care of my mum-in-law on separate assignment a year later. you can call her at 0196069529041. u tell her you are recommend by me, ah san (fm punggol) whom ah luan ever help to take care of my mum-in-law too.
  19. mummybb

    mummybb New Member

    need comfindfindment lady?

    experience lndonesia chinese auntie , good cook n help to do some house work ,my both kid oso done by tis antie.pls book in advan few mth so antie can plan thier time .doing 28days $1900 over night pls contact sms 96787975
  20. timberchampagne

    timberchampagne New Member

    Ugently needed a GOOD confinement lady this July 2011.

    please email me at myl_2@hotmail.com.
  21. sunshine_woman

    sunshine_woman New Member

  22. mdmmok

    mdmmok New Member

    Anyone who needs a local, Singaporean confinement lady - please contact Mdm. Mok at 94571717 for a friendly discussion.

    * Please call from a listed number as she does not take calls from unknown numbers * Thanks for your understanding.
  23. quackers

    quackers Member

    My confinement lady is quite good. She cooks pretty well too. I used her for my 2nd child last Oct.

    You can reach her by calling her son, who is working in Singapore. Her son's hp is 96946293. She is known as Liu tai(4)
  24. toh_karin

    toh_karin Member

    Hi Shirley, the mobile no given by u is incorrect
  25. jennylim9396

    jennylim9396 New Member

    Hi, I highly recommend Auntie Meiyi for your confinement lady. She cooks well and looks after baby and mother very well too!

    Her schedule is usually booked in advance. So do call her asap. Tell her Jenny recommends.

    You can reach her at 9388 3703.
  26. nino

    nino Member

    I'm looking for CL who can tk overseas assignment in Sep-11, importantly cook well and tk care baby, pls pm me or email at francespang74@gmail.com
  27. faith28

    faith28 New Member


    Anyone can recommend a good Non-Stay in CL???

    What are the charges like??

    Thank you.
  28. clairew07

    clairew07 Member

    Hi Jenny,

    Did you just recently engage Auntie Meiyi? What are charges like? Does she include cooking for the whole family?
  29. emo3199

    emo3199 Member

    Hi all mummies to be,

    Would like to recommend my Confinement nanny.
    Her name is Auntie Lilian.
    She is in her 50s++ and has 32 years of experience.
    She can cook alot of different confinement food and she also know how to brew different tonics soup.
    The way she handles baby also very experience.
    She has a happy-go-lucky and cheerful character, so is very easy to live with her for that 28days of "boring" confinement! :)
    She is also very auto as well. You need her to do anything, just tell her and she is always ok with that.

    Her contact number is +60176118919 (M'sia no.)
  30. leo26

    leo26 Member

    May I know for all these confinement ladies, wat r the extra charges besides the fee? I know we hve to pay for ingredients rite? Wat other charges?
  31. yufeng

    yufeng New Member

    hi i'm edd in aug the confinement lady i intended2 engage is taken up any nice to recommend pls pm me yr help is greatly appreciated...
  32. xuangoh

    xuangoh Member

    My confinement lady is also quite good. She is called Xin Hua. She has
    20 years' experience. She can cook a variety of confinement food
    (including soups and tonics), can take care of baby and do simple
    housechores for you if you don't have a maid. She is very
    pro-breastfeeding and can do breast massage too. You can contact her at +60172418030 (M'sia no.) or +6590395121 (Singapore HP).
  33. xuangoh

    xuangoh Member

    My confinement lady is also quite good. She is called Xin Hua. She has
    20 years' experience. She can cook a variety of confinement food
    (including soups and tonics), can take care of baby and do simple
    housechores for you if you don't have a maid. She is very
    pro-breastfeeding and can do breast massage too.
    You can contact her at +60172418030 (M'sia no.) or +6590395121 (Singapore HP).
  34. toh_karin

    toh_karin Member

    Yufang, u don accept pm. I had book one confinement in aug but due to some unforeseen reason, don need it le. U keen to take over? She charged $2,200 for 28 days. Additional $100 if cooking n taking care of ur other kids, if any.

    I had paid $300 deposit. Do pm me if u keen to take over
  35. s19_88

    s19_88 New Member

    Hi Stressfulmum, i saw you keep posting a few forum that auntie choo is good. Did she do your confinement ? May I know how good she is ? I am scared thaT i will make the wrong decision.
  36. wifey7776

    wifey7776 New Member

    hihi, like to recommend my cl, aunty ah lan, +60 16 704 1081
    confinemt was reali torturing for me, lucky tat i hav her to take gd care of my precious babe n me who is weak..
  37. traders22

    traders22 New Member

    Dear all,
    I would like to share my experience with 3 confinement ladies during my confinement now.
    I booked Auntie Meiling from Negri Sembilan based on recommendation from website. Her tel no is 83004910 (SG)/ 60168957034 (MY)/ 60169857034 (MY) back in Feb.
    In end Apr, I gave Auntie Meiling a call to tell her I'm due soon, probably early May. She was shocked and asked me why so early. I said 2-3 wks is very normal. She then say another client of hers supposed to EDD 1 Apr but just delivered on 20+ Apr. I asked her how can that be, since usually latest is 41 wks. She said she dunno. Fine.
    After my delivery, I gave her a call again. She then exclaimed :'Oh, I'm doing confinement for the client who just delivered.' So I asked her how. She offered to recommend someone to do on her behalf. Having no other options, I agreed.
    The CL that came after I discharge is called 'Ah Guan'. She's 47yrs old, also from Negri Sembilan. Long hair, dark and doesn't look modern. Here are the other observations:
    1)According to my maid, she doesn't know how to use the rice cooker. My maid has to teach her. Pots are not scrubbed clean and my whole kitchen is oily and messy after she cooked.
    2)She has never seen my Pigeon Steriliser. She claims other families use other brands???
    3)For 3 meals, she used the same method of cooking veg, ie, using sesame oil and gou qi to fry with veg. There is variation in the meat dish though. I asked her if she can vary her cooking style, she claims this is how confinement should be throughout the month.
    4)She cooked the pig kidney and liver soup twice and both times both ingredients are hard and overcooked. Doesn't she know both don't need much cooking??? She didn't know how to answer when I asked.
    5)Pt 2/3/4 led me to worry whether she really has any exp. She claims she has, but only in KL. All her dishes taste awful and even my hubby commented that. Then her face turn black. Auntie Meiling also said that when I called her. I asked her why did she recommend someone like that to me and she said she thought she'll be ok.
    Both claimed the method of doing confinement in KL is different. They eat very light and can eat the same dishes throughout the month. True? I dunno.
    6) She doesn't respect privacy. When I'm napping, she will come in and ask me to have lunch or dinner. Even after seeing me sleeping, she will keep coming in till I go out. I told her before I don't eat early. But she's used to eating early so she can cook like at 3pm and dinner is ready at 5pm! My dinner time is 7pm...
    7) 1st day I told her I can't take too much wine or ginger as I'm bf. 2nd day all 3 meals and each dish has heaps of ginger on it. I asked her what happened and she pretended to say 'oh, that's what I told other clients before but they said not true'
    On 3rd day early morning after she carried bb over for nursing, she came into my rm to cry and said her dad fell and she needs to go home. My hubby immediately woke up and called a cab for her and we paid her 2 days salary.
    Auntie Meiling called shortly and asked y did I not call her to tell her Ah Guan is leaving. I said I'm still nursing and Ah Guan can't wait to leave. She told me she's lying and I shouldn't have paid her cos she already took $100 from her. I told her this is between the 2 of them, they should settle themselves. But I was upset that I got cheated. Auntie Meiling said her current client is willing to let her go to help me. I was suspicious whether she is good or not since the client let her go after only a wk. But I decided to go ahead to try. She seems alot better than Ah Guan on the 1st day, more knowledgeable and more modern. However, things start to slide after that:
    1) Day 2, she increased my bb's feed from 60-70ml to 100ml at night w/o asking. I had EBM and portion to 70ml. He's only 1 wk old! She wiped out all my EBM stock and passed comments that my BM is so little after each pump. Gynae n PD advised she is overfeeding and we told her to reduce. She's unhappy and keeps hinting that bb is hungry and don't want to sleep at night.
    2)She requested to buy good food like drumstick to cook for the maid (more like she wants to eat)
    3) Complains that it is very troublesome for her to cook for the maid since she can't eat pork.
    4) Always talking on her mobile. Her ringtone is very loud and keeps on ringing. I wonder if my bb can sleep wells since he sleeps with her.
    5)Requested for $200 advance payment on day 2 though I have already paid her $300 deposit. Wanted some time off to go and meet her friend to buy things.
    6) Told me she might not be able to do full 28 days cos her next job is on 7th June (3 wks away from my EDD!) I'm quite upset that she doesn't intend to do full right from the start, so unprofessional! Now I realised her Apr 1st job is supposed to be Apr 30th and I bet she took it knowing that short gap to my EDD in mid May.
    On day 3 night, she told us that her mum is in coma in hospital (sounds familiar???) She needs to go back the next day and asked if I want a replacement which she will recommend. I told her let me think about it. But she proceeded to call her friend and arranged.
    On day 4 when she's going to leave, she said her friend who is supposed to come suddenly fell sick. Asked me if I want to look for my own or still need her to recommend. Thankfully my friend gave me her CL's contact and luckily she's available.
    That ends my misery of the 2 CL's from Negri Sembilan. I have nothing against people coming from there (sorry I can't remember which town), just upset that both are similar in pattern (unwilling to take criticism, used the same old excuse)
    Please please take extra caution and not hire this Auntie Meiling. Seems like she is more interested to earn commission from her hometown friends than doing a proper confinement for us. She is fair and quite chubby with mid-length hair, 44 yrs old. Has a house in JB as well.
  38. traders22

    traders22 New Member

    Sorry for the long post above as I'm really upset. Now I would like to recommend my 3rd CL - Auntie Meizhen who is from JB.
    She is 62 yrs old and is very experienced. My hubby commented she seems the most modern though she is the oldest. She is very cheerful and can communicate well with me. Her other strengths are:
    1) She's a fantastic cook. I don't eat pig trotters in vinegar but she cooked it so well that I ate all. She varies her dishes alot that it is so appetising and not boring at all
    2) She takes very good care of bb. She bathed bb in herbal water and although my bb is only 2 wks old, his rashes has subsided alot and no more new ones popping out
    3) She is very fast and efficient and automatic. She doesn't need much instructions and she can figure out herself where things are kept and what to do etc.
    4)She is very chin-chai. She enjoys cooking so much that sometimes she will cook special dishes for the maid (spicy type) when my maid said she loves her dishes. She is also ok to cook more if our family members visit. She is also willing to teach my maid to cook and how to take care of bb.
    She is like a mummy taking good care of me. Really lucky to have her after my bad encounters. She has just re-started after stopping for 2 years to help her daughter. I hope you all will benefit if you hire her as well (note: I don't gain anything from promoting her)
    Her contact no is 60108232696
  39. anna_anna

    anna_anna New Member

    Not advertising for them or anything but i have used PEM for 2nd time and their nannies are good. Very experience and Fantastic cook. Totally can rely on the nanny
  40. babystash

    babystash Member

    Pm me for CL contact, 10 yrsv experience, can cook very well ,confinement food and home cook for others family member, can help house chores ,100% breastfeeding support , $1800/month only
  41. babyeve

    babyeve Member

    Anyone knows what's the rate like for Singaporean non-stay CL? Thanks.
  42. chilli_quek

    chilli_quek Member

    Hi, anyone has experience with confinement nanny Lan Jie?

    Whats the current market rate now?
    Does the confinement nanny clean the house too?
  43. greenapple

    greenapple Active Member

    Hi, my CL cum nanny is very good & experience. Support b/f & help out on house chores. If you keen, do PM me for her contact.
    Currently she is still with us as nanny until Sep when my maid is able to take over the task.
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  44. kolabear

    kolabear New Member

    hi anna, may i kw e charges from PEM?
  45. goofy79

    goofy79 New Member

    Hi MTB,

    I would like to recommend my confinement lady Auntie Ah Wey @ 83035009 (SG)+60177358212.

    She took care of my sil and nephew in Sept 2010 and myself in Aug 2011. She does not mind cookingfor the whole family, moping the floor and doing the dishes. Most importantly, she take good care ofthe mummy and the baby, all WILL BE IN GOOD HANDS. She is clean and hygienic.

    Highly recommended.
  46. koli

    koli Member

    I gave birth in sept and would like to recommend my confinement lady. She is from Indonesia, Batam. Her daughter's no +6282171581006. she is still wif me. Anyone interested can PM me.
  47. rebeana

    rebeana Member

    I would like to recommend my confinement lady as well.. Before this, I always find posts that recommends their CL dubious as in why would someone post and highly recommend their CL for nothing.. Now I know..

    Im very grateful to my CL. So grateful that there is nothing I can do but to recommend more "business" for her.. She really takes good care of me and my baby.. She is strict with baby's routine in order to set a good habit for the baby (eg. like drinking milk at certain timings, not to carry baby immediately when they cry, encourages me to pump more breastmilk for baby, making plenty of different soup/drinks).

    She is also very nice and ensure I am good and well.. She prepares breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner and supper for me because she says those who are specially on breast feeding have to eat more so as to have more milk. Even if it means I need a milo nearing her bed time, she will be smiling and making it for me.. In fact, she is always happy that Im eating more coz I don't have much appetite during this period..

    For those who are into breast feeding, she is very supportive of it. She will ensure I drink enough fluid to have enough milk and she don't let me do anything but always encourages me to rest and rest..

    Of course, there are plenty of good things about her and Im very grateful to it..

    Her name is Lily Goh or Yan Jie and anyone interested can contact her at 8242 6108 / 016-746 1157.
  48. cai_y_y

    cai_y_y Member

    Hi Rebeana, do you know if your CL is still available next year end april?
  49. cai_y_y

    cai_y_y Member

    I am looking for a good CL. My EDD is end april 2012. Any recomendations?
  50. rebeana

    rebeana Member

    Hi Joey
    You might want to give her a call? I know she has a job somewhere in march but not too sure if it will clash with yrs. Anything feel free to pm me as I seldom check this thread. Good luck!
  51. loveLatoja

    loveLatoja Member

    Joey, able to recommend a CL for you.
  52. mckay423

    mckay423 New Member

    Hi All, any new update for CL? I try to contact phone above but all is go to mailbox.
  53. sc_nah

    sc_nah Member

    Hi , would like to reccomend my fantastic CL , was really lucky to have her as i initially hire one cl who was money grabber , ask for higher pay , air ticket to penang , minimum $200 ang pow and final straw was that she insist on "helping" me buy expensive things like abalone .. so i sacked her ..

    Luckily i got this CL who initially retired to take care of grandson .. now she just decided to come back and i got her.. finishing my confinement next .. she is god send ..Her name is auntie Hui Feng ..

    My baby is extremely fussy and cry for milk every hour . She is quite pro breast feeding thus dun mind staying up the night to take care . She wakes up ard 6 am just to start preparing my meal .. everyday breakfast , lunch , dinner is like restaurant style .. so far , into my 26 days of confinement i only have 2 repeated dish ... She make very good food even for my husband and my fussy mother and a separeate set for my dad. So daily , she cook 3 type , one set for me , one for mum and husband , and one set for dad who is vegetarian . SHe also is quite clean and can tell she love baby. Extrememly patient and kind , not wasteful at all ... imagine when i was in hospital , she brought my confinemnet food even when i ordered hospital meal , then she say dun waste and she can help me eat the not nice hospital food if nobody eat .. very nice and sweet lady ..
    There was once my mum bought meat bao and she told me that better not eat as not sure what type of meat they use , might not good for me ..so the next day she immediatey hand made meat bao me ... how many CL would do that !
    She also help to teach my new maid how to care for baby , how to do housechore , and maintain my maid cleanliness such as min 1 day bath 3 time cos taking care of baby .. she also talk sense into my maid when my maid got lazy ,.. so really is making my every penny wrth .. she make me feel that she is more of mother than a CL .. very motherly and yet not naggy .. she is modern and flexible and also respect our privacy alot.. she totally understand that having our first baby, we naturally will want to see baby more so even when hubby came bk late from work , she dun mind leaving the room when hubby come in to see so that we can have family time ... so very considerate ...
    she is also not pushy in the confinement rules, she will tell u what to do but if you decide not to, she will respect too .. (etc like me i die die no give bottle till 3 weeks so for 3 weeks she patiently spoonfeed my baby thru the night ). The only thing she very admandant about is mummy have to drink enuff soup .. so she gave me 3 big bowl a day and insist i drink cos it will help produce milk ...
    She is also frenly to all guest that comes and dun mind cooking extra for them .. i duno what bad point to say abt her as i have yet to find any ,, can only thank her by posting good review and reccomendation .. i will post all pics of food she cook .. but she mention that she is able to cook different thing and so much everyday cos we have alot of ingredients in the fridge .. so for those who hire her , if you want to eat something u have to have the ingredient ,,,

    I extended my confinement with her and now really cant bear to let her leave .. i guess all who employ her is lucky .. i am not related to her and fund her by a forummer recommendation too .. so since i am so free doing my confinement now i can give very detail review ... haha .. For those who ineterested please email me at chers5810@gmail.com

  54. qoo_grapes

    qoo_grapes New Member

    My confinement lady is good too. she is same as above lady. if you need her contact let me know. karyinn@hotmail.com
  55. callmebranded

    callmebranded New Member

    Hi, I would like to recommend my CL , she's so good that I engaged her for 8 months, I even travelled overseas and leave my baby with her, please call her no. +6596109217

    She's a very nice lady and kind hearted, even bought gifts for my children. I don't get commission for doing this but I just want to help her.

    If you're looking for CL, she's the best !
  56. peggyyenni

    peggyyenni Member

    Hi mummies,

    My mum is a confinement lady with around 19 to 20 years of working experience in this line. Anyone looking for confinement lady in or after August 2013 is welcome to email peggyyenni@gmail.com. Thanks!

    Best Regards,
  57. nc25

    nc25 New Member

    Hi mummies,

    I'm doing currently doing my confinement (in my 4th week) and would like to recommend my CL, Lan Yee.

    1. Cooks really delicious and nutritious meals and soup ( including papaya with fish, black beans, etc) to increase my milk supply. She seldom cook the same dishes. She prepares meals for my hubby too. On alternate day, she will also prepare herbal soup (black chicken with dang gui, etc).
    2. Cooks red dates drink daily. She also boils herbal water for showering from week 3 onwards.
    3. Very knowledgeable - know what to eat and what to avoid.
    4. Most importantly, she is very patient with my baby. My baby is very difficult to take care coz he always wake up in the middle of the night n quite bad temper. But she has been very patient all this while. She is able to wake up whenever the baby cries or make funny noise, even at night.
    5. Supportive of bf and encourages me to let baby latch on more often to create more breast milk.

    I am grateful to have her to help me take care of bb and me. She was previously in London for a few months in 2013 and was only back in mar 2013 hence has not taken up any job from sept - nov 2013. For those who are interested, can contact her directly

    She is currently in Singapore and will be back in Malaysia in mid May. Her contact no is +65 81496895 (Sg) or +60 16 9188648 (mal). You can also pm me if you would like to know more about her.
  58. Nashwq

    Nashwq New Member

    Dear all mummies and daddies,

    I'm a recent promoted dad and found a confinement lady (CL) called Lan Yee based on this web review. On top of all those that has been mentioned about her food n knowledge, there are many others I like to add on which I felt sad about. Relavance: early 2014.

    Her attitude is very intolerable. On first reaching our home, she asked to check our fridge for things that can be use for cooking. Once open, she started commenting fridge is smelly. I'm fine, I do know my fridge may have some odor after using it for several years. I just kept quiet but deep down, I know she is not polite.

    Then she started asking for her specific use of soup pots and things she is familiar with. Started commenting missing utensils. Well I agree because it's our first time confinement, how would we know what to expect? And she goes on and on saying many things missing. Naggy, period. I just offer her what we have and can meet her needs. After all she is not staying here more than 1 mth.

    Then she started asking to buy herbs. Please be prepared for sgd$200-300 to buy all the herbs she needs if it's your first time. And she start shooting the herbs name like machine guns as if we can remember them. Again comment that all these not prepared. Well, if I'm prepared, I wouldn't need to hire her, isn't it?

    Then she started asking for towels. We had prepared microfiber small towels for baby usage. She say she only wants cotton towel and handkerchief. Those towels which she showed us will become rough and unpleasant after some use. She only like those. She says microfiber towel cannot absorb water.

    There are many more incidents but I'm going share more important ones.

    As weeks goes by, she started addressing my wife as "eh, go eat food now. Eh, hurry drink your soup". I don't think that's the least polite to address a person unless you are many years buddies status.

    Then I requested to observe her shower my baby to learn. When she is about to shower, she shouted "xxx"!! From 15meters away from my room and expect me to hear her. Not to mention that our door is closed.

    For the ultimatum, money issue cannot get worse than what I'm about to share. On my first phone call with her she told me her price was $3500 for staying through Chinese New Year. I ask for cheaper and she offered me $3400. And she will need a small Ang Bao on arrival and big Ang Bao on departure. Well, I'm ok with that.

    On putting down deposit, she reminded us about small and big Ang Bao, this time round, stating a range from sgd$100-200 depends if we like her service and such. Well that's new, I never heard of money request from Ang Bao, but I shall see her service.

    As for her arrival, I only gave $10 Ang Bao.

    In the midst of confinement, she started reminding my wife about her big Ang Bao. I can't recall how many my wife told me, but it's definitely more than 10 times of reminder. This time, she requested $200-300. On last 2 weeks, she requested for $268.

    Question: how rude is it to actually ask for money for Ang Bao? And for more than 10 freaking times? Omg, that's the ultimatum I ever had. If her service is good, I might still give her 3 digits. But many things pissed me off. Few examples are:
    1. Rude n bad commenting on others way of living.
    2. When baby cries, she can ignore it for more than 5 mins. We are first timer, we are definitely worried about our baby. The least she could do is comfort my baby but no. She is doing her own stuff, not even cooking. When I came to her room and ask,"Wah, baby cry for so long ah?" Her reply was,"where got long? Baby needs to cry, it is OK." I am definitely not OK with that. This happens more than 3 times, not counting the time I'm working outside.
    3. She is not meticulous with her handling of things within the house. Nitty gritty things such as wetting the whole toilet roll, making things a little messy even after cleaning up. My mum wasn't happy at all but she was patience because our baby is in her hand.
    4. She force feed our baby even when he is full.
    5. She complains a lot, keep saying she don't have much time to sleep. My wife is breast feeding and at night she has to latch baby. All she does is change diaper, shower baby, cook meals for my wife. She even have time to read newspaper n watch TV. So what's all the "not enough time to sleep" comes about?
    6. She asked on first day, "you want me cook for you(husband) and your mother? Just add $100 I can only." I've heard other CL that does this without even asking for money. Maybe if she offer this on her own accord, I might give her more ang Bao money.
    7. She ask us to change her salary to ringgit for her. She specifically said that other host helped her to find best exchange rate at Chinatown. Wow! So am I the one being hired now? Where's all the manners? Shouldn't one be requesting to be polite and only if convenient, can you do this or that? This sounds more like a command than a request.
    8. She is Cantonese, she speaks some things that we cannot comprehend. Turn on the light = "Kai Huo" (open fire). She ask to buy sour prune for her usage, she told us sour plum. We went to search high and low only to realize she means prune, not plum.

    Eventually, on her departure, we gave her Ang Bao of $68. As what she mentioned of her past experience, she open the Ang Bao to check. Of course she started saying where's her $268 etc. I had to be brave and told her off that's all I'm gonna give her. I had done my research, 10 friends with CL experience says that Ang Bao money is never on request, at least not in SG.

    Kindness goes a long way, money comes after. I had my piece of experience and my wife is now having CL phobia. I do heard about good CL but hope you make your own judgement before hiring one.
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  59. diorsnow

    diorsnow Active Member

    I often 'prowl' the net and blacklist these mentioned CLs for working for my company.

    Confinement is supposed to the the best time to pamper one self. Agreed having a good CL is very important, if you're engaging a freelance, its all about luck.

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