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July 2021

Say Goodbye to Toddler’s Tummy Troubles and Hello to Total Comfort Instead!

Raising children is a lifetime commitment, and every parent wants to give their child the best start in life. But long before it’s time to choose the right schools, you’ll need to provide the best nutrition possible to support your child’s physical and mental development. For a toddler, this means selecting a suitable milk formula to supplement their nutritional needs. But as parents who have been there know, it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Most babies and toddlers have sensitive stomachs and suffer from tummy troubles. In fact, out of every 10 babies in Singapore, nine of them experience digestive issues1! That’s because their digestive systems are still developing in the first two years of life2. This makes them more susceptible to digestive problems than adults or even older children.

toddler's tummy troubles

Many digestive issues babies and toddlers go through are caused by an intolerance to formula milk. This results in symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, and bloating in the belly. As parents, nothing’s harder than to watch our tiny tots cry and be unable to console them!

What’s worse, knowing that our toddler may not be getting the crucial nutrition they need if they aren’t digesting well enough. In the first few years of life, their brain and body are developing at an amazing pace. A milk formula that is easily digestible and contains all the nutrients necessary to support their rapid development is ideal at such a young age.

Comforting Solutions

✔ Gentle Hypoallergenic Formula

Similac Total Comfort Stage 3 is an easy-to-digest lactose-free formula for toddlers one year old and up. Made with 100% partially hydrolysed whey protein, its hypoallergenic formula with broken-down protein molecules is specifically designed to be gentle on sensitive toddler tummies.

✔ Less Bubbles

Do you worry that shaking the bottle too vigorously will have more bubbles going into your toddler’s tummy? Similac Total Comfort is formulated with LoFoam technology, which means it produces less bubbles during milk preparation. This results in a smoother, easier, and nutrient-packed experience. Save the bubbles for bath time!

✔ Nutrients Unlocked

The presence of palm oil in milk formulas may cause issues for toddlers’ nutrient absorption, so choose a growing up milk with no palm oil. Say yes to goodness! By not containing any palm oil, Similac Total Comfort is able to help soak up all the goodness. This means that your toddler is better able to digest and absorb all the essential nutrients they need. Click here to learn more about the connection between the presence of palm oil and its impact on nutrient absorption.

✔ All-round Value

While offering your child better digestion and nutrient absorption, Similac Total Comfort also boasts the best price per feed among other premium hypoallergenic formulas on the market. We call that a win-win formula, wouldn’t you agree?

Similac Total Comfort for toddler tummy troubles

Deprive your toddler of tummy troubles by giving them Similac Total Comfort Stage 3. Click here to get your free sample sachets and start your child on a journey towards a happier tummy today.

1 Abbott feeding intolerance survey in Singapore, 2013
2 Development of a child’s digestive system by Prof Dr Christopher Boey Chiong Meng, 16 May 2010

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Say Goodbye to Toddler’s Tummy Troubles and Hello to Total Comfort Instead!