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August 2019

Ritz Carlton Monopoly Game Night: Family Staycation Review

Ever fantasised about becoming a real estate mogul or an art connoisseur in the world’s most expensive city? Good news, you can. All you need is the Ritz Carlton Monopoly board game. Yes, you can buy it from the hotel at Millennia Walk. Even better, book a Ritz Carlton Monopoly Game Night room package. You’ll have this handy travel-sized edition of the world’s favourite board game in your room, and you can bring it home!

This new package is a canny proposition that caters perfectly to parents’ desires. We know that playing board games helps children develop critical skills. Can you resist the idea of engaging your children in such a productive past-time while on a staycation? Probably not.

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First of all, while playing board games, children learn to plan, to reason, and to focus. In addition, they learn to lose, to pick themselves up after failure, and to start over. Furthermore, they learn to be humble in victory (hopefully!). Above all — they will not be using any devices or have their eyes stuck to a screen. #Win

Customised Tokens, Learning Experiences, and more

The Ritz Carlton Monopoly set comes with three classic Monopoly tokens (battleship, wheelbarrow, and boot). In addition there are three customised limited edition tokens: the iconic Ritz-Carlton lion and crown emblem, a suitcase, and a Formula One racing car (kid fave!).

While playing the game, we get to learn more about the hotel. It brings us beyond the hotel’s public spaces — its facade and dining establishments. As a result we discover that the hotel has some amazing curated guest experiences. These include the butler-drawn bath and a concierge-led hotel art tour.

There’s even something called a ‘spa-rty’ at the award-winning Ritz-Carlton Spa. Maybe I’ll get to try it one day. For those with little ones, the Ritz Kids Playland is a must-visit. This is where young guests can craft, role-play, create art, read, watch movies, and more.

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Exploring Within the Hotel

Honestly, it is quite a thrill to be playing the game within its actual setting. Like VR in real life right? I ask the kids. They roll their eyes. Our plan is to go on the hotel’s complimentary concierge-led art tour (5pm daily). Alas, our game is not over. Furthermore, there is still quite a bit of prime property (on the board) to fight over. Rather than stop the game mid-way, we decide to miss the art tour.

It is not a problem, as you can simply pick up a hotel art guide and do your own DIY art tour. Did you know that the Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore has a whopping 4,200 art pieces? While staying here, you are bunking under the same roof as one of Southeast Asia’s largest art collections. This includes works by David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Dale Chihuly, Frank Stella as well as Zhu Wei, among others. Talk about keeping good company huh.

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Exploring outside the Hotel

The Ritz Cartlton Game Night Staycation is a three-day, two-night package. It seems like a long time, but plan your time carefully. When one game can last four hours (don’t ask), you may find your staycation rather short. Certainly take advantage of the hotel’s location to explore. After all, almost all of Marina Bay’s attractions are at your doorstep.

First of all, the ArtScience Museum. This is a family favourite. Exhibitions here never fail to intrigue and fascinate the kids. Likewise, we have also enjoyed the water-play area at Gardens By The Bay. Maybe you opt to stay in and play all day. Why not? It’s your staycation. One thing we’d definitely recommend though, is to cap it with a feast at Colony. This is definitely the best (and most delicious) way to celebrate everyone’s Monopoly winnings!

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The Ritz Carlton Monopoly Game Night Package

Image: Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore

The Ritz Carlton Game Night Package starts from SGD 650 per night. It is valid through December 27, 2019, and a minimum two-night stay is required.
The “Game Night” room package includes:

  • Accommodation in either a Grand Marina room or a Deluxe Suite
  • Daily buffet breakfast in Colony
  • One bespoke Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore Monopoly game board per stay
  • One Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore Monopoly-themed welcome amenity per stay

All prices are in Singapore dollars, subject to prevailing service charge, goods and services tax. Reservations are subject to availability. Call 6434-5111 or email [email protected]

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Ritz Carlton Monopoly Game Night: Family Staycation Review