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August 2018

Tayo Station at Downtown East: 10,000 sq ft of Fun + a Road Circuit too!

Take a peek inside Tayo Station, Southeast Asia’s first Tayo character-based indoor playground, where Tayo Station fans big and small can look forward to 10,000 sq ft of fun, Tayo Station style!

If your little ones love cartoons as much as ours do, then you’d probably have heard of Tayo the Little Bus! Tayo Station, Southeast Asia’s first Tayo character-based indoor playground, is themed around this popular South Korean series. If your little one loves following Tayo and friends’ exciting adventures on screen, then there’s no doubt they’ll love seeing them come to life at Tayo Station Downtown East!


Is Tayo Station Worth the Hype?

How does Tayo Station differ from all the other indoor playgrounds in our city? For one, this playground spans a massive 10,000 square feet! Plus, it’s not just merely an indoor playground. Tayo Station integrates indoor playground attractions, an edutainment area, and sensory play for young children from 1 to 12 years old. That’s THREE different entertainment and play areas in one space for a wide age group. We know how hard it is to find a space where Bub can play together with older siblings, so this is certainly a win! There are special rooms set aside for birthday parties too and we can see really fun celebrations taking place here.

We were pleasantly surprised by how well-designed this indoor playground is. The entire place is brightly lit, spacious, and the characters are absolutely adorable. Even the birthday party rooms are thoughtfully set up. With loads of cakes and dessert table options as well, we predict that Tayo Station will soon be a popular birthday party destination.

If your kids know of Tayo and his friends, this indoor playground will definitely offer big thrills for them. Tayo Station includes Tayo’s Road Circuit, Poco’s Hinoki Play, and Gani’s Playground – stations that are themed after the show’s characters. Older kids? Don’t worry, they won’t feel left out. The activities are designed to offer a healthy level of challenge to keep all children active and on their toes.

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Let’s be drivers on Tayo’s Road Circuit

What better to do in a Tayo-themed playground than pretend you’re actually with Tayo and friends? With child-sized vehicles, it won’t take much imagination to do this. Watch your little ones “zoom” around on Tayo buses or cars! The blue Tayo buses are for the younger ones, while older siblings can ride on the larger cars.

The colourful vehicles and the roads – iconic to the animation series – are replicated throughout Tayo’s Road Circuit. There’s even a fun kid-sized street scene for the little ones to unleash their imaginations. They can choose to take over the GarageWash n’ Go, or even the Pump Kiosk for more pretend play!

The best part? It’s not just fun. Kids get to learn too. While playing, little ones will be introduced to various road signs and be taught basic road safety rules. If there’s one thing we love more than playtime, it’s playtime that has added value. On the way home, point out actual road signs on our streets and see if the kids recognise what they’ve learnt.

Clean sensory play with Hinoki wood cubes

Sensory play has many benefits for little ones. From letting them smash strawberries to playing with flour, these activities are often messy or involve lots of clean-up. However, you don’t have to worry about any of that at Tayo Station! Poco’s Hinoki Play presents a sensorial experience for Bubs to emulate sand play using freshly-imported Hinoki wood cubes from South Korea.

How’s this different from other sand play experiences? If you’ve been to Pororo Park, then you’ll be familiar with Hinoki wood cubes. These aromatic and clean cubes are widely known for their health and skin benefits. Plus, they even provide an uplifting mood with their scents for the kids to excavate, dig and play to their heart’s content. However, it’s important to keep children supervised at all times as the wood cubes are possible choking hazards.

While younger Bubs enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of Poco’s Hinoki Play, older kids didn’t seem to care much for it. Due to its large size, these cubes can’t be used to build shapes like actual sand. We also found it rather painful when walking in the pit. It felt like we were walking on the stone paths at HDB estates!

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A Toddler Play Area for younger ones

Next to Poco’s Hinoki Play is a mini area set aside for younger ones! The Toddler Play Area is a great space for kids who are find sensory play too boring, but who are too little for Gani’s Playground. This Toddler Play Area offers mini Tayo buses with slides attached, so little ones can play pretend with the buses while having extra fun too!

The Grand Challenge!

If your are little daredevils, we’re sure they’ll be rushing to try out the ultimate challenge at Tayo Station — Gani’s Playground. At this three-storey play system, adventurous ones can sweat it out on two long slides and plenty of physical obstacles. Watch as your kids challenge themselves to reach the top!

A word of caution: both slides aren’t for the faint of heart. The yellow slide next to the ball pit is very fast and steep, So hold on to younger ones as you slide down together. The twister slide is also dark and fast, so parents should accompany younger children who may be frightened. If your children are too young for the big play areas, no worries! There’s a large ball pit where they can have loads of fun – and it makes for the perfect Insta shot.

While we might not be so little anymore, Gani’s Playground wasn’t as easy as expected for us to navigate. Mums, wear pants/jeans/tights. Parents and older children should also be mindful about their height while climbing about — we kept bumping our heads! Thankfully, every corner of the playground is baby-proofed, so everyone can have injury-free fun. We’d say that this three-storey playground gave us a pretty good workout. Climbing through the different mazes was tiring, and we were covered in perspiration after just 30 minutes!

We absolutely enjoyed the space and play options at the brand-new Tayo Station indoor playground at Downtown East! If you’re looking for a new play space for your young ones to explore, come on over. Take photos with the iconic characters and decor as you climb and wiggle your way through the stations with your kids! If they’re ultra-devoted fans, they will probably want to spend some time at the store (near the exit) to score some merchandise. Parents, you’ve been warned!

Tayo Station indoor playground @ Downtown East

Where E!Hub @ Downtown East, Level 3, 1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599
Opening Hours 11am – 8pm (Monday to Friday) & 10am – 9pm (Weekends, Public Holidays & School Holidays)
Admission $0 per baby (+ $6 per adult), $16 per toddler & $24 per child (Monday to Friday, unlimited hours or 2 hours on school holidays) | $0 per baby (+ $6 per adult), $20 per toddler & $28 per child (Weekends & Public Holidays, 2 hours) | Additional playtime at $5 per 30 minutes
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Tayo Station at Downtown East: 10,000 sq ft of Fun + a Road Circuit too!