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May 2022

Say Goodbye to Pain, and Hello to Wellness for everyone in the Family

If your past two years were spent working from home, you’ve probably experienced some aches and pains – the result of too much time spent at the table hunched over a screen during online meetings. Likewise if you (like many of us!) picked up a new outdoor activity and indulged in it a little too over-enthusiastically. That crick in the neck? The tension in your shoulders? That soreness in your lower back? The twinge in your knee? The overall body ache and pain? Ugh.

But while it may not often seem to be the case, pain can sometimes be good. It is an indicator that somewhere in the body, something is not right, and the pain is a clear and present signal to do something about it. So don’t just brush it off and hope the pain goes away. Seek help before it becomes chronic, and gets in the way of living. 

TCM for better pain relief

Living in a global melting pot like Singapore allows us to cherry-pick our pain relief remedies from various different cultures. What’s more, we can mix and match methods as well. For example, combining traditional eastern methods of pain relief with western ones for even better results. One place that does this with finesse? Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness, the first TCM clinic in Singapore to focus on pain management.

Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with medical western practices to ensure better and more effective pain relief.

Why TCM? Well if you prefer to manage your pain without medication, TCM, which offers drug-free pain management, is ideal. In addition, it is safe, natural, and non-invasive. Moreover, by working with the body, it encourages faster healing.

Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness builds on its TCM expertise by combining east and west – or balancing Yin and Yang – for optimum pain management. The eastern art of internal qi regulation (Yin) and the Western medical emphasis on external physical movement (Yang) work in tandem to ease pain and enhance wellness.

The clinic also offers general wellness solutions for children, and adults. Developed in collaboration with Western medical pain specialists and TCM physicians, these are suitable for everyone in the family.

Signature pain care treatments

Qi’Nergy Tuina

A comforting treatment that offers benefits to everyone. This brings rejuvenation, better well-being, and quicker pain relief.

First, the treatment begins with traditional Tuina and median acu-points massage to remove blockages, soothe stiff muscles, and relieve tension. After this comes a series of soothing strokes for myofascial release. Finally, radiofrequency energy is used to accelerate soft tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and improve healing.

Herb Iontophoresis

This foot soak treats pains and aches from the neck and shoulder to the lower back and all the way to the heel. It combines eastern herbs and western Iontophoresis – where a gentle electric current passes through the water to promote effective herb absorption. There are three main options for this treatment:

  1. Immunity+: supports a healthy immune system for protection against common viruses.
  2. Sleep Harmony: relaxes, and promotes healthy sleep.
  3. Energy+: helps with energy-boosting, mental focus, and general well-being.

Need something more? Let the physician know, and she will concoct a personal prescription of herbs to address your specific condition, whether it’s neck pain, menstrual pain, or migraine.

Paediatric wellness experience

This paediatric wellness treatment is for children from birth to age 6. It stimulates specific acu-points on the body to treat and/or prevent paediatric diseases. As an added benefit, it also helps with the growth and development of children’s brains.

Paediatric Tuina is a vital part of the experience. With gentle massage, acupressure, and body manipulation, this treatment removes blockages that prevent the flow of qi and blood in the body. In particular,

Paediatric Tuina has powerful effects on respiratory and digestive conditions in children. It has also proven effective in combating influenza, fever, cough, stomachache, diarrhoea, constipation, and vomiting.

In addition, it is also known to help with night-time bedwetting, stiff neck, and myopia. Throughout the treatment, therapists pay attention to the child’s physiology and pathology so as to ensure safety and optimum healing.

Living pain-free and well

Working and learning from home have kept us safe during the pandemic. However, increased indoor sedentary time and less outdoor activity have also led to health-related conditions for many of us.

So if you feel like you need a wellness reboot or have aches and pains that require resolving (be honest!), Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness can help. Jointly curated by Singapore Paincare Holdings’ pain specialist doctors and TCM practitioners, and led by TCMPB-certified physician Ms Sue Wan, the treatments here will put you on a path to pain resolution.

Apart from pain care, the clinic also offers acupuncture, guasha, cupping, and herbal medication, so you can continue to build on your wellness after the aches and pains are gone. Choose from a-la-carte services or treatment bundles, and start living a fully pain-free life now!

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Say Goodbye to Pain, and Hello to Wellness for everyone in the Family